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Apart from astrology and palmistry, Numerology has also proved itself to be a good guide in this respect. A Free Numerology Marriage Vibration reading enables a couple to analyze their wedding date. A marriage vibration numerology reading takes into consideration the marriage date or the proposed marriage date of a couple and generates the Wedding Number or the Marriage Vibration Number. Some people think 9 Star Ki is a Feng Shui tool, some think it is a destiny analysis tool, but very few people know that it could be used for divinatory purpose to tell the future. 9 Star Ki is an ancient way of fortune telling that could be traced back to thousand years ago. This Luo Shu Square has been widely used in different aspects of Chinese numerology, including Feng Shui, destiny analysis and future prediction. According to 9 Star Ki theory, each person is represented by one of these nine Stars, from one to nine.
Once your representing Star is known, you know if a particular year, month, date or hour is a lucky one for you, by checking the compatibility of your own Star and the prevailing Star of that particular moment of time. Since this method of prediction by date of birth is related to your year of birth, basically all you need to know to do the divination is your date of birth and the prevailing Star of the time.
Our resident number-guru Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist, joins us on Astrostyle every month to give you a new kind of forecast, one that will complement your Monthly Horoscope.
To find your monthly Numerology prediction, you have to do a wee bit o’ math to calculate your Personal Year Number—see instructions below—which influences your whole year (from January 1 until December 31). Expect travel, social activities, and perhaps romance wrapped up with new opportunities in all directions.
October is a cycle where you’ll feel the call of additional home and family related responsibilities. I keep hearing that Michael Jackson song in my head: “Can You Feel It?” The magnetic pull of the energy of new beginnings is undeniable. As we all know, marriage is a complicated relationship made up of a whole series of subjective and objective factors all of which are heterogeneous in nature.
At the time of making such a commitment of spending our whole life with an individual, we will definitely want things to work out perfectly fine. The concept of numerology is used for the purpose of analyzing the vibrations of a happily married life. You’ve been putting the pedal to the metal this entire year, so it’ll feel strange to slow down to a semi-normal pace. Place some added attention to the areas in your life that you may be neglecting or putting off.
Last month tested you on every level – finances, personal power, relationships, control, and authority.

Therefore, whenever the subject of marriage pops up, the factors which need to be noted are: the physical fitness, sexual compatibility, temperamental qualities and also the social and the economic status of the intendeds and their families.
As has been stressed by several numerologists in the past, this study helps in psycho-analysis. It is a great self assessment test which provides an insight to your future life so that you can lead a happy and prosperous life.
The doors are being flung open and you can choose the same-o same-o or to embark on a new and exciting adventure. Business affairs have been relatively quiet most of the year, yet movement will begin to take place now. October promises more of the same in terms of opportunities to “clean house.” The less unfinished business you have to contend with, the more clarity and revised energy you’ll feel. It is very much essential for the intendeds to understand each other's approach towards life and also their abilities, likes, dislikes, capabilities and the like.
You may feel a tug-o-war between wanting to continue to “play” (the energy of the 5 that you’ve been privy to all year long) and a call to put your own needs aside for a moment and nurture those in your intimate circle. You’ll just start feeling the rumblings—major business advances won’t start until the New Year begins, yet some of your ongoing ventures step into the spotlight this month.
In the absence of all these understandings, it is impossible that the two can adjust with each other and can lead a happy married life. But whether it be arranged or love marriages, in either of the cases the wedding date is set under different favorable circumstances and everything is made auspicious. If you’ve been in alignment with the energy of your 2 Personal Year, you’ll have been making some great connections with people – with work, friends, and family. Take some nice autumn hikes outdoors and if you can spend any time by water—creek, ocean, lake—you’ll not regret it. According to the study of Numerology the influence of numbers can be drastically felt for marriages as every number has its own vibrations. Perhaps you’ve slowed down enough to bring a new intimate partner into your life and are putting energy into building that relationship.
How you deal with the stumbling blocks is more important than the obstacles themselves given that the energy of the 4 is all about testing you in the realms of limitation.
While the energy of the 6 supports all things domestic, it’s also a teacher of acceptance and of modulating your sense of responsibility.
Spend your solidary time analyzing the changes and accomplishments with which you’ve been involved this year. Yet October 18th stands out as a date for letting go of something long-standing in your life and opening to another possibility. A new interest surfacing on or about October 7th may be ripe for exciting development and you’ll have to act quickly.

Enjoy your friends and take the opportunity to meet some new people, particularly at get-togethers around October 18th or 20th. Unexpressed feelings will serve as a fortress keeping you from moving forward—and you won’t even really be aware of how much you’re standing in your own way.
October is the perfect time to analyze your current needs and desires – some good days for focusing on that are between October 9th and 17th. Several new opportunities with considerable potential are beginning to open up between October 9th and 27th. Many of your various ventures are surging forward, probably during the weeks of October 9th or 18th. With luck (and who counts on luck in an 8 Personal Year?) you’re able to enjoy the successes and victories September brought your way.
During the week of October 16th, you may meet some new friends or possibly a new business partner with interesting potential.
The social energy of your year is being replaced with down-to-earth and practical concerns. October is the time for the updates, repair, or any legal issues needing to be dealt with that you may be putting off.
If you can reserve the weeks of October 6th or 18th for a bit of study, contemplation, rest and relaxation, please do it. Yet at the same time, you’re beginning to see with more clarity that major changes and endings are creeping up on you. This can be an enjoyable month if you allow yourself to bask in standing still for a moment. It’s also time to check in with your body and get everything in alignment with your physical vessel. You’ll experience clarity about the improvements you want to make and the changes that need to come into play. Reply by Kannan M You have to thank your stars that you have come to me for advice and not gone to any free numerology prediction site.You are born with numerology 3 in your day number and in your life path.
Important answers and solutions come through intuition and channels that have nothing to do with action, activity, or logic. Spending some time alone and taking care of yourself is part of the positive agenda in front of you.
Yet find solace in the fact that October is likely to bring in something quite new and unexpected into your realm.

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