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Birth year numerology forecasts your future life and it relates to your birth date numerology compatibility, so one should not worry a lot about it. That is the reason numerology suggests you to calculate your number every year and read the details about your number from any numerology source or consult any competent numerologist, so that you could have an idea of your forthcoming life. Because you already know that what kind of situations you are going to have in your life and birth year numerology also offers some suggestions, how to deal with these situations and what possible defensive steps could be taken to avoid negative affects by using your strengths. It only tells you about the expected situations in your life and also tells you about how to deal with them.

Birth year numerology says that changes could be harsh or pleasant, so one should be ready to deal with any type of circumstances. One can easily find his number by adding the figures in his date of birth until you get a solitary number from 1 to 9.  Ultimately you can find details about that number and different affects or characteristics associated with that number. If you will follow the birth year numerology instructions in a good way then the probability of success would increase exceptionally. Birth year numerology states that the most crucial years are the last year of previous nine years and first year of next nine years.

According to birth year numerology, these two years are very crucial and forecast next 8 years life. Birth year numerology says that your number changes every year and move onward one step that is if this year your number is 4 then next year it would be 5 and so on.

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