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CLAIRVOYANCE This is the ability to know something without using the usual physical senses.
PSYCHOMETRY This is the ability to get feelings about something whilst holding or touching it. LEVITATION and MOVEMENT The ability to make something move or alter in some way by using the power oif the mind. Relaxation and meditation are the best possible preparation for using your intuitive abilities. For our purposes, imagine that the brain is in two parts: the Conscious mind and the Subconscious (or Inner) mind.
The Subconscious mind looks after all our involuntary functions: the beating of our hearts, the breathing of our lungs. If it is something that occurred many years ago, your subconscious mind may have to spend a long time locating the necessary information. Your Super-Conscious mind contains all the information of the universe, and you have access to it whenever you want - all you have to do is ask. People with Master Numbers as one of their four main numbers are "Old Souls", numerologically speaking.
There are no "good", "bad", "lucky" or "unlucky" numbers, but each number has both a positive and negative side. Some people seem to be handed opportunities on a plate whilst others have to spend a large part of their life finding their right opportunity. Any missing numbers in the person's name at birth is a modified Karmic Lesson and indicates a potential weakness as that lesson has not been learned in a previous life.
A Personal Year is found by adding the person's day and month of birth to the current year.
Until the early years of this century auras were seen only by psychics, but in 1908 Dr Walter J. In 1939 Semyon Davidovich Kirlian accidentally discovered what is now known as Kirlian photography. A 19th century invention, Schlieran photography, originally invented to detect flaws in glass, shows a distinct aura around living things.
The human aura consists of a number of layers, the etheric double, inner aura and outer aura.
This is a virtually invisible, slightly greyish line that covers the entire body like a body sock. This is the brightest part of the aura and extends between two and four inches beyond the etheric double. The Etheric Double, Inner Aura and Outer Aura are generally regarded as representing the complete aura. The Higher Mental Aura apparently consists of a magnificent yellow colour, with a strange luminescent, ethereal glow. The Spiritual Aura is a clear, colourless light, but one of such purity that it radiates goodness and peace. Sit down in a straight-backed chair with your feet on the floor and hands resting on your thighs.
It may sound difficult to deliberately unfocus, but we do it every time we daydream as the brain becomes aware that we do not wish to concentrate on anything at that moment.
If you are with a group of people you can have them all sit around a table with a black cloth on it. Throat Chakra (Power centre, communication.) Blue foods - plums, blueberries, fish, veal, asparagus, potatoes.
Brow Chakra (Higher self, spirituality, knowledge.) Same foods as Throat and Crown chakras. The pendulum is a very useful tool for getting in touch with the deeper levels of our being.
How can we meet someone and in just a few seconds dislike them or feel they can not be trusted? Interestingly enough, it is not necessary to have the actual object or person present to get accurate readings. We are all inclined to limit our lives by concentrating our attentions on one small area at the expense of the whole.
According to Isadore Friedman, well known radiesthetist (pendulum user) in his book "The Mathematics of Consciousness" five areas should be balanced for the individual to live happily and well. Friedman also suggested using the twelve houses of the Zodiac as together they cover just about every aspect of a person's life. To determine if someone is compatible with you write their name on a piece of paper and pendulize it. If you are unhappy in your work you can use the pendulum to see what sort of occupation would be better for you.
If you are in the fortunate position of being offered several different jobs, write down the name of each company and test to see which one you would be happiest in. If you are hiring staff it would pay to test the applicants to ensure you hire the right person.
For instance, the pendulum can help release emotional problems that we may not have been fully aware of. You can find Mathieson's complete word list in his book "Super Visualisation", but any list of words would do. Next time you feel a cold coming on or have an ache or pain that could become serious, relax as much as you can and call on your Super-Conscious mind. If the person wants to be healed and is in your presence, start by bringing in the cosmic forces.
If the person has, say, a sore shoulder, place one hand behind the shoulder and the other in front and visualise a current of energy going between each hand. Once he is clearly in your mind place your hands on the part of your body which relates to his illness. Animals and plants can be healed in the same way, but animals in particular seem to like physical contact.
