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As I’ve gained a few extra hours of unexpected life, I’d normally be sure to use them to their fullest. For reasons that it’s best not to get into, this message from Pick Me Up magazine caught my eye. Well, I’ve been with my girlfriend for a few months now, so there’s no better way to determine whether we’re a good match or not than an online numerology test endorsed by Pick Me Up magazine. I hope it’s not the end though, updating my Facebook Relationship Status would be pretty humiliating.
Note: Most authorities agree that the full birth name as recorded on your birth certificate is the name that must be used for all calculations involving name. When it comes to socialising, you’re happiest in each other’s company and at parties and get-togethers tend to be glued to each other!
Now I filled this out, even though the original message from Pick Me Up definitely said it was about you “and your fella”. Sex positions: For a really sensual experience together try the Woman on top position, but if you really want to get things heated up have a go at some Dirty Dancing! The article is written by Tara Gardner, who doesn’t seem to exist as either a numerologist or a journalist on Google. The thing I want to find out is how the number two translates to “your partner becomes jealous”. This wacky site explains Numerology in exactly the same way as a sixth former who hasn’t done their homework might try and bullshit a teacher by trying to say enough words that one of them might sound good enough for a positive response. I don’t really know how to wrap this up, because Numerology is obviously bollocks and Pick Me Up don’t care and blah blah blah. Furniture Review: Ikea Solsta Sofa Bed 100 Ways to Start a Conversation on the First Day of School!
We have absolutely no interest in e-mailing you, selling your details or sharing your address. Astrologer Ashok Bharathi in Anna Nagar East, Chennai Pandit ashok bharathi listed under Astrologers with Address, contact number, reviews. Greg Stewart (GS) – Ryan, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule and sitting down to talk to me. RF – I had a couple of friends from other states join in 2008 and 2009 and it peaked my interest. RF – I am a history buff, more particularly an art history buff, and the idea of symbols in art and architecture was always something I enjoyed learning about.
GS – Since you’ve joined, have you found your way into any of the other bodies or related groups?
As for history, my teachers were so impassioned with the subject that I couldn’t help but get motivated. RF – After high school, I attended the University of Massachusetts and studied graphic design, painting, drawing and art history.
RF – While attending college in Massachusetts, I was taught color theory, methods of lighting, brush work and drawing techniques, but MEANING was never discussed.
When I came back from Italy, I wanted to paint ideas, not images, and with being initiated into the craft, I had direction. In Italy, I began to truly understand that works of art were really the culmination of research, practice and years of work. And there are great examples of artists predating what we would now call Freemasonry hiding symbols of what became the basis of our craft into their works.
GS – For those who might be unfamiliar with your artwork, how would you describe it to them stylistically? I have a mechanical method of creating; I always need to know how something works before I paint it. Once I had a good amount of ideas in there I realized I had my own Codex, which inspired me to create my first Masonic series, the Middle Chamber Codex series, in which I re-organized some of my notes to mimic the codices of DaVinci.
My future works will continue in this style until I am led into something else, it’s one of the things I love about being an artist, I set my own path.
I love the fact that is the real deal, real gold, real calf skin parchment and all by drawn by hand.

