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There are only nine living number and Princess Diana’s warmth her love compassion to his numerology charts. Sampoornna Vishu Phalam is a complete reference which helps to predict events and foretell your life for a year.
Now that’s more to compare a report are like a blueprint that requires no psychic skill.
Find out what's in store for you this year and suppress your misfortunes by your diligence, will power and the grace of God. Of the many writers,Nilakanta and Kesava are the two great authors who have written elaborately on the Tajik system.
The annual horoscope analysis and predictions given here are based on the principles of the Tajik system.
Apart from the ascendant in the annual chart, called Varsha Lagna other important influences analysed are that of the Muntha, the Lord of Muntha and the Lord of the year.
There are wide differences in rules, for judging a horoscope under the Parasara system and the Varshaphal. The strength of the planets are ascertained by Panchavargiya Bala rather than Shadbala,as in the Parasara system. In the foregoing analysis, you can see that the effects of various factors are sometimes contradictory and at times reinforcing.While some unfavourable influences are neutralised by favourable factors, often you will experience all these at least partially at sometime during the year. Please remember that the Varshaphal period covers an entire year from the day of Varshapravesh,which is approximately from one birthday to another. The predictions given here are indications of the fortunes ahead and you can surely surmount any hard times,by your diligence,will-power and the grace of God.

The longitude of planets and the annual chart for the time of varshapravesh are given below. Nirayana Longitude of Planets The Indian system of astrology is based on the nirayana longitude planets, which is obtained by subtracting the ayanamsa value from the sayana longitudes, calculated as per western system.
Shukra is selected as Varsheshwara ( Lord of The Year ) Effect of Muntha Muntha is a sensitive point in the annual horoscope. The position of Muntha in the annual chart has a significant effect on the results one can expect during the year.
The placement of Muntha in the eighth house is a forewarning of ailments to a near or dear one. During this phase, avoid fruitless Page - 7 endeavours as they will only lead to loss of confidence. Lord of Muntha The lord of the house where Muntha is placed is called Munthesh, the Lord of Muntha. In this case, while Muntha is placed unfavourably, the Lord of Muntha is in a good position. Lord of the year Varsheswara, the lord of the year is selected based on various factors as shown above. The lord of the year has a significant influence on the events that unfold during the year. This year you may have to manage with income levels below your needs and this could bring about some difficulties. Do take care against diseases and try to improve your health if you are of a weak constitution. Birth Lagna The position of birth lagna in relation to varsha lagna has special significance. Planets in houses The effects due to the position of planets in different houses of the annual chart are outlined below.
These influences modify the intensity of good and bad results forecast based on the parameters analysed earlier. This indicates financial prosperity, favours from higher authorities, career betterment and happiness through family memebers. This points to poor decision making, suffering inflicted by ememies and strange illness pertaining to digestive system.

This cautions of disputes and troubles with foes, eye trouble, loss of money, mental worry, and ill health to wife or other female members of the family.
This points to defeat of enemies, success for ones party, gains from friends and happiness in the family. This cautions of the risk of beig waylaid while travelling, disputes and trouble in the feet or arms.
This points to cough and serious phlegmatic complaints, red eyes, viral fever, skin problems, nervousness and dejection, increase in expenses and anxiety. This points to friendship with dignitaries, buying land or vehicle, happiness through family and enjoyable journeys. This indicates chances of construction of a beautiful house, enjoyment of sensual pleasures, prowess and general improvement in many matters.
Surya is selected as Varsheshwara ( Lord of The Year ) Effect of Muntha Muntha is a sensitive point in the annual horoscope.
During this year, you are likely to gain favours from your seniors or higher authorities and the government. This indicates affliction to cattle, loss in agricultural output, loss of grain, trouble from the ruling class, chest complaints, stomach ache for mother.
This indicates acquisition of articles of comfort, vehicles and ornaments, domestic bliss, generally happy and successful, leading aristocratic life.
This is a good indication for children, acquisition of wealth, success in all efforts, loyal servants and befriending persons in high walks of life. This cautions of trouble while travelling, venereal complaints, problems in love life, emotional disturbances and monetary losses. This cautions of mental abberation, problems from unexpected sources, fear of drowning, subjugation by opponents and temptation for immoral acts. Note: This report is based on the data provided by you and the best possible research support we have received so far.
We do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or the effect of any decision that may be taken on the basis of this report.

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