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We are presenting you the astrology of Twelve Zodiac Signs, Nine planets and Twenty Seven stars in an easy way to understand in simple English and Tamil. About 2022 Narak Chaturdashi 2022 Narak Chaturdashi Vrat) Vrat is the Hindi term of fast . As a symbol of that victory, Krishna smeared his forehead with the demon Narakasura's blood. According to Hindu Calender, Phulera Dooj falls on the second day of the waning phase of the moon (Shukla Paksha) in the month of Phalgun.
Phulera Dooj is celebrated in the Braj region of India, around Mathura-Vrindavan that is situated in Uttar Pradesh, India. There is a believe that astrologically Phulera Dooj is the special day that is free from any defects. MelAus PartnersBABY GIRL NAMES IN TAMIL WITH MEANINGSFriends, in this thread you can find thousands.

It is celebrated on the 14th dark fortnight of Hindu month of Kartik that falls in the month (Oct-Nov) according to English Calendar. He was the ruler of Pragjyotishpur (a province to the South of Nepal) The king was very powerful, first he shown his supremacy on Earth by defeating many kings then he decided to defeat Indra. Therefore it becomes the duty of each and every parent to select the correct name for their child. He overthrew Indra and had taken away the beautiful earrings of Aditi, (the mother of Indra and a relative of Satyabhama, Krishna's wife). The queens of Krishna rubbed scented oil to his body and gave him a bath to clean the dirt from his body.
The marriage can take place on this day, though one should consult learned Hindu priest who can advise the auspicious time for the marriage. Not only he limited himself there, he imprisoned 16000 daughters of the gods and saints in his Palace prison.

Since then the ritual of taking bath before sunrise on this day has become a ritual on Narak Chaturdashi. After that they had a good breakfast then clear all the clutter in their home, clean it, and decorate it, making Rangoli for the reception of Laxmi on Diwali. The legend also says that Demon Narakasura He was the son of earth Goddess, Bhudevi who became a demon in association with another demon named Banasurahad been given a curse that he would be killed by a woman. In the evening, many people burn earthen lamps (Diyas) and lighten up their home with decorative lights.

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