As any artist will tell you, to know that something you create will be around a lot longer then you will be is a comforting thought. A little scene that keeps popping in my head is of my daughter’s great-grandson finding my patent a hundred years from now and seeing how much Masonry meant to me. GS – This may be out there a bit, but do you see juxtaposition between Masonic art and, say, more obscure, esoteric, or symbolic art? Pretty much with all my prints I will hand draw elements of the project on paper, then scan them in and position and color digitally. RF – When I originally produced the window designs for my lodge, the images went viral, I think they were shared on Facebook over 1000 times, and they were featured on the covers of some magazines, I was in shock at how many people adored them. GS – Given your proximity with Masonry and the arts, beyond the work you create are there any artists or artistic influences that come to mind that you think should (or do) have an influence on Masonry? RF – As for the fine arts, I encourage every lodge to have someone take the time and learn about Filipo Brunelleschi, Michelangelo and William Blake. Brunelleschi, for those who are not familiar with him, started the renaissance by stepping back, travelling and learning about geometry, science and the knowledge of the past.
And Blake – Blake is the prime example of what a Masonic artists should strive to be. However, I can say that I have detailed plans for a tracing board that will be like nothing else in Freemasonry. Unfortunately all my big projects require funds so it’s a slow and steady process, but God willing I have a lot of time to get working and make and hopefully make a small difference in Masonry. About Greg StewartA devoted student of the Western Mystery Traditions, Greg is a firm believer in the Masonic connections to the Hermetic traditions of antiquity, its evolution through the ages and into its present configuration as the antecedent to all contemporary esoteric and occult traditions. I’m writing this because last night, I got bollocked for being tired early and wanting to go to bed, and not stay up all night watching Paris Hilton movies on DVD.
But I don’t use my full name, day to day, I shorten my first name, like everyone with a name that’s longer than one syllable should do. Nicknames, changed names including marriage name changes do not dilute the importance of the name given to you by your parents. Being so dependent on each other has its draw-backs and you might find your partner becomes too over-protective and even jealous at times. I figured that the numbers would be the same no matter which one of us actually filled the thing out. Now presumably at Pick Me Up, they’ve got some expert numerologist who can read the numbers and convert those into facts that are absolutely true and advice that’s incredibly specific and relevant only to the people with those numbers.
Marriage compatibility This compatibility between partners is very important to enhance the house or business environment, and our lives. I am a 32? Scottish Rite mason and member of the Philalethes Society and this upcoming year I plan on joining the York Rite.
I had hands on training in painting, drawing, graphic design, stained-glass mosaic work, set design and sculpture.
Yet again, I was fortunate to have a professor that motivated me to learn more, and I started diving into learning about symbolism, sacred numerology and mythology.
I had the privilege of studying the great renaissance masters in person, and I particularly loved learning about the history of art, especially the beginnings of the renaissance. Studying in Italy, I would have these moments of complete harmony with the art, moments to contemplate on what you are looking at, it changes you, and motivates you. Michelangelo’s “David” transformed from a large nude man, to a blatant political statement, warning the enemies of Florence to fear the repercussions of challenging them. I recently returned to Florence, and found myself again, sketching, and really looking at the art and architecture again, this time with Masonic eyes. Our ancient brethren were artists, and anyone who has put a chisel to a piece of Marble understands how gifted and dedicated they were. Artists like Albrecht Durer, Michelangelo and William Blake made it a point to reference Pythagoras, Kabbalah and sacred geometry in their works because they knew it was important knowledge to pass down.
For my Limited Edition prints, I then Giclee print them and complete them by hand, coloring them with metallic infused inks. I sketch out my projects with light graphite and start applying the paint from light to dark.

I unveiled them at the Masonic Restoration Symposium in August and had many brothers not only purchase them, but have long conversations with me about why it was important to masonry for me to continue creating them. As for training, having extensive knowledge in drawing, painting and design can lead you to learn anything you want.
This to me sounds like the perfect example of what we as masons should strive to accomplish.
He knew of Kabbalah, sacred geometry and numerology and he put in into all of his masterpieces. His tremendous works engulf the viewers with blatant Masonic symbolism, but upon further inspection, the real messages can be found within.
I don’t want to reveal most of them yet because I have not perfected them, and as any artist or writer will tell you, a first or second draft will rarely look like the final project. I’m also working on an illuminated manuscript of the Middle Chamber lecture and a series of prints that mimic the Egyptian style. He is a self-called searcher for that which was lost, a Hermetic Hermit and a believer in “that which is above is so too below.” Read more about Greg Stewart. Instead, like everyone else who has any free time, I’m wasting it by dicking around on the Internet. In fact, if it turns out we’re not compatible, I’ll wake her up in the middle of the night and tell her. You’re extremely wrapped up in each other and may well have known each other from a young age.
So they are capable of turning the number two into a sexual position named after a rubbish 80s chick flick?
If you possess positive 1 Soul Urge qualities, you are very attainment oriented and driven to success. Because there’s no way Pick Me Up would get a work experience kid to make up any old shit and farm it out in a fake name, is there? I particularly remember the motivation I received in World Literature class after reading Dante’s Divine Comedy with its amazing abstract symbolism.
The Sistine Chapel became a lesson book for deep religious and philosophical thought, and at the same time a motivation to stand up to oppression and to use your mind and talents to bring light to others. And, just as I try to do with my work, they used their talents to share concepts that simply cannot be done by speaking.
I also like that it’s the only work that the client does not see until it’s finished. I find that looking at abstract art can be a wonderful method of meditation and reflection. And once they arrive I press them for a couple days under some large books to keep it flat. The Sistine chapel is a love letter to the Kabbalah, and learning about how he hid those messages into this work will open up your eyes on how to contemplate on a work art. And the revelation that when we’re with other people, we actually like each other the most, that’s pretty shocking. Hence why we as Free and Accepted Masons use symbols as the base of our degrees and lessons. Then I sketch out my design on paper and using a small tracing table that I built, transfer it to the parchment. Smith, has helped me by pointing me towards information, by offering me council as well as recommending books and reading.
I firmly believe that a successful work of art can sum up more feeling and emotion than a 30 minute lecture. Not looking promising so far, but let’s click on the Love Test results, to find out what the absolutely true science of numerology has in store for us. Cos that’s worrying, I don’t get jealous, but I might start doing it now, because the numbers have told me to.

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