Once you are getting good results with this test, try cutting the pack into four piles, then six or eight. Everything in the universe is surrounded by a magnetic field that radiates its own special level of vibration. The amount of information it is possible to pick up from an object varies enormously, depending on the length of time it has been in the owner's possession, emotional content, and skill of the psychometrist.
When you first begin psychometrizing you will tend to pick up the most emotional parts of the object's history. First of all, have a look at the photograph, paying attention to the clothes the people are wearing, the background and so on. Serious scientific investigation into ESP began as far back as 1915 at Stanford University. The only problem with ESP card tests is that they can get boring if you spend hours working on them. With three people: In this situation the third person becomes the record keeper, enabling the sender and receiver to simply concentrate on their tasks. The knowledge that you now have is sufficient to help you use your psychic abilities in daily life. When giving readings you will be making use of your clairvoyant ability, possibly through psychometry. Now, using Numerology, you can relate the keyword for each number to the keyword for each suit -and you know the meaning of each card! Obviously, the Tarot can not be learned in five minutes, so if you want to take it further buy a few books and a deck of Tarot cards and experiment, practice - and play - with them.
The 25 'stones' that make up the Futhark Runes can be made from almost anything - small stones, silver, Fimo, plastic, wood and so on.
The thumb is extremely important in Palmistry, and I have seen a number of Indian palmists who read nothing but the thumb.
A glass of water works just as well as a crystal ball, so it is best to practice before buying one.
In these days of tea bags one would think the appeal of a tea leaf reading would have disappeared. With tea leaf reading the sitter drinks his cup of tea, then swirls the grounds round a number of times (dictated by his Life Path number) before turning the cup upside down on the saucer. The things you say in an affirmation may belong more in the future than the here and now, but they are always phrased in the present tense. Whilst saying your affirmations you may find all the negative thoughts and feelings that hold you back coming to the surface. ARROW OF EMOTIONAL BALANCE (2,5,8) Stable person, usually with one lifelong relationship ARROW OF PRACTICALITY (1,4,7) Down-to-earth, capable, practical person. ARROW OF ACTIVITY (7,8,9) Very busy person, always on the go, Can be sign of hyperactivity as a child.
ARROW OF SPIRITUALITY (3,5,7) A strong faith of some sort that plays an important part in life.
The Heavenly Stems is an important element in Chinese numerology.frequently used in the project name and Rating . The whole field is called Psi and is divided into two parts: extra-sensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis (PK).
For instance, if you were holding a watch and obtained a clear picture of its owner whilst doing so, it would be an example of psychometry.
If you had a strong feeling that a certain event was going to occur, say, two weeks in the future, and it actually happened, this would be an example of precognition.
True, you may not be relaxed when the phone rings, but, before you answer it see if you can determine who is at the other end. The conscious mind does all our day to day thinking, our communication with others, and general thoughts each day of our lives. It also has stored in it every single experience and every thought we have ever made from the moment we were born.
Say, for instance, that you have a major problem that has to be resolved the following day. You don't have to sit on a mountain top in the lotus position for a hundred years to meditate. This person must learn to work within the limits he finds, rather than batting his head against a brick wall. This person must learn the joy of handling responsibility, particularly with the home and family. This person works on a slightly "different" wavelength, making it hard for other people to feel as if they know him well. This person will be involved in practical endeavours and will have definite financial needs. This person is a humanitarian who must learn to give for the deep joy of giving, without expecting anything back in return. This person is naturally intuitive and has all sorts of added perceptions, which he is likely to find hard to handle. It is important to know the negative attributes as we can then make more effort to stay on the positive side.
