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I had a great group of students at my orgonite workshop at the Mid-City Arthouse April 23, 2016.
PHYSICAL PROPERTIESShungite not only has a unique origin, it is composed of a rare type of carbon known as Carbon-60, which is shaped like a soccer ball. GRADES OF SHUNGITEThe majority of Shungite is composed of 30-70% carbon-60, and considered lower grade. SHUNGITE WATEROne application of Shungite which I enjoy is making Shungite water, a powerful anti-oxidant and cleansing health drink. ENERGY BALANCINGShungite has a strong grounding property common with black stones, in that it blocks and neutralizes harmful electromagnetic fields, but Shungite also has a unique 'up' energy that balances and harmonizes the human body. In the first tutorial 'Meditation 101 - Grounding' we discussed the role of the grounding meditation in connecting your energy body to the Earth. The story of shungite is quite interesting, to find out more read on:HISTORYIn recent years, Shungite has become a popular stone among healers, holistic practitioners and energy workers. The Carbon-60 molecule is also known as a fullerene or 'Bucky Ball', a term coined by American inventor Buckminster Fuller. It varies in appearance from matte black colored chips to polished stones that have a nice reflective sheen to them. Many inuitives including myself feel a buzzing energy when holding shungite stones.In experimenting with different shapes, I found shungite spheres to be especially pleasing, perhaps due to the soccer ball shape of the Carbon-60 molecule being mirrored on the micro and macro scale. Wearing a piece of shungite in your energetic field helps shield the body from WiFi, cell phone and other EMF pollution. This day is tremendously important to you, because its own special vibration partly determines how you live life.
This unique soccer ball molecule contains a void which can absorb and remove toxins from biological systems.
While these stones are lower grade, they are still quite strong energetically and have the added benefit of being easily carved and shaped into spheres, pyramids, or other geometric shapes and sizes. A 60mm spheroid such as the one above was confirmed to be very strong with muscle testing, and I place several of these around my living space. It also has energetic properties which can balance and harmonize electromagnetic fields, imparting a healing effect on the human body.
This lower grade shungite stone is called Class 2 or Class 3 shungite.Only 1% or less of the entire Shungite deposit contains 98% or greater Carbon-60 and is considered Noble or Elite Shungite.
I highly suggest that you experiment for yourself and see what experiences you have with shungite.

Running energy can not only be invigorating but also clear energetic blocks in your body that can lead to depression and physical health problems.
This practice is found in many traditions as it is the Foundation for all other energy work.VISUALIZATIONOne of the basic principles of energy work, is the concept that visualizing images in your mind actually has an effect on your body both energetically and physically. Tsar Peter The Great supplied each of his Russian soldiers with a piece of shungite to put in their canteens.
Carbon-60 is only found naturally in one location, the Shunga deposit in Karelia, hence the name 'Shungite'. Its becoming more common to see Shungite at holistic events, ask around and you have a good chance of finding it.
A healthy flow of energy can be achieved through meditation and visualization, and a significant improvement can be seen in as little as one session!
This became a key factor in defeating the Swedish army during the Battle of Poltova (1709) when dystentery broke out and the Swedes, lacking Shungite, were overrun by the Russians who had potable water cleansed by this magical black stone. If you can imagine it, it is happening.THE GROUNDING MEDITATIONAn ideal setting for meditation is one where you can sit in peace without any distractions. Legs straight, not crossed, feet flat on the ground.STEP TWONext do a Grounding meditation, starting from taking slow deep breaths all the way to making a new grounding cord and clearing the center of your head (steps 1-5 of the Grounding Meditation). You'll also need a chair to sit on as this is a seated mediation, but not in the traditional lotus or 'zazen' style. Seat yourself on the chair with your shoes off, barefoot or with socks, feet flat on the ground. You can imagine this energy as a sparkling green or brown color, whatever you associate with the rooted energy of the Earth.
Imagine with each breath you're expelling all the stress, tension and unwanted energy of the day, and when inhaling bring nice clean energy into your body. Imagine bright gold, high frequency energy going though the top of your head, down the back of your spine, going all the way into your 1st chakra. Focus in on your 1st chakra which is located between the base of your spine and your gentials (basically where your behind meets the chair).What we will check now is your Grounding Cord. Mix the 85% cosmic gold energy with the 15% grounding energy already circulating in your 1st chakra. Now send this mix of energy up the front of your spine all the way though the top your head, up and out of your crown. The Grounding Cord is a long energetic cord that keeps you connected and rooted to Planet Earth.

The grounding cord starts at your 1st chakra where you're seated and goes all the way down to the center of the Earth where it hooks in and wraps around the Earth's core. Your grounding cord can look like a tree root, a rope or metal chain, whatever is best for you.Check your Grounding Cord, how does it look? If you're ungrounded or haven't done a mediation in awhile, chances are that your cord maybe be short, dirty or worn, or you may not see a grounding cord at all! If you want to clean your grounding cord, visualize some gold brushes cleaning and polishing it to a shiny gold color.
Mix this 85% cosmic gold energy with the 15% grounding energy in your root chakra and send it back up though your torso, then direct the flow of energy into your arms, into your hands and out of your palm chakras.Imagine this energy beaming out of your palms, or flowing out of your palms like a fountain. If they seem stuck, imagine bright sparkling gold energy breaking up the blockage in your palms and opening them up all the way, and flowing nice and smoothly.
Now visualize your grounding cord growing from where your behind is seated on your chair, all the way down to the center of the Earth. If so, you can direct some bright gold energy into that area to loosen and break up the blockage. You'll be buzzing from the healthy flow of energy you've run though your body!Running Energy is an awesome daily exercise that can work wonders for your mind, body and spirit. It really puts you in touch with yourself, and is the basis for more advanced mediation. The cleaning is done when you feel its done.STEP SIXOnce you feel nice and balanced, you're ready to complete your first grounding meditation! Keep visualizing until you feel satisfied you're filled with this healing gold light.FINISHING THE MEDITATIONTake a few slow, deep breaths - inhale and exhale. For intuitive and psychic people, this is also a great opportunity for you to drain off any excess energy you've accumulated during the day.
A grounding mediation may seem like a lot of steps, but once you have it down, it will become very easy.If you can do this grounding meditation daily it will create a solid foundation for spiritual, mental and physical health. The Grounding Meditation comes first, before all other energy work, so practice it step by step until you feel comfortable with it.

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