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1)  Adolf Hitler can be split in two ways Adolf as first name and Hitler as Last name, now calculating the value of the name Adolf = 1+4+7+3+8 = 23, the name  Hitler = 5+1+4+3+5+2= 20. Now lets see the prediction for this name, The overall effect of this name is number 43, hence the ultimate end of this persons life will be based on effects of number 43. Adolf Hitler’s fanatism and Nascism is attributed due to number 43, number 43 makes a person so fanatical with some idiotic theologies and ideas which is mainly a religious one.
One more trait of number 43 is that the person with this name number mostly never gets married, or gets married very late in their life, if they get married early or at right age then they get separated and live a lonely life. The never dying fame, popularity and his stupendous success (shortime) can be attributed towards the presence 0f number 23. Krishna comes 19, hence the person with name Krishna alone without any surnames or middle name will get the complete effects of number 19. One can even have name with First Name and Last name, in this way the overall effect will bear the effect of two values. If a name has more than First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, then that name will bear the effects of the corresponding values. Thanks a million times to educate us with how to calculate the first n last name value numbers. The value comes 104, it comes 194 and will be pushed to the last highest value in 5 which is 104. Chaldean numerology has meaning and has its roots from planets, its a divine one discovered with the help of nature. Both of you are 2 borns, and lifepath are 5 and 9, you will make a great couple if you get married. I don’t want to bother you with questions about my name + birthday, but I am curious as to how these name numbers are decided. And also, does this mean that going by my nickname Jess (12) is better than going by Jessica (17)? Hello:) whatever happened to the calculator that used to appear on the right side of the page?????? Hello Sir, Regularly I am watching your site, with that inspiration, I have changed my Name from CK Ravindran to CK RavindraKrishnaRaj, which comes to 50 as I am 17th born. 0 - ZERO - This number represents the elementary numeric stage that has no value but signifies the absence of any numerical quality.
1 - ONE - This number is the symbol of the Homo sapiens, the only being capable of complex rational thinking and developed communication on Earth. It is the symbol of the human being and spiritual revelation of man.
These people are stable, creative, inventive, ambitious, independent, authoritarian and enthusiastic.
If they experience negative periods in life, they may become irritating, rough, stubborn, garrulous, unhappy, melancholic, intolerant, proud, arrogant, egocentric, vain, critical and profligate.
Number 2 is the symbol of creative development, the sign of embryo.
Number 2 is the symbol of antagonism that can result in love, destruction or production. These people are very emotional and gentle, full of love and care for their environment, ready to help others. If they go through negative periods in life, they may become indecisive, solitary, nervous, aggressive, suspicious, worried, melancholic, depressive, bad-tempered, hysteric and manipulative. In religion of ancient Iran, number 3 involves a sort of holiness in the sense of a good thought, a good word and a good act. If these people experience positive periods in life, they become optimistic, creative, curious, communicative, carefree, spirited, good-natured, helpful, confidential and sociable. Contrary to this, these people are known to be nervous, violent, cheerless, downhearted, idle, insecure, wicked, lonely, jealous, impulsive, egoistic, bad-tempered, childish, indecisive, but also too critical and hedonistic. 4 - FOUR - Symbolically number 4 represents the cross and quadrant.
There are four basic elements (water, earth, wind and fire), four phases of the Moon, four seasons, and four directions (north, south, east and west).
People with number 4 are active, hard-working, systematic, diligent, careful, objective, firm, introverted, serious, inflexible, patient, reserved, thoughtful, sensible, analytic, calm, orderly and loyal. Contrary to this, people with number 4 are known to be melancholic, rigid, unscrupulous, stern, unfriendly, masochistic, distrustful, aggressive, revengeful and irritating. 5 - FIVE - Number 5 is the sum of the first even number 2 and the first odd number 3 and this symbolizes the union of heavenly and worldly aspects. Number 5 symbolizes man's biological and spiritual development as well as his existence. These people are joyful, good-looking, analytic, pleasant, dynamic, unpredictable, eloquent, hasty, flexible, independent, relaxed, amusing, creative, communicative, ambitious, sociable, flirtatious, naturalistic and scientific. If they go through negative experiences in life, they may become problematic, irritating, aggressive, bad-tempered, deceitful, discontented, rough, vulgar, immoral, and profligate. 6 - SIX - Compared to number 5, number 6 is seen as macro cosmos against micro cosmos, the whole against the individual, the universal man against the particular man. These people are joyful, amusing, charming, undemanding, warm, positive, hearty, loyal to their family, artistic, calm, tidy, a bit slow, attractive, sensual, responsible, helpful, unselfish, sentimental, and generous.
