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Using the alphabet to get information is what we will concern ourselves with is this article.
Numerology, the other popular method of divination is the use of numbers concealed in the letters of a name or numbers of a birthdate. Of the three popular techniques of astrology, cartomancy and numerology, the easiest to learn and master is numerology.
Numerology is a very ancient method of determining your “Life Path” and what one is here to do on planet earth during their lifetime. Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers and each number represents one area of human experience and awareness. To discover our Life Path through numerology we need the month, plus our day of birth, and the year we were born. If you are expressing your Life Path positively, then the characteristics of your number should be apparent in your life. There are approximately twenty numerology components which are derived from a person’s birth date and birth name. Do you believe you believe what we wanted to develop in us emotionally and spiritually during this lifetime were the basis of choosing the day we were born or as numerologists call it, our Life Path? If you are not expressing the characteristics of your Life Path is negativity a part of your life and has it led to abuse of substances and addictions. Let me hear how you feel about this topic and blog by putting your thoughts in the below comments. Diwali happy diwali wallpapers free download happy diwali celebration festival in india live presentation collection of pictures images gallery good beautiful wishes and prosperous life and achieve more success and ganesh and lakshmiji.Cute Child Celebrating Diwali Festivals Photos, HD Images of Diwali Festival Download For Free,Diwali Wishes Quotes, Diwali Wishes Greetings, Diwali Best Thoughts, Celebration Indian Festivals Diwali Photo Gallery, Amazing Crackers For Diwali Celebration Download For Free. Robert Ing provides insights and discovery into the past, present and future in the form of personal and private consultations for individuals. Ing knows the importance of regaining and maintaining balance in your life, the centering of self and understanding your own limitless potential. Ing is literally a book of your life (past, present and future) that is truly "all about YOU." This is YOUR BOOK that outlines in detail, not generalities, "for the record", who you are, and what you are capable of.

For many of us mathematics is something to dread, especially in school if math doesn’t come easily. The other two popular oracular techniques are astrology and cartomancy, which is divination by the random fall of the Tarot or playing cards.
There are many possible combinations of such revealed numbers, but generally not all associations are not considered or explored. It serves as the oracular message whenever that particular number is encountered in visions, dreams, and divination. Of all the Languages, English is the only one that did not have secret number codes associated with it. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. A birthday of June 9, 1954 will reduce down to a 6+9+19 which further reduces to a 6+9+1=16=7. August reduces down to an 8, birth date of 5 stays a 5 and 1975 reduces to 22 (1+9+7+5=22). The Life Path is the major lessons to be learned in this life – the defined path which will provide the maximum in growth and development. 9s come into this world with a lot of knowledge and have the ability to raise the consciousness of humanity, for you are a natural giver. A person with Life Path 11 has a strong vibration for inspiring ideas and using creative forces.
Do you believe that you must be aligned with the reason you came down here or you will be unhappy? If you don’t wish them to appear online, just say so and I won’t make them visible to the rest of the world.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts on numerology and using it to determine your Life Path.
Happy Diwali Wishes, Greetings, Sayings, Celebration, Quotes, Thoughts HD Desktop Wallpapers, Download High Definition Wallpapers of Diwali Wishes, Amazing Diwali Celebration Wishes And Greetings HD Desktop Wallpapers Download For Free, Best Wishes For Diwali Celebration, Download High Definition Wallpapers of Diwali Wishes, Latest Photo of Indian Religious Festival Diwali. Numerology, however, is nothing to fear when it comes to math, for it uses simple arithmetic. However of the three main types that have survived over the ages until the present day are readings by the stars, by cards, and by using the alphabet. It is the ancient divinatory and meditational technique of giving a number value to the letters of any name or word. The other languages have symbolic, occult, religious, or other associations with the letters and symbols of their respective alphabets.

All the numbers together cover all possible awareness, experiences, characteristics and talents of a person.
Must express yourself creatively in some way or you will be unhappy and have no joy for living life. Extremely capable at whatever work one chooses but is here to inspire others on to greatness and to achieve their full potential. You are blessed with added perception and awareness and accomplish much through cooperation with others.
Hopefully by determining the number of your birth date you will gain some insight on what lessons, in this lifetime you are here to learn. Do you believe in numerology and that your birth date is linked to your Life Path and what lessons in this lifetime you are here to learn? When the first great minds created the alphabet each letter was thought to have conveyed a certain set of basic qualities and energy.
What did we want to develop in us emotionally and spiritually during this lifetime was the basis of choosing the day we were born or as numerologists call it, our Life Path. The same with the year; adding the digits together for the year 1954 would reduce down to 19 (1+9+5+4=19) which further reduces to 10 (1+9=10) and finally down to ‘1’ (1+0=1).
A person with a Life Path of 11 would have many qualities of someone with a Life Path of 2 but it would be much more intensified. If your characteristics are not expressed or apparent to other people then there is probably some negativity present in your life. Having an insight into the lessons you are here to learn can help a person become enlightened and make life a little easier on themselves and the people around them. Each alphabetic letter can be represented by a number and each have their own distinct rate of vibration. Someone with a Life path of 11 would have much more of a spiritual composition that someone with a Life Path of 2. Negativity can be expressed by denial of your lessons to be learned in this life or exaggeration of your lessons to the point where they become unproductive.
If the theme or characteristics of our Life Path is not expressed then negativity often sets in leading to abuse of substances and addictions. When my studeents hae disagreements I always ask them to be kind and be aware that we all need to be comfy with those we share space with.

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