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In numerological terms, we are moving into the nine (9) year (2+0+1+6 =9) and it is already affecting most of us. This can be a time to view the patterns in your relationships, aspirations and attitude that no longer serves you. At least one time a day, do something that brings you joy for no other reason than loving yourself. Come join me and other practitioners and artists on December 5 at the annual Lotus Wellness Holiday Sale (10am -6:00pm) in Greenwich Connecticut. Also check out other gift items for yourself and loved ones such as my numerology meditation cards in the store. This entry was posted in Significance of the Month and tagged Featured, meaning of nine in numerology, numerology 2016, numerology meaning of 2016, numerology prediction 2016, what will happen in 2016 on November 21, 2015 by Greer. Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Your Life PurposeFind Your Destiny or Life Purpose NumberYou can find out what is your destiny number or life purpose by calculating your month, day and year of birth.
Find Your Successful Business Name ReadingCreative Business Name Reading Through NumerologyLooking to find your most successful business name? Do You have a Question About Your Business Name?Do you have a specific question about your business name?
Numerology Oracle CardsNumerology Journey Oracle CardsA deck of 15 beautifully painted oracle cards, each representing a different number, an original painting, numerology description, words of insight and enlightening mantra.
Thing is, while we’re in love with the idea of making resolutions, the execution…Well, that can get a little sticky. When that happens, without a clear connection to what really matters, or some inspired driving force to keep us engaged and moving forward, our resolve waivers and the wheels fall off.
This year, rather than swimming around on the surface of the health and happiness pool, dive a little deeper to see what’s underneath it all.
Connect with what you’re really about, using the energy of opportunity to make some unconventional but insightful choices that will support you far longer than your will power ever could.
They aren’t the sexiest ideas to come down the pike, but they acknowledge that, at our very core, we’re driven by the need for connection, nourishment, inspiration, and love.
We’re SO much more motivated by the idea of changing ourselves than we are by the idea of getting to know ourselves a little better. Getting a realistic handle on your strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies isn’t as scary as it sounds, and opens your eyes to a world of possibilities. According to Ayurveda, there are thirteen different kinds of agni in the body-mind governing the digestion and metabolism of everything, from thoughts and ideas, to the pizza and beer you ate last Saturday night.

They’re stress killers (there’s a certain amount of stress in the unknown—routines are about creating the known). Start with a single simple thing, know why it’s important and why you’re doing it (that’s key), and then do it every day or week.
Sadhana (Sanskrit for spiritual practices) are an ancient approach to celebrating the everyday. They recognize the sacred in everything, invite us to witness the miracle of living with our eyes fully open, and make something as simple as cooking and eating a meal feel as significant as building a cathedral (with a lot less mess).
There’s nothing better than sharing who we are with the world, openly, authentically, and in all our crazy, messy, beautiful glory. Authentic self-expression thrives in an environment that nurtures it and getting there is often about finding a tribe or community of folks whose acceptance, love, and support breaks down our fears and pulls for our success. If you can listen, practice empathy, open your heart, and push past your fears, you’ll get a taste of the sweetness of authentic connection, and you’ll be contributing something powerful to the world in the process.
Choosing a moment of silence, a few conscious breaths, a grounding stance (press down through the heels and big toes, slight bend in the knees), to act in the spirit of service, or observe your own thoughts and reactions, this (and so much more), IS yoga! On or off the mat, your yoga opens your mind, body, and soul to experience life in the purest and most enjoyable ways possible.
Our never-ending search for love outside ourselves obscures the fact that we’ve already got a non-stop, self-generating supply of love within. Find the little bit of it that exists at the heart of everything you do…And add a lot more! This is the year to look at it all.  Hey, it might not be the time to change, but certainly to examine how you want to shift your life to joy and inspiration rather than putting up with the same old thing. Last year you were in an 8 personal year which was all about power and abundance.  Was success in your life or were you dealing with the challenge it?  The work of last year might very well be part of your whirlwind this year in the 9 personal year.
The universe is experiencing the effect of the nine energy. Nothing can stay the same as we know it. Let go of the story about yourself that you have believed for many moons. Change your perspective and transform some of your predictable habits, emotional responses and actions. If it feels authentic, you can support others and help change the environment as an inspiring and healing mirror. Then click on the results.Your Personal YearFind Your Personal Year Number for 2016What is your personal year number for this year? They take detours around our motivations for living, loving, or being, and go straight to action. Its ancient principles endure because they get to the heart of what matters and makes a difference in our lives and our health.

Choose curiosity over judgment, observe yourself through “love-colored” glasses, and embrace what you see!
Yet, none of them really matters until we embrace that the desire for love and worthiness is really what runs our show. Publishing a book or completing a project?  Or is there an aspect of your life that needs to change? It might appear like you are in a hallway, looking at the light ahead, seeing the many doors. Each card talks about the vibration of the number, with a meditation and beautiful painting (by yours truly) illustrating each number’s personality.
2016 is a 9 year; my personal year in 2016 will be a 9 year (1-17-2016); my inspiration number (1+17) will be a 9 !Wow!!! It just hurts my heart when I see what is being put out on the internet for sensitive people like yourself to read. Is the internet going down or your computer acting out?  I have heard this from most of my friends and clients. Submit your month and day of birth to the current year in this numerology calculator and find out!A Numerology Reading Can Transform Your LifeHave you always wondered what your name and numbers can tell you? Because fresh starts are sexy, second chances make us feel alive, and who doesn’t want to refocus their attentions on creating a happier body, a healthier diet, and more abundance? I will need to breathe and get ready to accept and work through the transformation and transition that are to come!! You are better off to see a nutritionist or work on your good health:) I will be happy to talk more about this and what your personal year is really about. The governments of the world, the environment, health, technology and financial systems are undergoing a major upheaval.
And know if you are true to who you are than your whole life will feel different by the end of the year. Also what is so interesting about those of you whose birthday month and day add to a nine is that they will always be in the same year as the global year! I would be happy to work with you in a mini session on phone or skype ($35)and we can talk about details about this year and what inspires you in life.
If you are interested learning more about your self with a private 90 minute reading, I would be happy to set one up with you.

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