If they go through negative experiences in life, they may become uninterested, lazy, neglectful, hedonistic, immoral, nervous, naive, dependent, anxious, passive, malicious. 7 - SEVEN - There are seven days in a week, seven levels of development, seventh heaven, seven angels in the hierarchy, seven rose petals, and so on. The sum of number 4, the symbol of four sides of the Earth, and number 3, the symbol of heaven, is number seven that represents the whole Universe in motion.
This number is the symbol of motion and transformation and all numerologists call it the magical number. These people are independent, intelligent, obstinate, contemplative, unpredictable, reserved and skillful.
If they go through negative experiences in life, they may become rebellious, suspicious, obsessive, annoyed, irritating, spiteful, aggressive, gossipy, self-centered, intolerant, impulsive, nervous, lonely, and critical and the ones who give false promises and hopes. In Christianity, number eight symbolizes resurrection of Jesus Christ. These people are unusual, calm, untied, relaxed, pensive, easygoing, resilient, flexible, competitive, imaginative, flirtatious, helpful and carefree. If they go through negative experiences in life, they may become uninterested, unwilling, dependent, unfocused, shy, gossipy, solitary, thoughtful, arrogant, aggressive, dawdling, dispirited, critical, deceitful, self-pitying and promiscuous. 9 - NINE - The symbol of the world is the triangle with the three points: Heaven, Earth and Hell. Masonry make from nine timelessness number which means ''human immortality''.
Number nine like the last number in the range signifies the beginning and the end, a transition to a new level. These people are wise, humane, communicative, courageous, helpful, sensible, sentimental, unselfish, intelligent, pleasant, impulsive, competitive, unpredictable, dynamic, and diligent. If they go through negative experiences in life, they may become vindictive, aggressive, obstinate, irritating, rash, stubborn, unstable, jealous, arrogant, nervous, neglectful and problematic. 10 - Number ten symbolizes great strength and creative energy we can use to accomplish our aims. 13 - These people should not waste their energy doing several jobs at the same time. 14 - These people will learn how strong they are, which will be useful for the constant changes and unpredictable events in life. 15 - These people possess strength and power and they can easily influence others. 19 - The period of happiness is possible without conflicts or problems. 24 - The persons of the opposite sex will offer help, especially men. 25 - This is the symbol of difficult life full of hard work and suffering in youth. 26 - Disappointment with a friend or marriage partner is possible. 28 - These people usually return where they started and this causes troubles. 31 - These people are distanced from others because of their own mistakes. 32 - These people are communicative and fortunate regarding material success but they like to be in control of everything. 33 - These people are intelligent, cheerful, amusing and flirtatious. 34 - This is the symbol of hard work and problems in youth and happiness and material wealth in old ages.

36 - These people are very talented for art, especially literature. 38 - This is the symbol of dangers, conflicts and troubles that are the consequence of low self-confidence. 40 - This is the symbol of revolutionary ideas and sudden changes. 44 - The sum of this number is 8, which is the symbol of disappointment in private and professional life. 45 - These people are strong and have good reputation and social position. 48 - These people experience problematic love life, cheatings and betrays. 49 - These people should be cautious because troubles, tensions and sudden changes are possible. 50 - These people know how to earn money and they are very communicative.
51 - These people will experience problematic life and love relationships.
53 - These people need to be cautious when they invest money and choose friends, business and love partners.
54 - These people are strong and have good reputation and social position. 56 - These people will experience problems and worries of every kind. 59 - These people are communicative and ready to defend their ideas and opinions. 66 - Emotional and business problems are possible as well as big sacrifice and suffering.
67 - The beginning may be bad with a lot of pressure but good fortune wins at the end. 68 - These people are creative and communicative and they are very clever when they are dealing with money. 70 - Life will be full of hard work and renunciation but later it will be happy and pleasant.
74 - Their life happiness is uncertain because they will encounter many dangers. 75 - Everything these people achieve is the result of hard work and sacrifice. 76 - These people have great desires and hopes but the results in life may be very weak.
