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It’s simple enough to leave if you can, but what if you live in a property where you have never felt comfortable? Check out these numbers below to see where your house fits and a ‘quick fix’ solution that could help your unhappy abode. It’s handy to keep this in mind when house hunting in order to get the property that works best for you. 1: Use the chart below to calculate the number using the house number added to the calculation for the street name.
3: The house number is then added to the address; that is, the name of the street, NOT including the word ‘Street’, remember!
A number 1 house quite often belongs to a person with a high position in work, and to one who has a definite ambition.  It can also be the home of someone destined to be famous, or even infamous!
The No 1 is a ‘Male’ house, as in, it reflects masculine attributes of assertiveness and exploration. It’s also good for those looking to make a fresh start in life.  If you’ve been lacking in energy, have lost your direction in life and are determined to regain some of that youthful vigour, then a No 1 is ideal.
It’s all a matter of taste and those best suited to No 1s are probably the greatest example of ‘money doesn’t equal taste!’ This house will attract attention, be it good or bad. The interior should be kept clutter free and minimalist.  Colour schemes of white, orange and gold and other strong bright colours work well. Unlike No 1, those best suited to a No 2 house are laid back and happy to take life at their own pace. This property draws others to it by its ‘vibe, man!’ Children especially are responsive to its warm and friendly atmosphere. Rigid people who live by a timetable will not find the easy-going atmosphere comfortable or traditional family units who wish to have a stable, unchanging household.
People who like to ‘keep themselves to themselves’ and prefer friends and neighbours to call three weeks in advance of a visit would not do well here.
This house will be a hub of activity; If you like having a phone to either ear while emailing to worldwide contacts, then this is the place for you.
Like No 2, this is a good spot for the self-employed, but unlike No 2, the No 3 offers a temporary respite and a convenient place for the office which may not be returned to for days, even weeks at a time.
Light, bright, FUNctional – no, that’s not a typo – the furnishings need to be Fun, easily maintained, brightly coloured with the occasional unique piece here and there.
Ah, now, here lies the rub; for this ‘ideal’ property is a fixed character, and if you don’t fit with it, it will spit you out. The property itself may have an unusual characteristic that you have to embrace, because it WILL NOT be changed! For single, modern thinking, upwardly mobile people the Number 4 would be simply too old fashioned, oppressive and odd looking.
The house could cost a fortune in heating bills as you can never get rid of the draft, or have doors that won’t close properly no matter how much you shave off here and there. Go for earthy muted tones with a splash of bright red or green on the door and possibly the windows to give the place a splash of verve. There will almost certainly be some mode of transport, such as a car or even a motorbike; this house does tend to bring out the Wild Child. Here the singleton can go wild and use their home for releasing their artistic self-expression.  They also may be releasing other forms of self-expression as they release their passions and embark on a journey of self-discovery, no matter their age. It is quite likely that along that voyage, this single occupancy dwelling will find a stowaway and romances will blossom into true love; at which point the No 5 house will be vacated for the two lovers to begin their new life in a long term No 6 home, leaving the house free for the next singleton to move in to. Families, regular folks, (as in 9=5ers) those needing stability or wishing to put down roots; which is why this house tends to have a high turnover of occupants, as there are few who wish to continue in a life style that is often a ‘phase’ on the way to where the occupant is meant to be. The design of this house will reflect the arty occupant: bright colours, quirky buys found at car boot sales and creative, imaginative uses of niches. When thinking of the No 6 house, you can almost hear the theme tune to The Waltons in the background. This is a busy household, full of fun and laughter and something going on in every room and kids growing up feeling loved, nurtured and allowed to find their feet in a safe loving environment.
The number 6 can be a great place to start home run businesses such as landscape gardening, local handy-man, man-and-a-van style of service. Beautiful pastel shades, lots of objet d’art, soft sensual fabrics, water features and Feng Shui abound.
Probably more than any other number, the No 7 house reflects and magnifies the attributes of the occupant.
If you are into some dodgy dealing, then expect law suits and a run in with the law or tax man. If your marriage is going through a rough patch, then the likelihood is you won’t be here long before the divorce papers are coming through the door.
