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Numerology is based on the mathematics of the universe and it’s about time you take control of your life like what I do with mine now! It is based on real sources which use maps and charts dated a thousand years ago, it isn’t one of those sites that just randomly generate words.
It may take a while to receive your report however it is real quality readings and it takes a while for a reason. You may be suspicious that it isn’t, but let me first off show you a video (3 minutes) that may play a little surprise for you. Check Vortex Mathematics and you’ll soon discover a great pattern involving what was mainly explained in detail in the video above.
Encase any polygon within a circle, add up all the angles of that polygon, then add up the digits—I promise you that you’ll get the number 9. Numerology is the belief with applied mathematical sense of occurring, recurring, and event prediction using a divine relation between certain phenomena. You can think up of a dozen relationships between mathematics (numbers) and the world around us, only to find out that most of it has been realized by other people of different places and different times. However, most of us come at peace with the security we find in mathematics and our personal experiences and how we could find a clarified prediction of what is to come ahead of our own selves in the near, or far future. Think of other intelligent beings in the universe and surely they have uncovered mathematics in their history—only not exactly in Hindu-Arabic writing but rather in a different kind of script, text, or font style. Do you believe that numerology, horoscopes, astrology, and other divine symmetries are being disproved because they are not accepted in Western culture since they have come from Eastern cultures?
Here’s a quick and free numerology chart for you to assess yourself on your personality. Initiator of action, a pioneering spirit, inventive ideas, strong leadership skills, independent, drives to attain, individualistic style, executive abilities, extraordinary will and determination, courageous. Overly assertive or aggressive, dominating, impulsiveness, egotistic, boastfulness, wilfulness.
Cooperation, adaptability, considerate of others, sensitive to the needs of others, partnering, an arbiter or mediator, modest, sincere, spiritually influenced, a diplomat. Self-expressive in many ways, verbalization, inspiration and keen imagination, artistic gifts, accurate impressions and insights, never-ending optimism, happy and fun-loving, enjoys life fully.
Scattered energies, exaggeration, unfinished projects, lack of direction, moodiness, self-centeredness. Strong sense of order and values, struggle against limits, steady growth, highly practical, scientific mind, attention to detail, foundation for achievement, a genius for organization, fine management skills. Lack of imagination, caught up in detail, stubborn fixed opinions, argumentative, slow to act, too serious, confused. Expansiveness, new and visionary ideas, quick thinking, versatile and ever-changing, action oriented, curious and exploring, promoting, resourceful in using freedom constructively.
Restless, discontent, edgy temperament and speech, dissatisfaction, too many hasty decisions, impatience, lacking in application. A strong sense of responsibility, artistic, a nurturing disposition, community oriented, balanced, sympathy for others, a humanitarian, unselfishness, love of home and domestic affairs, freely renders service to others.
Self-righteousness, obstinacy, stubborn, dominates family and friends, meddling, egotistical and susceptible to flattery, outspoken. Skilled at analysis and research, an intelligent seeker of knowledge, scientific and inventive, studious, meditating, charming personality and demeanour, love of solitude and peace, a perfectionist.
Hidden motives and suspicions, overly reserved, arguments enjoined with silence or sarcasm, isolated, inflexible positions, overly upset by distractions.