77 - These people are communicative and they defend their opinions. 79 - Worries, disappointments, dangers and marriage problems are possible. 80 - These people are sensitive, quiet, diligent, persistent and disciplined.
81 - Conflicts within a family and divorce are possible as well as problems with law. 84 - These people will have emotional problems and they will experience cheatings and betrayals. 85 - These people will often be victims and they will have emotional and financial problems as well. 88 - Many worries, troubles and disappointments are possible as well as marriage problems. 89 - The first part of life is full of hard work and renunciation but the second part will bring them happiness.
91 - These people will have professional success but they will experience financial problems and family crisis. 92 - These people will be unhappy in love because of the bad choice of partners. 93 - This number involves sacrifice, financial and emotional problems. 95 - These people are creative, communicative, and clever when they deal with money. 97 - Troubles, worries and disappointments are possible as well as marriage problems. 98 - The first part of life is full of hard work and renunciation but the second part will bring them happiness.
99 - These people will have great marriage problems and problems with law as well. 100 - These people are successful and they have great hopes and expectations.
All & every name that exists is also a numerology name, as every letter in your name can be attributed to a number,and that corresponding number has a meaning that in turn says something about you! In fact the first letter of your name is taken very seriously in numerology.This is because your first name is the usual way in which you are referred to. Numerology is all to do with cosmic vibrations and when your name is spoken a vibration is releasedfrom the letters of your first name and that energy is being put out there into the Universe.
If your name starts with either A, J or S then you definitely have qualities of leadership.
Numerology is a science of numbers based on symbols, cycles and vibrations.   Numerology dates back to ancient cultures and is still widely recognized today. There are many informative books on numerology if you wish to gain more knowledge on the subject.
Destiny Number 4 often get the chance to move forward, but their doubting nature constantly inspires them suspicious and they are missing opportunities. People with Destiny Number 4 did not receive appropriate assessment of their work, but have to constantly deal with criticism. Family life of people with Destiny Number 4 is not happy, it destroys the selfish, doubts and secretive nature. You should develop a sense of love, happiness, enthusiasm, optimism, life, and distribute these feelings to all the people around them.
Hence, its wise to choose a name which has auspicious First name value, Last name value and overall value.
Shall I keep it same(as my Lifepath is 4) or shall I change it to Buddhha(=27) or Buddhaa(=23) (as birthdate is 5)? In zodiac, the zero represents the circle that indicates revolution.
This number is the beginning and ending, the cosmic and ontological center. It represents the unity through cohesion, action and reaction, cause and effect, the interior and exterior.
They are decisive, zealous, dynamic, pedantic, original, strong, persistent, disciplined, sociable, practical, serious, generous, clever and pleasant. In fact, all people possess a kind of dualism within themselves like life and death, good and evil.
The opposite of this includes a bad thought, a bad word and a bad act.
They may also be naive and proud, with a tendency to exaggerate and give promises easily. It points to something strong, perceptible and material that we can recognize on our own. According to the theory of Pythagoras (582 - 500 BC), a Greek philosopher and mathematician, number 4 symbolizes a decade that is the sum of the first four cardinal numbers (1+2+3+4=10).
It is the central number of the first nine numbers and the Pythagoreans called it ''the wedding number'' because it possesses balance and accord. They may even run away from home, start stealing, give futile promises, be always late and often change their love partners. In Masonic symbolism, number six signifies growth on spiritual level. After six days of creation and one day of rest comes the eighth day. In their symbolism, number nine write growth down, to materialistic level. In that sense, the symbolic meaning and influence on our lives may have the numbers relating to our shoe size, postal code, number of the house or building we live in, phone number, car registration, etc.
However, this energy may transform from positive to negative and become easily the energy of destruction. There is often a conflict between the people's interests and they cannot manage their problems effectively.

Material situation is stable and these people are socially respected. Good reputation and material wealth are probable later in life. These people should be careful when they invest their money and when they choose business and marriage partners.
They do not travel a lot and do not have great professional success. They have enough power to destroy the negative energy around them.
These people will fight constantly to prove their opinions and attitudes. They are skillful and creative, communicative and successful regarding their profession. They are strong enough to destroy the negative energy around them. They have financial problems and they usually sacrifice for others. They may be lonely but they will certainly have a happy life later. They possess great strength to destroy the negative energy that surrounds them. They are creative and clever when they deal with money that will result in their financial success. They will go through the period of sacrifices and financial problems. They are clever when they deal with money but they need to be more patient. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. It is in every object we touch and involved with every thing we do.  All living things need energy to grow.
