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As in most area of life, numerology plays a key role in childbirth as well. From that experience I was inspired to research numerology as it relates to childbirth; and I have found that once again, your birth numbers play an important role in the timing for this important event. In my research I have found that women who give birth in their harmonious birth periods are those that experienced the first kind of delivery I spoke of.
Nevertheless, whatever period of time your baby is born in, I know you will love it more than you can imagine.
One final note of interest: You will gain a great deal of insight and parenting ideas when you discover if your childa€™s birth number matches yours or not.
Giving a name to the baby is the first and most important task that would-be parents usually do. Since every name has a meaning, by taking the name of a child for years it will develop their personality traits according to the meaning for that name.

NUMEROLOGY has on integral part to play through out the life of an individual. One woman may tell her story of the delivery of her child and everything went smoothly, quickly and without complication.
You will enjoy learning about each othera€™s differences and how to best understand your child.
For others, the labor was incredibly long, very painful, with many complications or difficulties.
I had the privilege of watching my own childrena€™s births.
Be sure, if you are pregnant, that you take the best possible care of yourself and eat healthy. For those who went into labor during their period of a€?oppositiona€? are those that witnessed the more difficult experiences.

This will also ensure that your baby has the best possible chances in life.
Some people believe that speaking negative creates negative energy and speaking positive creates a positive energy around the person. These deliveries saw more occurrences of premature babies, cesarean deliveries, under-weight babies, or difficult labors. I have given some guidelines below for you to be aware of for the best and not-so-great timing for your babya€™s delivery.

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