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Many blessings to you on your journey.  Thank you for volunteering this numerology reading.
This style of numerology was taught by Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga, and has since been passed on through books by Guruchander Singh Khalsa and Nirvair Singh Khalsa.  If you are interested in the field of numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan, I recommend you read one of these books to get specific kriyas that might be beneficial to you and to understand in greater depth how these numbers relate to the Ten Bodies. Based on your numerology, a good artist for you to listen to is Singh Kaur.  Good mantras for you to listen to and chant are Mool Mantra and Rakhe Rakan Har. Before working with Spirit Voyage, she was the residential Kundalini yoga teacher at Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh, India in the Himalyan foothills, and has a Master's Degree from the Courtauld Institute in London. She is the author of "Yoga and Mantras for a Whole Heart" with Karan Khalsa and has three best selling guided meditation CDs "Journey into Stillness", "Relaxation Meditations", and "Stress Relief Meditations" (with crystal singing bowl master Ashana) all available on Spirit Voyage, ITunes and Amazon. She teaches at festivals internationally and leads powerful personal creativity retreats in Mexico with her partner Harnam Singh, an accomplished mantra musician. The following email exchange took place after this numerology reading between myself and Maria, the woman for whom this reading was done. Enter your email address to get Free Music Friday, join our Global Sadhanas and get our newsletter! Personality Matrix Comparison   The Personality Matrices for each partner compared side by side and compatibility issues indicated.
Fate Numbers   These numbers explain your possible karma here and interprets the Overall, Personal and Business compatibility for the relationship. Total Self   Indicates your strongest traits in a chart, rates your compatibility and explains each individual's overall strongest traits as a percentage of the entire person.

Personal Year   Personal Years for the current and next year for both individuals and personalized compatibility interpretation for each year. Don't forget to Call or Submit this Form along with payment to begin your Accurate Numerology Reading Promptly! Disclaimer: Mystical Empress services are not intended to prescribe, diagnose or heal any physical, mental, or emotional condition, nor are these services meant to replace licensed doctors or therapists.
As a 10, you are effortlessly regal and are naturally very creative.  You do not let fear hold you back and are a radiant being. That doesn’t work as well as leading with your heart, even if you mind says that is scary. The reading is designed to help two people find their true compatibility and awareness of each other.
Stronger and weaker traits are pointed out where there are conflicting differences of personality.
Compatibility rating at this level indicates a chance for long-term relationship growth and understanding.
Individual trait strength analysis for each person in 3 areas: Lovers, Friends and Business. The answer for transformation lies within, but I am having difficulty feeling and seeing the light. A complete Numerology Compatibility Reading and two Professional Numerology Readings (1 for you, and 1 for your partner).

I meditate daily, mostly finding myself at times meshed into sadness and not loving who I am. I think that when life brings you crossroads, we tend to steer so seriously to find the answer. I was first introduced to Yogi Bhajan at the White Tantra Meditation in Toronto (my hometown) this past May.
Once you cross that path, you then reflect and look behind your shoulder to see how simple it really was!! I was lured to participate in this event from other power…the universe guiding me to make my way there.
I had never practiced kundalini yoga (I teach and practice ashtanga, hatha) and I must say that my heart was so filled with love and energy that day, that I felt so high!
Needless to say, my heart started to open and I think that is why I am not grounded…flighty, unbalanced. That is my sorrow these days, I have lost my motivation to practice yoga because of some life changes swirling around me and in me.
But, I know that once I bow to myself, to God, to Yogi Bhajan, that this sad veil shall lift.

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