If people have the 4 as the numbers of the Soul, then, to find a compromise with the difficulties that are caused by sudden changes in life, they need a lot of work. Also, many people have so many doubts about the division of ones name which includes  First Name, Middle Name, Last Name or First Name alone or First Name, Second Name or More than Three divisions of name like a lengthy one with more than three names. Also, number 43 denotes the downfall of one person due to his fanatic ideas and unsympathetic attitude.
But some names have middle name also, then the result will have traits of value of middle name too. In this way, the person can gets the complete power of that name without the influence of other names like last name or middle name.
This number is the symbol of periodical recoveries through the cycles that are presented in the visual shape of the number - 0. In ancient times, this number pointed to the Mother and represented the female principle.
According to Hegelian theory of dialectic, two apparently opposed ideas, the thesis and antithesis, become combined in a unified whole, the synthesis.
All things involve positive (daily) and negative (nightly) aspects, such as left and right, above and below, and so on. Since it is related to the cross, number 4 signifies integrity and plentifulness. In the last book of the New Testament, number 4 symbolizes four riders of the Apocalypse (war, civil strife, hunger and death). Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519), Florentine artist, celebrated as a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer and scientist, points to number 5 as the symbol of a man inscribed in a circle and a square with stretched arms and legs in his famous illustration Vitruvian Man. This number is the symbol of the Universe, of order and perfection, and finally, the symbol of divine power. It symbolizes octagon, polygon with eight sides, the geometric figure that mediates between square and circle, between Earth and Heaven. There are seven parts in the Old Testament and the eighth part is in the New Testament, symbolizing the new beginning.
On human level nine is number of months which is needed to develop fetus although after seven months he is fully formated, but multiplication this two numbers (7x9) gives number 63, which represent average length of human life.
We should use it carefully in order to avoid problems and conflicts. They are artistic and attractive and this will bring them pleasure.
These people should be cautious because the betrayals and disloyalty as well as bad health and other troubles are possible. It is this energy which causes each stone to vibrate (resonate) and every stone vibrates to its own number. If the people has Destiny Number is 4, these sudden changes destroy the basic blueprint for life – life becomes unbearable and disgusting. Because of the inverse (retrograde) motion characteristic of Rahu, number 4 are becoming restless and impatient, do not suffer delays in their work.
And is it enough if only the full name comes to number 5 and the first name adds up to some other number.
While calculating the name value , should calculate value only for given name or include my initial value or my full name value. This dualism can also be perceived in nature, for instance day and night, north and south, east and west, etc. They are socially active and dynamic, tough, skilful and slightly ambitious. It is the synthesis of number 1 and 2, the unity of Heaven and Earth.
In Hinduism, God appears in three aspects: Brahma - the creator, Vishnu - the preserver and Shiva - the destroyer. In the Egyptian religion, this number symbolized the eternal life. There are seven colors of a rainbow and seven notes in the diatonic scale that is based on the musical scale consisting of five tones and two semitones, i.e. In the Pythagorean theories, this number is the sign of justice and balance. We should find out more about them and try to change them if they are unlucky. Even if these people have all the good things of life and live in luxury, they always feel they something is missing. People with Destiny Number 4 never feel satisfaction from their work, and always try to find the best activities for themselves. If people with Destiny Number 4 born on Saturday, but their Soul number is 4 or 8, all of the above becomes even more pronounced.
Because in passport and important document we use full name which first name expantion for initial. It also represents the three aspects of human life: material, rational and spiritual. There are five senses enabling the man to perceive the material world: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.
There are three basic elements in alchemy: sulphur, salt and quicksilver. Each phase of the Moon lasts for seven days and after four such phases the lunar cycle is complete (7 x 4=28). Hippocrates (460 - 377 BC), greatest physician of antiquity regarded as the father of medicine, says that number seven ''keeps together all existing things with his secret power and it has effect on planets''.
Moreover, there are three phases in the development of all elements: evolution, culmination and involution.
In Christianity, this number symbolizes the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The sum of first seven numbers (1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28) is the very number of the complete lunar cycle, 28. According to Kabbalah, a body of mystical Jewish teachings, all features exist in three different states that compose one unique thing. Every activity has three different states: the subject of acting, the activity and the consequence that is the object of the performed action.

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