It can be a great place to live, full of fun and excitement and adventure, if that’s what you want. The tarot card The Moon best sums up the dichotomy of this house: the card can represent a growing spiritual and mystical awareness and a development of those aspects. One of the keys to knowing whether your No 7 house is going to be more on the side of positive energies can be found in whether or not the 7 is made up from 16. If you dream big and have over-inflated ideas about your abilities or are too lazy or not motivated enough to follow those dreams through to reality, then you could lose big in the 8 house. However, for those in a committed relationship where both have a vision and a dynamic attitude to attain their goal, this house could bring about the ooomph to help them along the way.

Those who have problems with excesses and addictions may find they lose control completely and their life becomes a runaway train that could spell disaster. Suited both to the student and the retiree this house brings calm and serenity and is a safe harbour for friends and family.
Pets seem to do well in a No 9 house and you may find the odd stray cat who decides to adopt you, as felines in particular are drawn to the nurturing nature of this house. This is a house that suits, young and old, single and married – in fact married couples’ relationships may take on a much deeper bond in this abode. Although, as it is ruled by Mars, this is a great house for those who are goal oriented; unlike the No 8, where the primary goal is to make money, the goal for the No 9 occupants is the love of what they are doing, with financial reward being secondary.
At some stage in every person’s life there will be a period that the No 9 suits their needs; quite often when coming to the end of a period and needing to gather resources in order to move on.
Pastels, plants and flowing fabrics, contrasted with shelves and wall space for degrees and awards relating to career success of the occupant and to encourage even more success!
I am often asked: what is the best house to suit my personal number? This is not as simple as it sounds when you consider that you may be in a couple or a whole family of people, each with different numbers.
However, as a basic rule, take your number and add 4 to get the house that should best suit your needs.
The rule of thumb then is to add 4 to your own number; but you should also consider what stage you are at in your life.
Writing this post, I decided to look back to the day that my husband proposed to me: the 9th. That’s a little freaky and of course Uranus had to be mentioned SOMEWHERE in this post. For instance, if your house number is 666 (you little devil you), add 6+6+6 = 18, then take the 18 break it down and add those numbers together 1 + 8 = 9, which is the calculation for the house number. In the case of North (3) South (2)       East (9) or West (4), you would include this as part of the address name.
This is the house of someone who loves to try out new and exciting things; a person who is impulsive, and adventurous.
Windows should be large and free of ornaments on the ledges or hanging crystals from the windows. The garden would be a feature in this property and would be laid out to attract wildlife, with little nooks and crannies, rather than a highly manicured space.
The house is regularly filled with children although those who live in it are less likely to have any of their own. Sex is not a taboo subject and although often ‘casual’ the act itself is seen as a natural and sensual act, rather than a notch on the bedpost or only to be performed on the third Tuesday of the month with the lights off and the curtains drawn. A great base for a foster home and for those recuperating from eating disorders who need to build up their self-esteem and gain weight. The latest sound system would be acquired for how much it expands the listener’s enjoyment of music, rather than being ‘the thing to be seen to have’.
Plants thrive next to art that runs from the traditional to the abstract – just so long as it flows and doesn’t jar. This is a house of communication in any and every form, phones, faxes, computers, ipad, ipods, iphones. Lucky breaks can occur in abundance, which contributes to the transitory nature as those that live here move up in the world. This is the place with the slippers warming on the hearth, the kids playing under the Christmas tree and Mom (or dad) baking cookies in the kitchen. From the traditional office job, to a nursery to running a farm; this property lends itself to any number of lifestyles, just so long as they center around or can come back to home base. The number 4 is a classic, you either love it or hate it – it divides  – and you may find family members pulling in very different directions under its influence.
Develop a garden for family barbecues and allow the kids to make their rooms their own, not putting restrictions on what they can put on the walls etc.
Not the type of self-employment that demands diligence and organisation – there will be too many people coming and going. There may be something ‘quirky’ about the house itself which will draw the right person to it. It’s also an ideal residence for those who work with young people, including teachers, especially those who teach the creative arts such as painting, drama and music. Strangely there is something about this house that brings your just deserts, or Karma; which of course is great for those who’ve done good things, not so great for those who bury bodies under the patio. The moon can also represent someone who has their head buried in the sand and is living in a fantasy land and refusing to see the truth of the matter. It can be an ideal address for those seeking solitude, on deep spiritual journey, or for writers who need to isolate themselves from the outside world to write the life changing masterpiece. To keep the energies right it’s important to have a quiet room, one that you use for meditation, or reading quietly. Rules by Saturn, if you plan big, think big and ACT upon those plans, you could acquire wealth beyond your wildest dreams.
