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Hebrew numerology is based on the fact that Hebrew numbers are traditionally written by using letters of the Hebrew alphabet.
To show that the letter combinations are in fact used as numbers, you insert gershayim a€“ similar to a quotation mark - before the last letter in the combination. Instead of using the words sheloshim ve shlishi (33rd), it has become the custom to use the word Lag, a vocalization of the letters lamed and gimmel which are used the write the number 33.
Everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency, with the vibration rate of any object, human can establish the qualities and energies associate with it.
The practice of Numerology is based upon the firm statement of Pythagoras, a€?The world is build upon the power of numbers. There are many types of Numerology; the most popular forms are the Kabbalah, the Chaldean and the Pythagorean. Kabbalah Numerology is originated from Hebrew mysticism and is based on the Hebrew alphabet.
A popular Numerologist and Master Trainer of a€?Power Of Numbersa€?, Dr Oliver Tan has spent around seven years to study Numerology, Dr Oliver Tan presents his new discovery of Numbers in his new book a€?Power Of Numbersa€?.

The Numbers in the Pythagorean Triangle tell us about the person a€“ his character and behaviour. After 40 years of age every numbers if the entire diagram (inside and outside) will influence us. Power Of Numbers has combine the knowledge of Numerology and Chinese Five Elements together to read more information regarding a person from the Pythagorean Trieangle.
The entire universe is composed of mathematical patterns and all things can be expressed in numbers, which correspond to universal vibrations.
Modern Numerology is based on Pythagorean and Kabbalistic principles wheras Werstern Numerology is based on Pythagorean Principles. Kabbalah Numerology has only 22 vibrations because of the different alphabet.A  Kabbalah, which means knowledge that comes through the mind and soul, interprets only meaning of names. In Chaldean Numerology, the numbers assigned to the letters are not determined by alphabetical order, but instead by the vibration of each specific letter.
Part of its popularity arises from the fact that it is easy to learn how to translate numbers and master their meanings.

Dr Oliver Tan discovery is totally different; Dr Olivet Tan has unlock and decoded the principles of Numbers to a very great extent.
It differs from Pythagorean numerology in that it does not assign the number 9 to any letter, although 9 can occur as the final sum.
By simply taking the Date of Birth (Birthday Numerology)of an individual and charting Date Of Birth into an inverted triangle using the Pythagorean method of calculation, a persona€™s a€?Destiny and Fatea€? is revealed in the Numbers.
The number nine is thought to be holy and sacred and is therefore held apart from the rest of the numbers.

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