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Numerology is a science of numbers based on symbols, cycles and vibrations.   Numerology dates back to ancient cultures and is still widely recognized today. There are many informative books on numerology if you wish to gain more knowledge on the subject.
According to numerology, numbers not only have an effect on our character, but also on events that happen with us. While analyzing your Cell Phone numbers, use only the last 4 digits and which is unique for you. Example:  in your Cell Phone numbers if last four numbers are 4457, add  them  like 4+4+5+7=20=2. In order to find out the numerological number of your cell phone, you need to make a sum of its element digits. Number one ( 1 )is  strong, masculine traits which  helps to improve your personal supremacy with your influence on  others. Personifying, creativity and playfulness, these are qualities of Number Three. This is a good number for artists, musicians, and young people. This number is warm, helpful, and protective, thus Ideal for families having all the qualities required for a nurturing environment which strengthens family and friendships. Number 7 is having spiritual qualities; hence this number is superlative for scholars and free thinkers. This number brings idealism and kindness, and works very well for the people associated with health service or health oriented enterprises. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
So, if your birth number is 2 and fadic number is 8, then you are completely under the influence of MOON and MARS.
They have enormous mental strength and they will be ready to do anything boldly, come hell or high water. As they are under the influence of the Moon and Mars, they may select names which represent the number of Venus, viz.

So if they modify their names to suit their DOB and the DMY Numbers, or if they already possess a suitable name, they will be endowed with all kinds of wealth and a prosperous life. They will earn money from agriculture, commission job, contract work, teaching and preaching, arbitration and settling disputes.
The intensity of the diseases can be reduced by altering the name to suit the DOB and the DMY Numbers.
The esoteric meaning of the number nine is associated with the idea of ??completeness and perfection, done it and related to the synthesis of the three worlds, that is a triple trinity (God, the universe, man). Representing the number of complete and all-embracing, nine seats in the whole cycle of life, depicted in the form of a circle, which contains 360 (3 +6 +0 = 9), and all the numbers from 1 to 9. According to esoteric ideas if the number nine symbolizes a circle, number 1 – the center of the circle, and the whole circle is the number 10 = 1 +9. Nine plays a special role in the mechanisms of the psyche, which is primarily associated with the processes of storing information relevant not only to sevenfold, but nonary structure. It is in every object we touch and involved with every thing we do.  All living things need energy to grow.
However, be careful not to be overconfident. This is a good number for any self-starter, politician, or entrepreneur business people and career oriented people as well. This number is having characteristic of kindness, cooperative to adjust the people and diplomatic as well.
It is suitable for the ambitious and motivated individuals who work to achieve their goals.
This may be the “luckiest” of all the numbers, it occasionally leads to financial downfalls when you expect it slightest. Even when they are aware that an activity is wrong, they will commence it, get entangled in it and then repent.
But they wield great influence on many persons through their power of arbitration and of effecting reconciliation and through their knowledge of spiritual matters. She played a big role in the numerical symbolism of the various religious traditions and cultures – in Christianity, and Buddhism, and the occult and Masonic doctrine and in Manichaeism, and Gnosticism.

Achieve equally astral order in itself (already mentioned the desire for spiritual harmony) and of itself (the exact classification and accurate empirical familiarity with the entities of the astral plane and its manifestations). Organize more and mental order, that is clean, clear, absolute metaphysical outlook and complete consciousness of its emanation from the origin of the archetype. It is this energy which causes each stone to vibrate (resonate) and every stone vibrates to its own number.
Due to lack of sensitivity and awareness this number is not so good for bachelors who are looking for a life partner. Eight is a rather materialistic number which provides positive effect on career and financial condition. In its natural aspect, number nine symbolizes the physical plane of existence, in which the law is manifested trinity. This number is excellent for authors and songwriters; it is not so good for motivated and goal-oriented people.
Due to lack of discipline and responsibility families should always avoid using this number.
Thus Practical and materialistic, this can’t work as good for individuals looking for spiritual growth. In the case of some persons, if the names are not suitable enough, marriage is delayed beyond the reasonable age.
In its human aspect, nine represents the idea of ??spiritual power, which is expressed in the possession of the three worlds, that is, the idea of ??initiation. These adverse developments can be avoided by making necessary alterations in the name to suit their DOB and DMY numbers.

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