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My sister Nicole is a numerologist, and for the new year she has a big article all about your personal year of numerology in 2016 coming to the blog soon… and it starts today with the Universal Year of Nine and how that affects life in the year ahead!
The Universal Year number is the collective energy of our planet and as a result the energy we will all be operating under in the new year. The number 9 is the end of the Universal Year Cycle, which signifies the beginning of a new cycle.
This is considered a time of release and transformation, as you gear up to enter the next year which is the beginning of a whole new Universal Year Cycle. And, if you want to dive in to your own personalized feng shui in a modern, practical way, Say hello to Feng Shui 101. Please note: This page as well as the links directly below are all part of my previous Web Site which consisted of approximately 250 pages but was in need of a major overhaul. I took some time to read over your material and I pretty much believe every word you say. You may certainly use some of my Geometrics, however if you wanted all of them they are within my Book 'Thee Trinity Creation' which is the original COMMUNICATION(48) as Revealed to me during 'The Revelation', Chapter 4, e-Manuscript 2999 Everlasting©.
I AM(47) so pleased that you have connected Spiritually to the Number 33, it is indeed the Perfect match for TRUTH(33).
The Sacred Geometric Designs could be considered a form of Universal Sacred Geometry but far superior for each is not only irrefutably linked to Its Life Number and Positive State of Being but also they are all integrated into a whole, and many of the Sacred Symbols themselves work in pairs or 3`s, as a fine example of a pair would be LOVE(14) and LIFE(15), if you look these up in your manuscript you will see why.
Another unique feature of thee Trinity Creation is that you can actually go through The Book, or Chapter 5 e-Manuscript, and Create Groups according to their State of Being relative to what you DESIRE(43) most in LIFE(15), then you memorize these Numbers and their State of Being and whenever any of these Numbers show up anywhere instantly your brain {in time] will stimulate you into feeling that State of Being even if only for a moment. You sound and feel really Honest and Motivated Sophia so I will share everything with you in time and even mail you out a lot of additional Material I have concerning 'Thee Trinity Creation'.
YES let us remain connected in TRUTH(33) Sophia, it would open up a whole new and exciting World for both of us as One. I have been reading so many books of Spiritual and yet I`m confused, it seems all my knowledge is not good for me like I want. Yes I will certainly help you to understand, and what you present me with here is something that many get confused by for they accrue too much Knowledge and not enough Wisdom.
There is a Wealth of KNOWLEDGE(0) presently available to Humankind, in this era of World COMMUNICATION(48) more KNOWLEDGE(0) and easier access to it is more pronounced than ever before and it is continually growing.
You have now reached that point in your Life Natalie where you have become aware of something not being right in the mere accumulation of more KNOWLEDGE(0).
The Person and the World are in desperate need of WISDOM(77) for with it comes a higher developed LOVE(14): LOVE(14) that is Pure, LOVE(14) that is True and LOVE(14) that is giving without taking. The Sacred Symbols themselves speak of the Oneness that LOVE(14) and COMPASSION(41) are when infused with TRUTH(33). Thank yo so very much for such a Beautiful and Inspiring poem, I know it is from the Heart. I have in my last email to you spoke at some length of KNOWLEDGE(0) and of those few precious drops of WISDOM(77), now I will incorporate KNOWLEDGE(0) and WISDOM(77) within the Oneness of LIFE(15) itself. LIFE(15) in its essence is One of PERFECTION(54), PERFECTION(54) implies not ever changing for if something is changing or in MOTION(84) it is not of PERFECTION(54): the underlying Eternal Creative Unifying Energy of Life is indeed that which does not ever change for it is PERFECTION(54). Creation, LIFE(15) as you know it, this entire Universe of manifest must of essence be PERFECTION(54) for THE CREATOR(46) is PERFECTION(54) and that which is PERFECTION(54) cannot Create anything other than PERFECTION(54). Deep within yourself Natalie you are that PERFECTION(54) of Being, it is your Eternal Self and you can Consciously connect to and live the Eternal within everyday living; this is THE WAY(36) unto ETERNAL LIFE(86) upon your Earthly departure.
THE CREATOR(46) is PERFECTION(54) and His Creation of manifest in its movement or Evolution back to THE CREATOR(46) is PERFECTION(54).
Those born with a Life Path number 9 are natural leaders, and they assume they are in charge even if they are not.
The 9 Sun Number: Discover what makes this emotionally withdrawn number one for the most objective decision makers out there.
This is about your numerology personal year number 9 – what it means, when it starts, when it ends. LIFE PATH 9 You are philanthropic, humanitarian, socially conscious, and deeply concerned about the state of the world.
Numerology is any belief in divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. Information regarding the numerology lifepath numbers in numerology with a reading of each one.