Someone with a 3 Life Path, 5 Expression and 4 Soul Urge would have enough ability and motivation to handle the opportunities presented. This comes from the person's entire date of birth brought down to a single digit (or 11 and 22). This comes from the letters of the person's full name at birth, turned into numbers and reduced to a single digit (or 11 and 22). This comes from the vowels of the person's name brought down to a single digit (or 11 and 22). This comes from the person's day of birth brought down to a single digit (except for 11, 22 or 29). If they appear behind the Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge or Birthday they are known as Karmic Debts. The person may have found freedom at the expense of others, or overindulged in a variety of physical pleasures. In this lifetime he will be either overly dependent or self-centred and totally immersed in his own needs. We can even take this a step further and find the Personal Month by adding the number of the current month to the person's Personal Year number. If you place your finger (or any other part of your body) in a Kirlian device the resulting photograph will show an array of colours around your finger. Researchers at the City University in London used it to research convection currents around the human body. Some psychics though, claim that they can see two additional layers: the Higher Mental Aura and the Spiritual Aura. Sit down somewhere where you will see the person you have chosen as soon as you open your eyes. Place your forefingers together against a dark background and then slowly move your fingers apart. Play some gentle background music and have everyone place their hands palm down on the table.
The famous French priest, Abbe Mermet, was able to successfully dowse for water and minerals in Africa from the comfort of his office in France.
By using the pendulum we can find out which areas are being neglected and need special attention.
Friedman writes the five aspects on a five-pointed star and recommends that you check yourself out in each category once a month. Draw them in a circle divided into twelve areas (called 'houses') and write the different categories in each house.

Finances and resources of others, inheritances, emotional values, birth, death, sex and regeneration. The sub-conscious (inner mind), psychic, that which is hidden, mysteries, sacrifice, mysticism. On slips of paper write down all the different occupations that interest you, even slightly, and then test each one with your pendulum. If you are thinking of learning to play the clarinet, for instance, you can test the names of the possible teachers to make sure you select the best one for you.
In your mind thank them for all they have done for you in the past and then tell them about your sick friend. If you know he is in a certain ward in a particular hospital in Istanbul, picture a hospital in your mind, followed by a door with the ward number on it, and then move on to picture the person lying in a bed there. It is the name given to describe the ability to pick up information without using the normal senses. You could receive a letter or parcel through the post and know what was inside before opening it. Whenever you visit somewhere for the first time visualise what is inside the cupboards and drawers in the room you are in.
In Psychometry we utilise this when we touch or hold an object that belongs to someone else.
For instance, when you shake hands with someone you may suddenly feel drawn to them - or repelled.
To begin with practise with items that have been worn or carried by someone for at least a year.
Consequently, you will tend to pick up feelings of ilnesses, emotional problems, accidents and so on. Harvard began their researches in the 1920's, but the momentum really grew when Duke University opened a parapsychology laboratory under the direction of Dr J. Some people consistently psychically pick up the next card in the deck, rather than the one they are holding. True, you will probably need to practice them for quite a while before you feel totally competent. Pentacles relate to the Diamonds in our modem day deck of cards and represent money, wealth and material possessions.
The origin of them is not known and they have been attributed to the Celts, the Anglo-Saxons, the Norse and the Germanic tribes. It is suggested that you experiment with wooden Runes as some authorities claim the original ones came from the Tree of Odin. There origin is lost in history, but they have been kept alive by followers of Wicca through the centuries. Most people have at least the four main lines: Heart line, Head line, Life line and Destiny (or Fate) line. If you do intend buying one, psychometrise each one you see first, to ensure that you buy one that feels comfortable for you. The reader then turns the cup up again and gives a reading based on what the tea leaves reveal.
Reading tea leaves is a particularly pleasant way of doing a reading as you sit down and have a cup of tea with the sitter first. ESP can be defined as being the ability to obtain knowledge by extra-sensory, rather than sensory means.
If I am thinking about something and you pick up that thought, it would be an example of telepathy.
If you were able to tell me what was inside a room that neither of us had been in before, it would be an example of clairvoyance. If you are naturally skeptical about the subject, simply suspend disbelief for a while and see what happens.
If you are too aggressive, or approach the different tests with a do-or-die attitude, you are likely to fail. If you are going to meet a friend, see if you can intuitively determine what he or she will be wearing. Scientists have made detailed studies of the brain, but have been unable to locate where the mind is. You worry about it, and think about it, and find it hard to get to sleep as it is still bothering you.
