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Kerri McCutcheon was interviewed on Global News on December 1, 2014 when asked to discuss the synchronicity of repeating numbers from a numerology perspective. In 2012, InnerVitality founder Kerri McCutcheon appeared in Maclean's, Canada's news magazine!
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People with similar energy fields, feel very comfortable with each other and may think alike. This has to be done carefully and correctly; based upon the study of Chakras and their required colours. Fast Distribution : Our speedy and useful delivery service means your order will be with you in time period.
The video surrounded the late hockey great, Patt Quinn, with fans and sports commentators noting the eye-popping number of '23's at Saturday's Toronto Maple Leaf game where he was honoured (Pat Quinn passed on November 23, and also wore a number 23 jersey when he played for Toronto; interestingly, Saturday was the 23rd game of the Leaf's season, with Leaf goals scored with 23 seconds left in one period, and 23 seconds into a next, and on it went!).
Even bathing with saline water, made from raw natural salt, cleanses and brightens the aura.
The astral body or bioplasm is of great importance, as the origin of most diseases lies here.
When external organisms cause an infection in our body, they first come in contact with our astral bodies, and then, the symptoms of infection are felt.

At the same time you can also see the outlines of your head and shoulders in the corner of your eyes.
After 30 seconds to 1 minute you will see a prominent coloured light parallel to your body.
As your gaze moves away from your body, this coloured light will become lighter and lighter.

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