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The zodiac zone in which the sun is present during a persona€™s birth time is termed as birth lagna. Tamil numerology in particular is one of the older and simpler methods, only dealing with the date of birth and conversion of names. There’s an impulse to be nerve racking in modern numerology in tamil psychological valuation will bring an ending to a deeper idea of using a personality.
Numerology is a science that studies the correlation between Numbers and events that occur in our life.

We are presenting you the astrology of Twelve Zodiac Signs, Nine planets and Twenty Seven stars in an easy way to understand in simple English and Tamil. A persona€™s lagna should not be matched to another persona€™s lagna which comes as 4, 6, 8, 12 houses.
Therefore it becomes the duty of each and every parent to select the correct name for their child. If lagna marriage matching is good then full further horoscope matching should be made to make a better life to man and woman.

If seventh place is bad and lagna is good in any birth horoscope then that horoscopea€™s marriage life will not be problematic. So, it is better and accurate to know the horoscope reading and marriage matching on the basis of lagna rather than zodiac.

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