These are a series of exercises developed in the early 1900s by Johannes Schultz to teach his patients how to develop conscious control of their bodies.
Once we are fully relaxed we can tune in to our inner being and get in touch with our Super-Conscious mind.
He is systematic and well organised and will generally be involved in practical, down-to-earth work.
He will find all sorts of exciting opportunities, and often be starting something new before he has finished something else. He will want to use his organisational skills, his ambitions and ability to work hard to benefit himself. There is always a degree of nervous tension associated with these people, which can work against their best interests.
He will have all sorts of ideas, but must learn to evaluate them carefully to make sure they are practical. He has all the ideas and potentials of the 11, but in addition has the capacity to make them happen. On the other hand, someone with a 1 Life Path, 7 Expression and 11 Soul Urge would have a lot of ability and a lot of motivation struggling to find the right opportunity.
Difficulties will continue in this life until he learns to control his physical appetites and use his time wisely.
This person will find little success in life until they learn to pay attention to inner growth and the spiritual forces. The first subtraction indicates two minor challenges that are learned by the time the person reaches maturity. In July, someone in a 3 year will be in a 1 Personal Month as 7 (month) + 3 = 10, and 1+0 = 1. The colours present in an aura can range from a dirty, muddy brown to a glorious, translucent white, depending on the individual's character.
This had the effect of making someone who looked through it temporarily short-sighted, and thus more able to see the radiation present in the ultra-violet part of the spectrum.
One fascinating aspect of these photographs is that pictures of a diseased leaf show a completely different type of aura to that of a healthy leaf. Their report says: "Starting at the soles of the feet, the air layer moves slowly upward over the body. At first it appears to be simply a space between the body and the aura, but a closer examination shows that it is actually a very fine mesh.
The texture of the inner aura varies between fine and course, depending on the spiritual quality of the individual. It is larger around the head and shoulders than at the feet, so can appear to be egg shaped. After concentrating on relaxing for a couple of minutes, picture in your mind's eye a close friend or member of your family. Close your eyes and do your usual relaxation, trying not to think of the person in front of you. Look at the person whose aura you wish to see, and consciously unfocus your eyes to get a slightly blurry picture. You will notice rays of light, usually white or grey in colour, moving from one hand to the other.
The brain gets its information through the nervous system, and then transmits that information back. Verne Cameron was able to demonstrate to the American navy how he could locate the position and depth of every submarine in the Pacific Ocean.
If you imagine your mind as being a combination radio and TV receiver and transmitter and then think about a certain object (or person or idea) you will become in tune with it - get on the same wavelength.
We all know people who are very successful in one area of their lives but dismal failures in others.
As you hold the pendulum over each slip ask yourself, "Would this career be a good choice for me?" Ultimately, you will be left with one or two possibilities and this is where you should focus your attention.
The most obvious one may test negative, whilst a less favoured option proves highly positive. One person may have a wall full of diplomas but be totally incompatible with you and your needs. At this point put the pendulum away and shortly you should hear from the person you were trying to contact. Consequently, all our fears, resentments, feelings and worries can be picked up by the pendulum.
Instead of buying an expensive electropsychometer use a pendulum, and it will tell you which words relate to hidden fears and emotions. Say out loud, "I am touching Jim Smith's liver and sending healing energies into his body." Visualise this happening as clearly as you can. If, for example, a friend shuffled a deck of cards and looked at the top card, and you picked up the thought, you would be demonstrating telepathy.
Psychometry is an example of clairvoyance and you already know how practical use can be made of that ability. Sometimes you will be able to check your results for accuracy and you will be surprised at how good you become with regular practice.
A psychometrist, whilst holding a ring, for instance, is able to pick up the combined vibrations of both the ring and it's owner.
The moment you come into contact with an object a two way process of energy exchange takes place.
