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WHEN Vanda James practises writing her new signature, it’s not because she is getting married and taking her husband-to-be’s surname. GETTYSome women are changing their names to feel more in control of their livesNor is it because she is divorcing and going back to her maiden name. When will Auckland, new zealand celebrate makar sankranti in the southern hemisphere, what time does the auspicious time start here on this day? Considering the position of zodiac, earth has moved three degrees from its original position. Sliding of earth from its location may be scientifically true, but it can not be easily accepted by Vedic Jyotish.
On addition of new sign in zodiac, the location of sun on month and date as per western astrology will be the following.

On accepting the 13th sign, the location of signs in zodiac for the year shall be as given below. The Tamil New year is celebrated on first of Chitrai (13 April 2012)as per souramana calander. One, who have been educated traditionally about astrology, for whom astrology is the source of income. Whereas in western astrology, the birth sign of a person is decided on the basis of sun’s location on the date and month in which an individual is born.
Addition of a new sign will bring up problems for astrologers who believe in Vedic astrology, that, now how to calculate the degrees of each sign. It will be too early to decide that whether the astrology of western country approve the 13th sign or not.

Who knows the unfavorable number 13 when included in signs, forecasting the future of human shall bring favorable or inauspicious result. The other class of people knowing astrology include the ones who learned it from big astrological institutes.

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