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Many of the astrologers suggest that such gemstone will either bring beneficial effects … based on Birth date Chart) based on Gemstones based on Numerology. Lucky Number Calculator – Find your numerology lucky number with numerology calculator. Free Numerology Chart, Astro Numerology Reading, Know your Lucky Number, Name Number, Free Numero Astrology, Vedic … Gemstones Consultancy.
Numerology readings are very costly now-a-days as Numerology is in high demand and almost all professional charge exorbitant fees without the knowledge of anything, numerology calculators, numerology compatibility etc is a waste unless you do not know the strength of that particular planet governing your birth number in your horoscope.
I found a famous local astrologer giving quick numerology readings based on this method, he obviously used to combine astrology for this otherwise numerology looses its significance which people often ignore before running to a numerologer.

Now we blindly calculate the birth number or the lucky number based on the date of birth or birth date numerology and start reeling of the readings, but here people do not know that you are born under a certain date of birth and the planet representing the birth number or the sumtotal of your birth date (lucky number) should be strong to give results which you can only find by casting your birth horoscope. The birth horoscope in astrology is a man’s blueprint which reveals his past, present and future, all other like numerology, graphology is supplementary to this, palmistry and samudrika shastra however can be used as an independent branch but the people having knowledge of these things are really very few.
The planet representing your birth number if well placed, aspected by benefics, owns good houses, has dig bala, placed with good astavarga and bhinnastavarga points will give good results otherwise it will not give results if it is powerless and give adverse results if it is badly placed. The numerology readings about your general life can also be based on this numerology chart, the empty realms will show void in that particular area of life. In such cases instead of the good qualities the adverse qualities or udaseen results will be seen.

Always take numerology readings as supplementary to Astrology otherwise you will only end in wasting your money, The people who can magically experiment with numbers making talismans, yantra are rare now who had complete knowledge and command over these subjects.
What if the planet governing your birth number is placed in vadha nakshatra in tara chakra scheme ? If the planet is adverse for you as per your birth horoscope it will obviously give bad results.

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