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LifeSign Mini free tamil astrology software generates personalized horoscope report relevant to your age and sex, based on the date, time and place of birth. LifeSign Mini free astrology software generates report in English as well as in Indian languages viz. The free tamil astrology software LifeSign Mini lets you choose the preferred chart style (North Indian, South Indian, Bengali and Kerala) before generating the horoscope report. Bhava predictions based on the influence of planets on your life and character are included in LifeSign Mini free tamil astrology software.
Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini free tamil horoscope software gives a detailed report on Dasha and Bhukti (Apahara) periods, stating the beginning and end of each Bhukti within the Dashas. Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini free tamil astrology software can give a short summary of Vimshottari Dasha periods.
Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini calculates your birth star and points out its associated features.
Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini free tamil astrology software gives a detailed analysis of planetary disposition which includes the following.
This free tamil horoscope software includes horoscope Matching facility to determine the marital compatibility between the prospects. Absolutely, name when comes to brings bad luck and creates obstacles, more than that it delays things badly.
I calculated as per your website information and trie following but all of them total to 8. Now we tried our best c hanging this apartment but certainly there is some power that spils our all efforts and we cannot change our house.uptill now the rent was $550 and now it is 575 form this month,whcih is again total 8. I am writing you once more because I am really very much scared and I was about to close I saw just next to my name it was written 8 replies. Sorry for writing you so many questions but I just want to make our life better at the earliest possible.
I read all your problems, dont worry, i will mail you separately your solutions, i dont want to publicize as you wish. Hello my brith date is february 8,1962 and fullname Rowena Ann de Paz Albao comes up to 76.

Hi, My name is Vikas Sharma and my date of birth is 26-02-1980, By education I am Computer engg. These are the most common problems faced by a 26 born, lack of luck, opportunity, i advice you to change your name to VIKASS SHARMA which comes 32 in numerology, this will make a sea of change in your life.
You are 8 born by virtue of being born in 26th, and your name comes 39 which is no way lucky or good to your birth number. Whats the full name of Sowmya, and both birth date life path is 7 for her, she will become one of the greats in her time if the name is correctly chosen. As I came to know by reading your blog itself, I have a very strong Saturn influence on me. All metaphysical sciences operate on one concept, most people dont know know on what grounds astrology or numerology or palmistry works, because of this ignorance they condemn and non-believe other occult sciences. Sowmya Nakkala will be a good name for her which comes 37, she is a 7 and 7 born person, its wise to name her with a number which is more materialistic and worldly.
Not harmony in the sense, i must change her name is it essential or any alternatives because i think i can’t change her name now. This is my last year of studying, could you please let me know what field will be the most successfull for me at work? You have life path 8, so it ll make you to get anything with struggle and hard work, nothing will be easy for you. LifeSign Mini free tamil astrology software stores a large database of cities from around the world to avoid manual feeding of latitude, longitude and timezone of your place of birth. It gives an analysis of first house for predictions on physical structure, character and status.
What should be total of his name so that he becomes lucky in all matters of life which he is not till now. If you suggest me changing house, I want to ask it may take 2-3 months.Can you suggest something to avoid its bad effects till we dont change it.
I am planning to change my name so it will turn to to 50 it is after I have been reading your wonderful site of numerology. Some times I will get problems, but the problems will rectify after some time not in quick period with good conclusion.

I have met very knowledgeable and Gifted astrologists like you earlier but none of them have mentioned to me this is my last birth, they’ve told that to my Mother though.
Meaning Can I be under Saturn influence however strong and not having my last birth as well ? Though all people fail to understand my intent, My actions are always intended to not harm anyone by any means. Numerology,Astrology, Palmistry, Feng-Shui all these sciences works on the principle of Bio-Magnetism which fills this universe.
Apart from star compatibility (Gun Milan) check, this free astrology software lets you have Kuja (Maglik) Dosha, Papa Samyam and Dasa Sandhi checks. You are really doiing a ver noble work which only those can realize who are suffering from this mysterious problem. Tell me, (well it is foolish and stupid question), Is there any way my children are not born on any date falling in series of 8. Your lifepath as 1 is very harmonious to your birth date 8 and name as 5 will make wonders in your life.
I am Married and my wife date of birth is 3-10-1980, I am nt happy with my life till now, nor married and nor professionally, I am worried now. Am born on 8th September 1981, and my name is Piyush Kodape, though I use my dad's name as well these days that is Piyush Prabhakar Kodape. My husband is ver intelligent and topper in every stream he studied and is highly qualified.but we are in trouble. This combination itself is a threat to marital life due to spiritual oriented nature of a person. And I realize that though there were problems earlier as wellbut they became impossible and horrible when we came in this apartment.
I have said in my posts about the consequences of getting married in numbers coming 8 or 5 in total.which can lead to separation.

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