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However in Tamilnadu it would be commemorated on the new moon day of the Tamil month Margazhi that falls in the month of December - January. Hindus believe that if they pray to Hanumana with full devotion, then they will be blessed with the name, fame and promising future along with mental, physical, and spiritual development. Bahuchara Mata, also known as Bedhraj Mata is worshiped by either woman who are seeking for a baby, man who wants to keep impotency at bay or hijra or transgender community. It is believed that a king prayed to Bahuchara Mata for a baby boy but the boy was born impotent.
According to another story, Bahuchara Mata castrated her husband who didn’t make love to her but rather went to the forest every night to be with another men and behave like woman. Surya is depicted riding a chariot driven by seven horses or single horse with seven heads. Pongal in South India and Makara Sankaranti in North India are the two main festivals dedicated to Surya in which he is thanked for good harvest by dedicating the first grain to him. In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, it is celebrated on the tenth day of the waning phase of the moon in the month of Margashirsh month.
In temples, special arrangements are made to accommodate thousands of devotees who visit there to have divine glimpse of Hanuman.
She is a Hindu Goddess who rides a rooster and carries a trident in one hand and scripture in another. They feel solace in her dedication and find blessings in myths of Hindu tradition based on their community. In his sleep, the prince met Goddess Bahuchara who then explained him the purpose of his life which was to cut of his genitals and worship her while dressing like a woman. He is one of the chief deities of Hinduism and was once ranked along with VishnuVishnuVishnu is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindus and is a part of Hindu Trinity,..
From Saranyu, he had Vaivasvata ManuManuManu, also popularly known Satyavrata Manu or Shraddha Deva Manu, is regarded as the ancestor of all humanity according to Hinduism.

She was given a boon that by reciting a Mantra A group of sacred words chanted in order to gain something, be it materialistic pleasures or peaceful mind(group of sacred words) she could evoke any God and beget a son.
At times he is shown having two hands, holding lotus in each and sitting next to Saranyu and Chhaya and a times he is four armed holding lotus, discus, conch and mace.
In Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, Chhath is celebrated, again to thank god for sustaining life on earth. She was cursed to come down to earth and live there as a humanwas elegant, beautiful and supernatural females that used to dance in Indra’s palace.
She also stands for non-violence and innocence and is impressed by her worshiper’s selfless devotion. Because of their attachment to Bahuchara Mata, hijras are believed to have the power of cursing a kid with impotency. The idea is to remain celibate and only by keeping away from worldly affairs can one gain Moksha. Pilgrims with sexual problems come to visit her every year and are freed from their troubles. After bearing married for some years, she couldn’t take the heat and glare of the sun any more. People who have Sun placed correctly in their horoscope make best fathers and are praised for their kingship. Devotees read Hanuman Chalisa, It is a Hindu devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman and consist of 40 verses Sunderkand and prayed Hanuman to bless them with the strength, knowledge, intellect, and divinity. To prove their worth to Goddess Bahuchara, males cut off their genitals and dress up as a woman and become her ardent followers.
Therefore they visit every house with a new born baby and bless him only if they are treated nicely and respected and are given some shagun.
Therefore respect of every gender and acceptance of both feminine and masculine qualities within self is a must.

She was an unmarried princess and didn’t want any blemish on her character thus she abandoned the child. The color, element, metal, gemstone and food associated to him are gold, fire, gold, ruby and wheat respectively.
Hindu priest then put the red mark (Tilak) from the idol of the Hanumana on the forehead of the devotees and then give Prasad It is the sacred food that is distributed after an auspicious event or day after offering it to the Godsto them.
Her act was to save herself from any kind of sexual harassment and also to curse Bapiya with impotency. But as soon as Surya realized this, he went to get his wife back who had taken an animal form, not to be recognized. As Charan caste was against violence, she asked Bapiya to attain penance by dressing like a woman and behaving like one, thus ultimately shedding his masculinity. He is also known as Mitra, meaning friend as he is benevolent deity who is capable of healing sick people and barren lands.
Surya was still successful in wooing her and getting her back but only after getting his shine and heat diminished.
Ashvins (the twin horsemen who also worked as the physicians of Gods) were also born out from the same marriage. He brings good fortune to people and enlighten their lives, both physically and spiritually. There are twelve solar deities in Hinduism and Surya is considered to be the joint strength of all of them.

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