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If you have Master Numbers in your chart then you need to be very aware of what they mean, what the opportunities are for you as well as what challenges they present. This Master Number 44 energy is discipline and structure compounded and magnified with stability and consistency to produce connections with the outside world as well as success. In terms of Master Number 44 characteristics, someone with this energy dominant in their charts will be an extremely hard and consistent worker with great stamina to keep going and get the job done.
The Master Number 66 takes love and care and magnifies them to such an extent as to create a form of self-expression through the words they speak or write. In terms of Master Number 66 characteristics, someone with this energy dominant in their charts will be the person who loves everyone and everyone loves them back.
For more information about Master Numbers in general, please refer to Part 1 of this Master Numbers series. Thus it is viewed as the number of the general, a steadfast and dogged leader who works harder than anyone else and inspires others through this effort.
Once they have their sights set on a goal you would be a brave person (and likely an unsuccessful one in this instance) to try and stand in their way. They will have a tendency to lead people, and lead them where they could not imagine going.

This energy is the sunshine of the Numerology cosmos, they are the rays of light that make all around them feel better and feel safe. There is kindness and warmth in a person who channels this energy in a positive way (you can see my description of a negative Numerology 6 energy and then magnify it for a 66 – yikes!). Examples of real life generals with this energy are General George Patton and General Douglas MacArthur, both celebrated American war heroes. It may be a conscious decision on the part of the person carrying this energy or it may simply happen because they are there without them being aware. They are revolutionaries at heart and will often break new ground in whatever they put their mind to. There is a strong propensity that the comfort they provide will be delivered in words of some form and therefore it can be a highly artistic vibration.
These people are great to be around and have a great sense of the beauty of the world and may capture this in the expression of themselves which they give to the world. Grace Kelly, Barbara Streisand, Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson all have this vibration prominent in their charts.
In the same way that Numerology 5 was the antithesis of Numerology 4, so Master Number 55 is the antithesis of Master Number 44, but on the grand scale of Master Numbers.

As an example, Bill Gates and Ray Charles are two well known people with this energy in their charts and you can see that these men blazed new trails in their chosen area of interest with little regard as to whether people would approve of the direction they were taking. This vibration could be the energy behind inspirational writing or a valuable self-help or self-improvement book. Examples of celebrities with this energy in their charts are Robin Williams and George Burns who have bought joy to so many with their humour and Aretha Franklin whose warm personality came through in her strong singing voice.
All were known as powerful and influential people in their field, doing whatever it took, no matter how many hours it took, to achieve their success.
New directions, new discoveries, new creations are part and parcel of the life of one who has this energy prominent in their charts. As with all vibrations this energy could be channelled negatively to produce a fiercely determined agent of terrorism, for instance. The changes can be physical, mental or spiritual, there are no boundaries when it comes to this energy.

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