When we are aware of our own divine nature and our human struggles to stay present with that love, we develop compassion.A  When we extend that compassion to others, we create loving relationships and community, thereby contributing to the healing of the world.
Your life has an underlying structure that can be accessed through the symbolic meaning of numbers. Number is energy expressed in form.A  We are energy, so in essence, we are numerological beings. To understand it more clearly, if you were in a play, it would be the background behind which you operate and act.
Therefore I made the Wise Decision of Creating a New Web Site which presently {October, 2013} consist of 19 excellent pages: a must-read! I would like like to sell them amongst my other things at the markets - I would love wonderful symbols like truth, life, love etc to be present in peoples homes. If you should want to receive my book I would have to charge you however due to shipping and the costs involved in having it printed up.
Within my e-Manuscript however I had not been able to yet transfer all of the Geometrics Online, so there are many not available to you unless you have The Book. A feeling is not necessarily what occurs when you see the Sacred Geometrics although it could be, but rather another part of the brain becomes ignited supporting the associated Positive State of Being and Life Number to the Sacred Symbol {the Triad or Trinity of each individual COMMUNICATION(48)}.
In time you will, within your everyday living, move in the DIRECTION(5) of your Numeric Messages, or you could put up your uniquely chosen group in their Geometric language anywhere.
I need good people to get the word of TRUTH(33) out there according to the Sacredness of Thee Trinity Creation.
And please remember the finest defining of TRUTH(33) you will find anywhere upon this Precious Earth of ours, this came to me several months ago, perhaps even a year now.
KNOWLEDGE(0) is the foundation and WISDOM(77) the edifice of True learning, so whenever the foundation is weak and poorly structured the edifice must be small indeed. You are now realizing that in total sum the amount of Spiritual KNOWLEDGE(0) you have gained is large but very small in its True LIFE(15) value, particularly in its ability to improve your well-Being and at making your everyday Life better. Within Thee Trinity Creation you will find both of the States of Being KNOWLEDGE(0) and WISDOM(77) because they are both very valuable to the Person`s well Being, however WISDOM(77) is always of Goodness whereas KNOWLEDGE(0) is far more suspect in the benefit it can be to the Person.
Put the books aside for a little while and begin to write, yes write of what you Know, and write of what you would like to Know of the Spiritual Realm.
As something approaches that of PERFECTION(54) change becomes very little for there is little change needed when something is so close to being Perfect.
LIFE(15) is moved by an underlying Unifying ENERGY(99) of PERFECTION(54) which is THE CREATOR(46): His Eternal Self within His Creation.
LIFE(15) is PERFECTION(54), all of LIFE(15), not just what we chose as the flavor of the day, not simply what satisfies what we believe is right: in the eyes of THE CREATOR(46) there is not ever wrong, there cannot be for THE CREATOR(46) is PERFECTION(54) and His Creation is PERFECTION(54).
Most of the religions maintain numbers carry hidden meanings which are supposed to carry the secrets of universe. Numerology is an intuitive art, available to humanity as a means of understanding our Divine nature expressed in human form. In my opinion, Michela€™s work on the idea of the mind position of the numerological chart is essential to the full understanding of the human experience.A  Michel is a living channel of numerological energy and is way ahead of his time.
This is a time to “clean your slate”, and prepare for the upcoming year, where you will begin to start the cycle again…brand new.   It’s a perfect time to get rid of grudges towards others, get rid of things you don’t use or need and rid yourself of negative energy in your surroundings.
What makes up the more complex and intricate sacred geometry pattern I've seen (are they conversations instead of just words).
Every Number is specifically United to Its proper Life State of Being and Life Number forming a Unified expression. When you can really understand the following words and apply them effectively to your LIFE(15) you will indeed be living TRUTH(33) which is the Gateway to experiencing FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15) unto ETERNAL LIFE(86). I will focus my attention to that of the Spiritual Realm but much of what I speak may apply in many areas of learning. Within Thee Trinity Creation and in LIFE(15) itself the Seven`s are a very Powerful grouping of Numbers; the Number 7 is FREEDOM(7), the Number 70 is ENLIGHTENMENT(70) and the Number 77 is WISDOM(77) whereas KNOWLEDGE(0), although important to everyday living when it is the right KNOWLEDGE(0) stands on its own in its Number which is that of zero. You will discover there is a large gap between what you Know and what you would like to Know.
The further something is from PERFECTION(54) the more change it must undergo to become Perfect, and everything is always in movement towards Greater PERFECTION(54). When you come to Know this my LOVE(14), when you come to understand this, when you come to live this you have Journeyed down the path few have walked, you are Consciously Living the PERFECTION(54) of THE CREATOR(46) within your Human form, this is WISDOM(77) at its finest, this is FREEDOM(7) at its Grandness, this is living TRUTH(33) and therefore you are a Person of ENLIGHTEMENT(70).

