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Webster's defines vibration as the to and fro motion of an object when displaced from the resting position, as in transmitting sound, as well as the emotional qualities or supernatural emanations that are felt by another.
Each entity, each soul is known in all the experience through its activities - as a name to designate it from another. Numerology history dates back thousands of years, and variations of it can be found in most cultures throughout history. Chaldean Number System The Chaldean Numerology system has its roots in Ancient Babylon and is probably the oldest known system of numerology. Pythagorean (Western) Number System The Pythagorean Numerology system is said to have originated from the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who is best know for his solution for the hypotenuse of a right triangle (a2 + b2 = c2). As has been scientifically proven, the entire universe is composed of energy, including human beings. That same source defines numerology as the study of the occult (hidden) significance of numbers and letters. It is said that every sound, thought and vibration since the beginning of time is registered on these records, including the first sound vibration which called forth manifestation.
While many people dismiss it as a pseudoscience, it has been taught and studied by some of the most respected mathematicians throughout history.
The Chaldean, the Pythagorean (Western), and the Kabbalah are three of the most popular numerological systems in use today. In this system, the numbers assigned to the letters are not determined by alphabetical order (as the Pythagorean method), but rather by the vibration of each specific letter.
Therefore, it is reasonable that one can capture the energy field at a given moment in time. A person comes into life on a certain date, and with a certain name- numerology uses these numbers to describe who a person is, and to map out that person's destiny.

In analyzing one's name and date of birth, numerology is a tool to help us understand the Eternal OM and our place in it. The Bible, the Talmud, the Koran, even the Egyptian Book of the Dead, have alluded to numbers in ways that require interpretation by people of wisdom. Cayce in his readings brought out information on past lives that was useful in present incarnations, helping people regain health and conduct their lives in more constructive patterns. Each of these systems calculates numbers differently and offers different interpretation of one's life. The date (month, day, year) of your birth and the full name (first, middle, last) you are given at birth are an imprint of your personal energy vibrations when you enter this world. In all the occult sciences, there are correlations between observable physical phenomena, and the inner workings of people.
This ultimately led to the expansion of numerology during the Renaissance, and it continues to be studied and practiced today. Since this system only analyzes the name and not the birth date, it is not widely used among Numerologists.
The universe has provided keys which, when understood, provide excellent tools for the understanding human nature. Numerology, on the other hand, goes directly to past lives and the soul's place in evolution.
Similarly, your personality traits are unique to you and identify who you are.The impression you have when you are born will remain in force throughout your life. Using some of your physical features when you are born can give you a better idea of how to describe your particular number indicators imprinted at birth. However, you can choose to wear colored contacts, thus changing the look of your eyes and the world’s perception of your eye color.

If you originally had brown eyes, but you now wear blue contacts, others will see you as a blue-eyed person. Nevertheless, on legal documents, when you must list the color of your eyes, you will list them as brown, despite the fact that you periodically wear blue contacts. Your base energy remains the same, no matter if your change or begin using another name later in life.Again, the basis for numerology is measuring energy based upon numbers—a tradition bound by a spirituality definition, spiritual evidence and the relationship between numbers and living things.
Therefore, using your month, day and year of birth and your full name set for you at your time of birth, a numerologist can measure your unique traits.
If you request a numerology reading, it is important that you provide these two vital pieces of information to get an accurate measurement and report. It is also important to note that you do not have to worry about providing personal information to receive a report within this site.
Your information is important to us and we make every effort to keep it 100% private, as indicated in our Privacy Policy.Everything in numerology is reduced to a single-digit, except for Master Numbers. By assigning a mathematical number to each letter of the alphabet, you can measure the energy of the letter.
Then you simply add the letters in the name to arrive at the total frequency of the word, name, or phrase you wish to analyze.For instance, using the English language, the letter a equals 1, b equals 2, c is 3, and so forth. Adding together the numeric values for letters with double digits provides a single-digit number for a letter.
A numerology reading can allow you to be more compassionate and accepting of yourself and others and give you more confidence, as you it assists you in understanding your strengths and challenges more fully.

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