Then hold the photograph in one hand (or lay it face up on a table) and gently pass the other hand over the photograph. If you can consistently do better than that you are successfully demonstrating your clairvoyant abilities. He mixes the deck, picks up a card, visualises it and transmits that thought to the "receiver", who either writes down the thought received or says it out loud. Divide the remaining cards into five piles, each containing one symbol (one pile contains four 'circles', another fout 'wavy lines', etc.). However, if you intend using your talents to help others by doing 'readings' for them it is very useful to have a 'crutch' to help you.
At times they have been banned, but right now they are enjoying greater popularity than ever before. MacGregor Mathers, in his little book, "The Tarot", has a few sentences giving the keywords for each card of the Major Arcana. Rune stones were known in England in the Fifth Century, but were being used in Sweden and Germany long before then.
There are a number of methods of classifying hand shapes, but the one generally used today is one devised by Fred Gettings which divides the different types into Air, Earth, Fire and Water.
The very best tea leaf readers use their clairvoyant abilities, but it is possible to read tea leaves by seeing what shapes the tea leaves have formed themselves into, and then looking up the meaning in a book. If you are waiting to be served, use the time for self-improvement by saying affirmations to yourself. The 'father' of affirmations is a Frenchman, Emile Cou, who around the turn of the century became a hero in Europe and America by demonstrating the effectiveness of affirmations in thousands of cases. Everyone born this century has at least one 9, so two or more are required for the philanthropic side to come out. If you were sitting quietly at home and an ornament on the mantelpiece suddenly toppled off and fell to the floor without any apparent cause, it would be an example of poltergeist phenomena. Most people, when they start to get information from their intuition, dismiss it as simply being their imagination.
As it contains memories of everything that has ever happened, we can use it to locate information we need. When something is "on the tip of the tongue" our brain is not working as well as we would like it to.
Overly-tensed muscles restrict the circulation of blood, wastefully expend energy, adversely affect memory and vision, increase stress and can help create all sorts of illnesses.
He is often "the power behind the throne" and may not always receive full acknowledgment for his input, but will be able to enjoy the satisfactions of doing a job well.
The hardest thing for him to learn is how to harness his talents and energy to make the best use of them. Likewise, someone with a 9 Life Path, 7 Expression and 2 Soul Urge would have a lot of opportunities, plenty of ability - but very little motivation. After a minute or two you will notice a narrow mist of vapour coming from each end of the magnet. See what this person is wearing, what he or she is doing, the length of the hair, colour of the eyes, and so on.
When you open your eyes do not look directly at the person, but rather at a point on the far side of the room.
We all have experiences where we meet someone and instinctively dislike them, without knowing why. When you feel the time is right (30 - 60 seconds is usually enough) open your eyes and look at the person in front of you. In time one person will notice that rays are crossing the table from his fingers to those of the person directly, opposite. Cleve Backster's experiments vividly showed how plants will shrink away from negative energies. Nerve cells begin to vibrate in resonance to it and the nervous system causes the appropriate movement to take place in the pendulum.

For instance, someone might be at the top of his field professionally but have a string of broken relationships. If it shows negative over, say, the second house, it shows that you have negative and blocked energies which are causing problems in the area of money and finance. For you the best choice may be a struggling student, teaching part time to help make ends meet. Try writing their names down and using your pendulum to see which is the best book for you.
Mathieson developed a word list and was able to read off the person's reaction to the words using a device he invented called an electropsychometer. Some people like to visualise them as round circles with mouths (as in "Pac-Man") gobbling up the illness. Let the person remain in the position they are in for a few minutes once the healing is over. Focus upon your friend and send the healing energies directly at him, no matter where he is. If your friend mixed the deck again and you knew what the top card was before anyone had looked at it, you would be demonstrating your clairvoyant abilities. If someone has lost a valuable item you can not determine where it is telepathically, as the item is lost, but by using clairvoyance you may well be able to sense where the lost item is.
Once the box comes back to you, relax completely and move your hands around the box, just a few centimetres from the surface.
