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The interesting thing about the font is that the numerals look like folded paper, sort of like origami. College Football News: Jell-O has come out with out with a line of college football logo molds. What Paul did last night: Last night I went to a free outdoor screening of the 1976 baseball film The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings, which is about a barnstorming Negro Leagues team in 1939. But there are several other Negro Leagues teams whose uniforms are shown in the film, along with a House of David team and more. But my favorite uni-related thing in the film was the uni number treatment for the Ebony Aces.
If I’m reading this right, the Steelers will be wearing black ovals on black helmets, which seems a bit odd. I’ve never understood how the teams in some soccer leagues let the league dictate to them what the number font should look like (and then sometimes make every team in the league wear the same font).
Plus, most replica jerseys are sold without customization, it’s not something they put a lot of effort into – at the World Cup, Adidas and Puma teams all wore the standard manufacture typefaces, while only Nike teams wore specific number and name fonts.

I’m certain nobody is being dictated to or held up against a wall so that the standard numbers can be forced on their backs. A persecution complex in relation to FIFA may well be warranted, but many of these leagues are well and truly at the mercy of the far more powerful and wealthy clubs that operate (supposedly) under their jurisdiction. This is one of the many reasons that I love the Champions League: Premier League teams can free themselves from the mandated font and use one of their choice. Loved how each team member’s jersey had a different word on the front, so when they lined up all the jerseys read The Bingo Long Traveling All Stars and Motor Kings!
Unfortunately, the outdoor lighting conditions were poor, but I did manage to get some halfway-decent shots of the St. Otherwise I’m inclined to believe that they are not only passively compliant but generally happy with the situation. In the unlikely event that they have indeed managed to beat them into submission on this point, then if anything I’ll celebrate it as one small win for order in the Hobbesian state of nature that is European club football at present.
Seeing a Champions League match between teams of varying number fonts only reenforces how bad that aspect of Premier League football looks. Many scenes were filmed at Central City Park and Luther Williams Field, one of the oldest minor league stadiums still in existence. Is it strictly on the merits, or is it partially because I don’t follow soccer and therefore have no emotional stake in it?
I’m certain nobody is being dictated to or held up against a wall so that the standard numbers can be forced on their backs.

I sincerely doubt, considering the myriad ways the clubs, particularly the top clubs, are able to dick around the league, that they would have any trouble reversing such a practice if they really wanted. That was my high school band that played the national anthem, at Morgan Field where I played Pony League ball. Simple exercise: Would I like this font as much if it were being used by an NFL or MLB team?
Remember, the Riddell logo can no longer appear in that spot, so a lot of teams may be experimenting with new nose bumper graphics this season (from Garrett Heller).
He represent five generations of traditional Vedic Scholars behind him and his knowledge of many languages enabled him topresent his knowledge in easy to understand and pick up.He was awarded the title of JYOTISH-KALA-NIDHI by Swami Sivananda of the Yoga Vedanta Forest University of Rishikesh.
The bad news is that they’ll probably just use the default camouflage option (thanks, Phil). They’ll wear Rainbows throwbacks this Saturday to mark the start of the 2014 Charleston Pride Festival (thanks, Phil).

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