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The birth path number 1 and birth path number 5 make a good match when it comes to love and relationships because each number desires a significant amount of freedom.
The number 1 and the number 5 may actually find that you need to schedule time together because you are both independent spirits. There are going to be times where you are so busy doing your own thing that you will not have the together time that you need. Neither one of you should try to impose your will on the other one as it will not end well. The number 1 is not only symbolic for him, he always had to be the number 1, no matter what. Choosing another free spirit can be advantageous to your love relationship or dating life only because it is hard for someone who is not a free spirit to understand you and your strong desire for freedom.

Since we have our son we had to remain in contact… Sparks flew rarely but very intense. If someone wants to keep you tied down, it is not going to work – which is why number 1 and number 5 make a great life path compatibility. The problems was that he was a very independent freedom-loving person and as a number 5 so am I. He wanted to go out and do whatever he wanted with his buddies, whenever he wanted and he came home whenever he wanted, but he didn’t like it when I went out with my girlfriends and stayed out late. The number 1 is very responsible and such a great father to our children while also spoiling and caring for me. Eventually I was fed up with sitting at home by myself while he is out partying all night, or at work.

He wanted me to be a housewife, but that’s not enough for an independent number 5 woman. Number 1 and number 5 is very compatible I think, as long as both individuals get their necessary freedom and space. Although my relationship with the number 1 didn’t work out, I still think this can be a pretty good love match.

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