This is because when an object is worn or carried for some time it absorbs some of its owner's psychic energy (vibrations, magnetism). They will have a long history of owners and the vibrations you pick up may be from long dead former owners rather than the person who owns the item now. Some people prefer to hold it cupped in both hands, others prefer to hold it in one hand and use the other hand to 'stroke' or touch the item. If you are concerned about being correct you will let your own consciousness take over and you'll lose the feelings. Some people like this hand to actually touch the photograph, but most prefer to have their hand pass just above.
This gives you instant validation, which is good if you are correct but can prove discouraging if you are not. If you are relaxed and do the tests in a positive, playful manner you will get consistently better results than a grim, serious approach. No one knows why this happens, but it is just as valid as picking up the identity of the card you are holding.
It is important to swap roles every now and again as some people are better as receivers than senders, and vice versa. Place these five piles in order from your left to right where you think the five cards you previously removed will go. I know a lady who has her clients draw a picture of a tree, and she bases her reading on this. I have never had a strong desire to read people's feet, for instance, but who knows, it might just be your thing. Occasionally, you may see things in the ball, but usually it is a focus point and thoughts and feelings will come into your head whilst you are using it.
There are a number of books around, but I am prejudiced in favour of my "How to Read Tea Leaves" (!) Most tea leaf readers use a combination of clairvoyance and precognition, plus a good imagination in discerning shapes and pictures in the leaves. We all need to do this to ourselves, even the people who are naturally positive in outlook. You can say them silently or out loud, although it might be wiser to say them silently if you are waiting your turn at the bank!
For instance, you may be walking down the street and suddenly bump into someone you haven't seen for a long while.
The best way to handle this is to temporarily 'forget' what we are trying to remember and soon it will come back to us whilst we are thinking about something completely different. It enhances creativity, reduces stress, and reduces general wear-andtear on the whole body.
Start either with your head or feet and then gradually relax all the muscles throughout your body. In India, Numerologists even go as far as the Personal Hour when advising people when to do certain things. A revised edition was published in 1920 as "The Human Aura" and is still readily available. At the shoulders it spurts upward to dissipate in a feathery plume about five inches above the head." So now religious artists, psychics and scientists all claim we have halos!
It is generally seen as an unclear haze, and often it is impossible to see exactly where it ends.
Your friend will be sitting somewhere between you and the far wall, so you will not be focussing directly on him. Remain slightly unfocussed, looking at the forehead, but focussing on a point a metre or so beyond your subject. It appears that we can blame our auras for this, as they are drawn towards people we like, and shrink when placed in close proximity to people we loath. For a long while it seemed to be almost forgotten, but in the last hundred years interest has increased again, particularly in Europe where the pendulum is often used for medical diagnosis. All living things have this capability, but we humans are either not aware of it, or tend to ignore it most of the time. Someone else may be very intellectual but totally out of touch with his feelings - and so on.
The results astounded people who were tested as it brought up all sorts of emotions that they were not aware of harbouring. Immediately, place your hands over the ill part of your friend, but do not touch their body. I have a friend who can always find a parking space for herself, by "seeing" a street in her mind's eye complete with any parking spaces. Cut the cards into two piles and try to clairvoyantly pick out the pile containing your card. For instance, if you have to find a parking space, relax and try and find it clairvoyantly. To be a good psychometrist you have to learn to be more sensitive to the vibrations coming from an object. You can read items made of anything, but to begin with avoid objects made of cloth, paper or wood as they are harder to read. If you choose to hold it in one hand determine which hand feels better for you, and then use that same hand every time you psychometrize.
One of their innovations was the development of a special deck of cards for testing psychic abilities.
Once this has been done, determine where the remaining five cards will go in the following manner: the 'circle' relates to 1 and 2, the 'plus' sign to 3 and 4, the 'wavy lines' to 5 and 6, the 'square' to 7 and 8, and the 'star' to 9 and 0.
Another friend asks her clients to bring a flower with them, and she reads the flower as she helps her clients. The hardest part of the exercise is to relax enough to allow these feelings to come through.
