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Number 15 gets on well with people, and better with those who are upwardly mobile material. Number 15 easily allow themselves to other effects, and if the effect is negative, may come into bad company or become a victim of unfair people. Number 1 is an ambitious, leader, smart and energetic, the number 5 is Mercury, planet of business and finance. Marriage is a happy, unless the spouses also have such romanticism, because they have the key. This number amounts to 6 – very romantic number, the planet Venus, which affects love and relationships with the opposite sex.

Spouse be able to live the romantic world, which itself consists of the 15th date born, and in no case shall the ruin. Numerology, like astrology helps determine the nature, natural gifts, strengths, weaknesses, and predict the future, open the most suitable time for decision-making and action. With the help of numerology you can choose business partners or your spoose. It is hard to say exactly when numerology was born, for the reason that in ancient times (in Babylon, India, Egypt, Greece and Rome) that separate science just was not there, it was another more common form – arifmomantiya (prediction on numbers). Pythagorean doctrine greatly influenced the formation and development of religious secret societies of Europe, such as the Rosicrucians, Freemasons, anthroposophy, and others. Since then and until now this option numerology continues to evolve. In numerology 15 – this is a very stubborn number, and if it is decided, then do not derogate from it, whether that decision is bad or good.

They are not suitable for people who are unable to create a spiritual and romantic atmosphere.
If they stopped their activities in the field, then transferred to the management of others, but at the same resort as new.

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