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Numerology is the study of numbers and their influence on a person’s personality, talents, strengths and interactions among other traits. Every object in this universe has a frequency of its own represented in its vibrations and by measuring the corresponding vibrations, the energy associated with the object can be understood.
In numerology, all numbers are added up to make single digits of 1 – 9 other than the special master numbers 11 and 22. A symbolic evaluation of these elements can predict the characteristics of any person, half of which is derived from the date of birth and the rest from the name.
To find out what numerology has in store for you this week, first determine your personal number.
Numerology can be a handy tool in analyzing the character, personality and above all the compatibility between partners.
However, the modern system of what is numerology was developed in the 20th century by an American, L. To understand what is numerology you have to understand the major frequencies of a person using just the name and birth date as the basic data. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 22 have been found to have a significant influence on people’s individual characteristics. By making minor changes in the name of a person to make it compliant with the principals of numerology, anyone can create positive changes in their career and life in general.

Keep adding the numbers until you get a single-digit number or 11 or 22.1 - This week you need to set aside more time in order to reevaluate your financial issues or pay more attention to your family. As soon as a baby is born, his or her astrology birth charts can be written while their names can be decided beforehand. If you organize your obligations correctly, you will enjoy a nice break throughout the whole weekend.2 - Now is the perfect time to get rid of old issues that have been pulling you back to the past and preventing you from moving forward. There's nothing wrong with being sentimental but do not let your old scars and fears determine what will happen in your present or future.3 - This week your ideas won't enjoy much sympathy from others. Don't let criticisms discourage you but rather seek the right people with whom to share your intentions. Keep your negative side under control, so as to avoid stressful situations in everyday life.4 - You will be incredibly overburdened this week, since information from different sources will distract you and prevent you from concentrating on a single goal.
Despite the problematic situations, your ability of finding the right person for support in risky situations will be unlocked.5 - You will feel very distressed this week. Your fear of the future is holding you back, which is why you need to think very well on whether you should make a change in your life.6 - The week will be filled with challenges for you. The period is not suitable for activities with others or dealing with issues from the past.7 - You will be under the complete dominance of your emotions this week. The advice for you is not to be so hasty in blowing up but to look at the positions again from a reasonable point of view.

In the days until January 25, you may make very bold decisions.8 - The energy of this week will lead you to more spiritual experiences. Limit the chatting and time spent online and strive to familiarize yourself with your own character better.
In the days until January 25, do easier and lighter things in order to be happy.9 - Throughout the week, your influence over others will be quite significant.
Each and every aspect of your life will require special attention, so think carefully on what you are planning.
Excessive emotions will only cause you harm.11 - This week you need to reevaluate the time you set aside for the people around you. Be with the people that love and like you more and spend less time with pointless contacts. Break off all contacts with any negative people, as well as with those that have disappointed your trust. Attempt to create only fruitful partnerships.22 - The energy this week might force you to give up on some of your ideas.

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