Executive character and abilities, political skills, expert handling of power and authority, working for a cause, achieving recognition, exercising sound judgement, decisive and commanding.
Workaholic, overly ambitious, lacking humanitarian instincts, mismanaging money, repressing subordinates, impatient with people, stressed, materialistic.
Heartily friendly and congenial, a hail-fellow, humanitarian instincts, a giving nature, selflessness, obligations, creative expression, readily influenced to do good works, artistic and writing talents. Self-adulation, scattered interests, possessiveness, moodiness, careless with finances, wanting peer attention.
Spirituality is emphasized more, but in essence, the 2 traits, positive and negative apply. My numerology services are unique in the market in that I bring a spiritual perspective to my readings, having been a monk for 14 years from age 19 - 33 with intense study and meditation on the divinity of numbers.
This same dynamic is there between us and the Divine Source we call God and a host of other names. You and I were born on a particular day and time to receive a particular set of astrological influences throughout our life that would then nudge us in certain directions and influence our decisions and reactions to give us a particular set of experiences according to our karma. My experience tells me that the story of the soul's evolution is probably pretty much the same for all of us, just that it takes on different narrations of the same essential story. Numerology is the study of numbers, and the occult manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies, as an integral part of the cosmic plan. I have studied the ancient schools of Vedic numerology and Pythagorean systems for over 30 years and now use these two systems to not only provide a complete reading for my clients. A SOUL YANTRA is a unique geometric personal signature (pattern) of a name + birthday mapped to a harmonic magic square.
You will receive a full numerology reading of your name and birthday, along with a high resolution A3 colour poster or digital art file of your unique geometric signature that you can use as you please. The SOUL YANTRA for the world famous author and inspirational speaker Deepak Chopra (centre above) is not only unique like everyone else, but I have coloured it according to his main astrological influences, Saturn and Sun.
Characteristics: Ingenuity, inventiveness, versatility, persuasion, humor, cunning, impudence, superficiality. In the labor market Monkeys tend to be excellent: Scientists, doctors, engineers, writers, editors and journalists.
Famous Monkey people: Bob Marley, Joan Crawford, Martina Navratilova, James Stewart, Omar Sharif. This includes anything in between the boundaries of the universes, but particularly the universe we are currently contained in. You may be lucky enough to discover for yourself another divine symmetry that could be spread around the world like wildfire.
Anyway, mathematics is simply the instrument used to convey the world around us using measured systems.
There are more complex ones so you’ll need to consult an expert on those very accurate numerology readings. My principle realization is that God -- the divine force that permeates this world and who is also available in person to us -- has provided clues to enable us to reach our full spiritual potential as fast as we wish to progress.
So according to my understanding, God is simultaneously one and different at the same time. It is because each soul is on a unique path of evolution, resulting from millions of decisions made in the past. Each number of our name and birthday in this life reveals something about where our consciousness is at in this incarnation and how we may take advantage of the strengths gifted us in this life and how we may nurture the weaknesses.

The sum of the numbers in your birth date and the sum of value derived from the letters in the name provide an interrelation of vibrations. Furthermore I can capture your unique number vibrations inside a geometric signature or personal yantra based on a magic square that can then be used as a talisman, meditation tool or company logo.
Your Soul Yantra captures the frequency of this data and all the corresponding life lessons and qualities in art. Hence you will see the deep blue, dark purple and blacks for Saturn and the golden rays of the sun.
Also, they are always in constant search of new experiences and challenges to disguise their feelings.
This is some hidden science that has been around Egypt, China, Japan, India, and Babylon thousands of years in the past.
Where we are now is a result of all of our past decisions combined along with what is known as Karma or what we deserve. It is what it is, and ultimately we are all moving in the same direction, only for some the path may be fast and direct and for others, slow and distracted.
I have found it particularly effective in communicating to a person when I know their numbers. Similarly, each phonetic letter has a numeric value that provides a related cosmic vibration. These are solid readings based on real sources and it has real meaning and can probably change your future.
Pythagoras happens to be the Father of Numerology as he tackled many hidden mathematical treasures within the shapes of the universe around us, and this was several centuries in the past. This separation is how the magic of relationship happens, for without separation the unconditional dynamic of giving and receiving in love could not take place. For example, how I give instructions to a 5 person would be very different from how I instruct a 4 person. All these numbers combine to show a great deal about character, purpose in life, what motivates, and where talents may lie. Any personal name, company name, partnership, affirmation — anything that can be described in words, can be captured as a SOUL YANTRA. Whereas the 4 is practical and hands on and therefore more secure in their nature, a 5 is much more sensitive and will often wear their emotions on their sleeve.
Numbers can also be used to determine the best time for major moves and activities in life, like when to invest, when to marry, when to travel, when to change jobs, or relocate.
However I started to see several things happening in my life that had been predicted by the numerology charts and I was amazed!
The same is true that we may deserve something but not be ready to receive it or desire it. So as a manager of people, understanding a person's numbers would be very useful in creating healthy office dynamics. We are talking about billions of actions and reactions all affecting each other as each soul moves along their unique spiritual evolutionary path.

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