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SRK is the backbone of movie and he is carrying the entire load on his shoulders to make it a big hit.
After analyzing Shahrukha€™s numbers we can say that He will be successful in achieving his goal. Arjun Rampala€™s Numbers- Now we will analyze numbers of second most important actor of the movie and Ra.One of the movie, Arjun Rampal.
What Kareenaa€™s Numbers say- Kareena Kapoora€™s DOB is 21st September 1980 and her lucky number and destiny number is 3. According to English alphabets and their numerology calculation Ra.One adds on number 20 with combined number a€?2a€™, which is SRKa€™s lucky number.
As known to all that the lucky number of Shahrukh is 2 but all his financial matters are being done in the name of his wife Gauri and so is the film production.

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Mp3 musiqi ve yeni mahn?lar? pulsuz yukle, Mp3 axtar?s saytlar? ile istediyimiz mp3leri axtar?b pulsuz yukleye bilirik. Arjun Rampala€™s DOB is 26th November 1972 and his lucky number and destiny numbers are 8 and 2. Normally it is seen that most of sites which operate in the metaphysical realm tend to shy away from discussing such incidents but we are here to discuss it with an open mind. Though we give best and sincere advice, legally and technically we are not liable for any harm resulting from use of our adviceI agree to the terms of serviceInstructions Fill in your correct details. We will analyze numbers of lead actors of movie on the basis of numerology to get the answer of these questions.

Due to the series of numbers in numerology he is also ruled by number 1 and number 1 is lucky for him. The date of release of the film is 26th which comes 8 again As such the possibility of success of film on Box Office and the success of film numerically cannot be ruled out. Shahrukh is currently running in his 46th year which is also adding on number 1, his friend number. By and large this film Ra-One would be proved a mile stone for Shahrukh Khan and the Bollywood.

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