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Being smart and very resourceful, they devote all their energies on finding ways and means of wealth-building. By nature they are flexible and swiftly recovering from severe shocks of fate, if they do not affect their property. Although such people are quickly recovering from any shocks of fate, they are completely demoralize, if it loses your money, or fail in the transaction.
They are incorrigible gamblers – both at the table, and the stock exchange and the hippodrome. Number 5 people get along with everyone, but a harmonious relationship they formed only under the same mercantile people, and best of all – with the number 5. These people are bright materialists, and all their thoughts and actions are subject to the desire to get money.
They possess many good qualities, such as the ability to quickly grasp the whole and make decisions. Unfortunately, they repeat their mistakes, do not learn from experience and readily indulge in the temptation of getting money and make the whole game.

However, they will easily become friends with all people can wear clothes of any color, although the dark tones should shy away. They are very shrewd and businesslike manner, tend to do business, and soon collected a large amount. Wits, agility, diplomacy, tact, energy, quick action in implementing the ideas – all these features they put in to the end, if the goal is money. Their spiritual life in a strange feature is that even affects libido desire for money and success in business. The second negative feature of their irritability, and if it is sufficiently nemikstina positive qualities of these people – the mind and logic, they completely lose their sense of sickness and suffering setbacks. However, these properties are subject to money-wanting and gets only if the goal is the enhancement of wealth. If you can not get a fair way, they are wavering resort to unfair means, and often become offenders.
With the number 5 people are easy to get along because they have exercised restraint in words and great diplomats.

Of course, they want them to be beautiful, but if these people are not rich, lust is much smaller. They should not indulge your cravings for material goods, because it will lead to collapse. As number 2 people need to partner to the mind, the number 5 people need to partner to be rich, otherwise nothing good will come.
Number 5 people are sharp mind, and they have a nice touch, unless they are reasonable in their desire for material goods.

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