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Gates is suits family life very well and willingly becomes a caring and responsible parent. His wish of aiding people is so unstoppable that Bill intentionally gives in his personal profit and time in benefit of others.
Bill Gates is of such kind that his acquaintances either are intensely attracted or repelled to him.
A downside of all Individualities of 9 is that they often develop into standoffish persons and believe themselves to be above the others. However, in his heart Bill feels a compassion for all mankind and is always looking the ways of making the world a better place.
Owing to the Fortune Number 8, Bill Gates is empowered with strong luck in the area of business matters. At the same time, Bill Gates should not forget that the 8 is much more powerful if he finishes every project he begins, and not abandons it halfway. Velupillai Prabhakaran was the founder and leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (the LTTE or the Tamil Tigers). His methodological approach in any occupation is the primary cause of Bill Gates' stiffness. On the other hand, anything that endangers his personal order in life (for example, unstable relationship or divorce) is never an easy thing for Bill to live through. His performing and verbal abilities are decent enough to find occupation among writing, music or theater. Gates often exceeds the reasonable efforts while helping others, and so he becomes involved too deeply in someone else's life. When any of his relationships is failed by the one he really cares of, Gates will surely forgive even the partner's most severe mistakes and save the relationship.
Despite of his usually cold and calm face expression, he is emotional and sensitive person.

His artistically talented part is revealed through his home furniture and the way he dresses. Bill's 8 may be interpreted as an imprint of Midas' blessing touch, so any financial affairs tend to come out in his favor. At the time India was embroiled, through the Indian Peace Keeping Force, in the Sri Lankan Civil War.
Coming off a divorce at the age of 24, I felt as if I needed to put as much space between myself and my former life in Montana (quite literally.) I packed what could fit into my little car and drove across the United States to start my new life in the Sunshine State. In some overly complicated cases persons with lifepath number 4 can fall into being obsessed and unforgiving, minding his personal characterization of justice. Bill's challenge in his lifetime is living according to his dream, which means to never fade away and not to leave projects unfinished because of obstacles instead of overcoming them. Bill is capable of making detailed plans and coordinating his associates in the way through his plan. However, he should consider being more open for discussion when it comes to ideas that he strongly and stubbornly endorses.
People find Bill joyful, constructive and charismatic; he can effortlessly motivate and inspire people around.
Bill's artistic abilities can be used for making up creative solutions to challenging situations as well.
When this happens, Bill may interfere with that person's personal motivation, which potentially leads to misunderstanding. His happiness (or, conversely, unhappiness) takes its root at family relations and how he copes with friends. Then I decided to try cave diving, something less than 1% of divers do and less than 1% of the 1% are female.
I got into wreck diving and explored nearly every artificial reef from West Palm to the Middle Keys.

One can only dive the same reefs over and over every weekend before you transition from tourist to participant. After going through a divorce, I couldn’t imagine legally binding myself to someone again.
I had never moved someone out of the friend zone before, and frankly wasn’t sure it was possible.
They were fortunate enough to retire in their late 50’s and quickly began traveling the world. They are not yet struggling with illness or all the little things that old age eventually springs on you. I have traveled to many corners of this state, but there are still several places yet to discover.
I traded my scuba fins for hiking boots, and you will find me up in the mountains nearly every weekend year round. Last summer I started climbing 14ers (mountains higher than 14,000 feet), and now I have reached the summit of five of them.Hiking is about as different from scuba diving as one can get, but they produce the same results. There’s the realization just how small your space in the universe really is when you watch the sun rising before a dive or as you sit and stare at the magnificent views below you from atop a mountain. My husband, Donato, and I are adjusting to a landlocked home after living in South Florida for 13 years.

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