Think someone who made their fortune in the IT boom, drives a Porche and considers a relationship of anything over three weeks to be too much commitment. Relationships that are not based on total trust, honesty and a ‘no mind-games’ rule will be in trouble very quickly as temptations brought from a hedonistic lifestyle are hard to resist in a No 8 house. The bedroom needs to be as calm as possible with TV and computers strictly prohibited as the No 8 has such energy that it can be difficult to turn off and relax enough to sleep.

Wisdom and a deeper understanding of the foibles of the human condition are to be found within these warm and welcoming walls. The sense of well-being allows for a greater comprehension when studying and looking for deeper meaning in life. This is the home of the writer who wishes to bring enlightenment to the world and be revered by their peers, rather than someone who wishes to make a fortune from their work. I don’t look to the stars for answers or follow astrology past an occasional horoscope.
They pop up even when we’re least expecting it and they were there before we were even paying attention. Of course, I thought maybe that meant something and scheduled it on that date, just in case he didn’t come sooner.
I think you’ll find back-up for whatever it is you want to read into it, to validate whatever you thought it could mean. Seems a little extreme but sometimes, no matter how nice the house is; you never have and never will feel comfortable there. You can almost smell the freshly baked cookies wafting from the windows – which is the problem with this property as its one where being laid back can turn into comatose, inviting laziness and consequently weight gain.
Fluffy throws over the sides of bBig comfy chairs and couches that naturally invite you to slip off your shoes and curl your legs up.
No 3 could have a WWW in front of it as the occupants will be spending a lot of time on the net and may even have their own website. Not a place for families or with a regular 9-5 lifestyle as they’re likely to feel as though the ground won’t remain still under their feet. But be warned, you either won’t be able to get rid of the kids, or they will be paying many visits back home, bringing the grandkids and great grand kids with them; it’s just as well really, as you will be reluctant to downsize and move to a smaller property when the chicks have flown the nest. Like No 1 it is ruled by the Sun, but think of this property as representing the warmth and nurture the sun gives to make things grow, as opposed to the dynamic energy associated with the No 1 property.
Offspring however, may rebel and find it suffocating (although will probably look back in later years with fond memories). For them to embrace the 4 house and not to feel suffocated by it, they need some freedom of expression. 2 house, they are to get the best out of audio and visual media, rather than for the kudos of having the latest gear.
The only thing on a (loose) timetable you may find is a drop-in writing group or art class – from noon(ish) to four(ish), come and go as you please, no excuses necessary.
Even better than the 4, which can be suffocating to some in the family, the No 6 is the all-round nurturer. Here your chickens come home to roost, but even if there is some negative Karma coming your way, this house is a safe place in which to go through difficult times.
Whichever of these aspects represents you, the No 7 house may be a necessary stage for you to go through. No 7 is a house that reflects the needs and requirements of the occupants, whether that be a stern life lesson, or a safe harbour. Human Rights lawyers, writers, philosophers, scholars, gardeners, pet sanctuaries, homes for the terminally bewildered, would all do well at this address. The smell of coffee to keep the occupant alert for their tasks contrasts nicely with the smell of fresh baked cookies for the reward when they’re done. The fast pace of those it attracts is reflected in how the property ages – which is usually pretty quickly. The only time this changes is when values are challenged, which is when a surprisingly unbending attitude rears its loud and angry head. Don’t be surprised if each time you enter this house the colour scheme has changed entirely, or the furniture has been moved around AGAIN! Suited to the highly motivated and highly ambitious will do well, but beware as these goals and lifestyle can leave the occupant morally bankrupt and – if too much of a gamble is made, possibly financially bankrupt also. The No 9 occupants will take an interest in worldly matters and may even do a fair amount of travelling and may have a variety of overseas contacts and friends.
Is my name good for my purpose?Reply by Kannan M To become a film star you must have a more attractive name. This house is ruled by Mercury which is the house of communication and movement – you will certainly know it in this house. Its present name is intelliexpert management solutions pvt ltd.Reply by Kannan M Before checking the name of the Company I have to check your name if it is correct as per name numerology, astrology, your body mind vibrations and your bioenergetics. Your second name has the letter groups ash which again makes your name more unlucky,Your overall name fails in our usual tests as per name numerology. I want to know if my name is right for my future.I also want to know about my future career or in what field I have to go. Please give your reply.Reply By Kannan MUma Maheswaran fails in all my tests when I study numerology of your name.

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