Some people look at a glass of lemonade and say, "Oh, it's half empty." Others look at it and say, "Great! Affirmations are especially powerful if you silently say them before drifting off to sleep, or if you stand in front of a mirror and say them out loud. Don't try to analyze what is coming through, but simply remain relaxed and receive it passively. Whilst talking, you are frantically thinking of their name, and suddenly it will come to you - hopefully whilst you are still in conversation! When you come up with a good idea, it comes directly from your Super-Conscious mind, through your Sub-Conscious mind to your Conscious mind, and it is then up to you to act upon it. You will feel all the muscles slump and you will be able to get straight on with your meditation. He is well suited to a humanitarian type of career, of course, but his giving qualities will come out somehow no matter what career is chosen.
This makes it hard for the person to know what he or she wants out of life, and also makes it difficult to achieve. For instance, it could be helpful to visit the bank manager in an 8 Personal Hour, as 8 relates to money matters. Once you have a complete picture of your friend in your mind, imagine this person with an aura around them. Someone with a perfect, well-attuned nervous system would merely have to think about a problem and his brain would send out energy wherever it was necessary to bring back the required information, and he would see the answer as a physical sensation.
You may find that this block has been there just about all of your life, and you may have to think way back into the past to find out what originally caused it.
Place your hands about two inches from them, close your eyes and send the healing energy down your arms and through your palms to your friend.
The best things to practise on are small items made of a precious material such as silver or gold. All psychometrists find it easier to pick up the negative energies, rather than the positive. This deck, originally called "Zener cards", consists of 25 cards, five different symbols repeated five times each.
Once you have guessed all twenty five cards take the deck out of the envelope and check to see how well you have done. Open up a telephone directory to any page and look at the last digit of the very first entry on the page. It is said that a study of the Tarot will put you in touch with all the wisdom of the ages.
Your Super-Conscious mind is your creative force, and is the most important part of your mind. Some people find it easier to do this exercise lying down as then they can raise one leg in the air, hold it up for several seconds and then relax it, followed by the other leg. As in the other method, you will see the aura first as a whitish atmosphere, but the colours will come with practice. Sad to say, few of us are that well developed, and this is where the pendulum becomes so useful. When we have a feeling that is too intense or painful, our inner mind builds a wall around it to protect us. It doesn't matter how you visualise, just as long as you do it until you visualise yourself whole and well again. If you have no success after ten or fifteen minutes, simply put the box away and try again the next day, preferably at a time when you feel refreshed. Whenever you pick up or touch an object allow yourself to psychometrize it, even if only momentarily. It does not mean that the person you are reading for is a bad person, just that the more emotional an event is, the more likely it is to come through.
Unfortunately, some people with vision problems such as colour-blindness and extreme long sightedness can not see auras.
Once you are used to seeing it, change your focal point so that you are looking directly at it. The responses the pendulum makes do not come from the pendulum itself, but from your inner being - your inner mind and super-conscious mind communicating through your nervous system.
If your friend is sick all over move your hands up and down his body and visualise the healing energies going to every part of the body. Nothing worthwhile comes easily, but the progress you make as you practice will spur you on to even greater success. Writers, artists, composers, inventors, clairvoyants, and all sorts of other people use this part of their mind when doing whatever it is they do.
What happened was, while you were asleep, the Sub-Conscious contacted the Super-Conscious mind and asked for the answer. As a result, when we hold a pendulum over something we are measuring the interaction of that object's force field with our own nervous system. Once the emotion has come to the surface it can be discussed and put into proper proportion, releasing unnecessary fears and emotions. Repeat this four more times and then check to see if you have managed to successfully predetermine the correct spot for each pile. Next time you have a problem of this sort, tell your Sub-Conscious mind about it and say that you need an answer by a certain time.
If you are thinking of introducing Bill to Betty you can see if they would get on before taking matters further.
A composer may start on a melody and then, all of a sudden, the rest of the tune just comes with no apparent effort on his part -it has all come directly from the Super-Conscious mind. Mentally say to yourself, "My right (or left) arm is heavy." Pause ten seconds, then say it again. Ask again several times during the time limit you have set, and your Super-Conscious mind will solve your problem. You will find that the arm you focussed on is myuch more relaxed than any other part of your body.

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