Your name and birthdate are exquisit patterns that when interpreted numerologically provide the roadmap you created for your life. Everything is Copyright and Thee Trinity Creation Itself and Logo and Web Site are all registered in my name however I will give you full permission to use my material for 10% is something I could really use, and THE WORD(63) is Being carried through a new outlet. As well the Sacred Designs by themselves can be put up on your wall and only you and those you wish to inform, or are already aware of Thee Trinity Creation would know their Meaning. Confusion in LIFE(15) due to too much learning of what is weak or outright wrong is presently compounded due to the virtual unlimited availability of KNOWLEDGE(0) through the Internet. The Eternal which underlies all of Life moves all of Life back to the Eternal: the Human in His Conscious development is at the apex of Life and thus of Greatest PERFECTION(54). The Human, the finest of The Creator`s Creation, when he leaves this Earth if his LIFE(15) was lived in TRUTH(33) goes through the entire cycle of coming from THE CREATOR(46) and going back to THE CREATOR(46) to live forever more in Conscious Oneness of Being with his Creator. Eventually I have envisioned the Geometric Symbols to be printed up on innumerable things, such as mugs and shirts which I have designed.
Many have lots of KNOWLEDGE(0) but few have the right kind of KNOWLEDGE(0) that is good in itself for the Person or which can be transformed into those few precious drops of WISDOM(77).
Think of KNOWLEDGE(0) and its related Number zero like the importance of zero`s when referring to money. However within the World of the Human there are many levels of development therefore some individuals are more Perfect in the ways of Living the Eternal within the everyday than others. All is in process, everything is in MIND MOTION(64), everything except that which underlies everything for it is PERFECTION(54) of Being in its constant Eternal State of Being: the Unifying Creative Energy of Life or we may say God Almighty, Creator of all that is.
There is much more involved to developing WISDOM(77) in LIFE(15) compared to that of accruing more KNOWLEDGE(0).
The zero`s that follow 1 with reference to the dollar is of tremendous worth, you may have "$1" or "$10" or a "$1,000,000" whereas a zero before the 1$ is of no use; you can see how significant zero`s are depending on how they are applied, that`s how it is with KNOWLEDGE(0). But if you do and in a year from now you try this again, to write what you know and write what you would like to know amazingly the gap between both will look very similar to what it does now. The Truly Enlightened person is at the apex of Human development and hence he changes very little for he has approached PERFECTION(54) of Being while still of physical manifest.
Just tell me your size Sophia and I will pick out a really cool one for you, they are really quite impressive and I have Personally tye-dyed each one. The right kind of KNOWLEDGE(0) is like the zeroes after the $1 and the wrong kind of KNOWLEDGE(0) is like the zeros before the $1, of no real value to you. This is because even though your KNOWLEDGE(0) accumulation builds much of it is weak, and some of it outright false so you find yourself still searching, but it is not simply KNOWLEDGE(0) you should be seeking but rather it is KNOWLEDGE(0) born of the TRUTH(33), then it is naturally transformed into WISDOM(77) and WISDOM(77) is what you need. If you wish to include a bit more for the shipping I would appreciate it for we are very tight right now after I losing everything, close to half a Million dollars in the crash of the Stock Market a few years back. Their motive is not genuine to the Person for they are primarily concerned with making money or gaining popularity.
Thee Trinity Creation is the right kind of KNOWLEDGE(0) for it is KNOWLEDGE(0) that is infused with TRUTH(33) and hence stirs your WISDOM(77) within and brings it to your Consciousness: KNOWLEDGE(0) is the foundation and WISDOM(77) the edifice, one Grand structure Unified in their TRUTH(33). Making money is fine but not when it is your prime motive which supercedes the worth of what you are selling. Now if you decide to write what you know you will be Amazed at the amount of True Knowing, and when you write what you would like to Know it is so very small: WISDOM(77) and KNOWLEDGE(0) have become Unified in TRUTH(33).
The selling of KNOWLEDGE(0) is very common and some are extremely good at selling their useless, false and sometimes damaging KNOWLEDGE(0). Now you can in TRUTH(33) begin living the fullness of the beautiful Person you are, and YES live the fullness of the LOVE(14) that is you for LOVE(14) and WISDOM(77) are not one without the other. Quality Personal and Spiritual Guidance combined with devoted PRAYER(9) and Meditation of Transcendence will gradually transform you into a Person of Greater WISDOM(77) with no need of doing a lot of reading.
With a massive proliferation of that kind of KNOWLEDGE(0) it becomes very difficult for WISDOM(77) to take hold: the edifice of WISDOM(77) for most is small indeed. Television, magazines and the Internet are foremost at misleading advertising and false claims, and there are many worthless books that are the product of these.

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