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Thanks to the numerology, we propose you daily a horoscope personalized for your first name.
The magic of numerology meanings takes your name or date of birth, reducing them down to single digits.
Learn the Numerology meaning of your name and find out how changing your name can completely change your name Numerology. Nicknames, changed names including marriage name changes do not dilute the importance of the name given to you by your parents. Learn the meaning of each letter in your name and how they influence your life and personal patterns. Life Path number The Life Path is the most important number in your numerology chart and is derived from your date of birth.
Many people wonder what the meaning of their name is and how do names influence an individual’s character? Numerology meaning and readings relating to the full birth name; destiny number, soul urge number and inner dreams number. Numerology derives the mysterious relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things. The ChartCalculator is an easy-to-use program that calculates complete numerology charts, including all the cycles: Transit cycles, Essence cycles, Personal Year cycles, Personal Month cycles, Pinnacle cycles, and Period cycles, for as many years as you chose. Know the essence cycle numbers for your name with this free online essence numerology calculator. January 25, 2016 by Thu Tran Leave a Comment Along with Astrology, Numerology is one of the two oldest fortune-telling methods that were invented from the ancient times. January 22, 2016 by Thu Tran Leave a Comment The Life Path Number occupies the most significant place in Numerology since it indicates one’s inherent traits. January 15, 2016 by Thu Tran Leave a Comment Psychic readings provide a deep insight into your spirit, soul, psyche, mind, thoughts, sentiments, and emotions. Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from us. Your first name affects your personal life and has the strongest influence on your personality.

Needless to say to get a reading all you need to do is to enter your name in the given space. Numerologia is the science of relating numbers; it affects a personality and life of an individual. This number also denotes the challenges, lessons, and opportunities that a person will face in his life. These are the root of your nature, personality, actions, and karmas that emerge in your incarnation.
Name Numerology holds the keys for your Success in your personal name and in your business Name.
Before I explain the mathematical formula for the Essence cycles, let me point out a few other things that are important and different from the Personal Year cycles. In this case the cycle is based on the indiivdual’s name rather than the birth date (as was the case with the Pinnacle Number that was discussed in previous newsletters. Know how your essence cycle and personal year numerology numbers affect the different phases of your life. Note that in the chart below F M L is where you will be entering the values for the First, Middle and Last Names. The Essence Cycle Number acts an alternative prediction calculator based on using a persona€™s name rather than the birth date. The numerology reading based on this number provides you some information about the types of situations you will encounter during different segments of your life. For example if the essence number numerology report of an individual is 1, it means that the individual will be starting his life afresh.
An additional cycle used in numerology is associated with the name rather than the birth date.
In numerology the life cycle is nine years repeated, with a Year 1 personal year number signifying a rebirth and the personal year number 9 in numerology representing the end or an era or phase in onea€™s life.
If you were going to progress the chart through age 60, a third set of the letter in David would be used which would actually progress the chart (under the letter F) to age 63. Explanation and readings for numerology personal years, life path periods, pinnacles, and challenges.

The essence calculator to your numerological calculation is most finite, nine considered to study numerology number in the future, simple compatability numerology program’s new, personal year number has.
For a clue as to what lies ahead in the coming year, calculate your personal year using this formula: A  First, reduce the month and day of your birth, your birthday, to a single digit. This is not the stuff of a good childhood experience as it may tend to elevate the importance of material success at an inappropriate age.
Numerology Calculator helps you access an expression chart which contains information related to the physical, mental, emotional, and intuitive traits. A chart with cycles is also revealed in the main panel and includes information about the personal year, physical, spiritual and mental transit, essence numbers, and periodical cycle.
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Everything in numerology goes in a 9 year cycle, so we’ve come full circle since the last 9 year, 2016. Get Numerological Numbers Predictions & Readings For Love, Business, Health & Money! Your personal year number in numerology gives you an idea of what to expect in the upcoming year and also what cycle you are in. As we learned in Numerology Lesson Nineteen, the Transits are the letters that make up a name or word. When calculating an Essence Chart, as we did in Numerology Lesson Nineteen, we note which letter in our first, middle, and last names are influencing the current year. I provide telephone, face-to-face, and Skype numerology readings to people all over the world fulfill your destiny, improve your life circumstances now.

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