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Nyko Technologies has unveiled a variety of accessories for the Wii U, including batteries with longer lives than the standard GamePad battery and the Pro Commander, an alternative to the Pro Controller which reverses the placement of the face buttons and right analog stick, giving it a layout almost identical to that of the Xbox 360 controller.
Nyko Technologies®, the leading videogame peripherals manufacturer, today unveiled its full lineup of new products to be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The successor to the #1 selling Charge Station for Wii, the Charge Station U stores and charges 1 Wii U GamePad and 2 Wii Remotes and includes 2 NiMH rechargeable batteries and rubberized battery covers for the remotes.
Take command of your favorite Wii U games with the Pro Commander, a Pro Controller alternative featuring traditional analog stick placement.
Add 3x the battery capacity to the Wii U GamePad without adding any addition bulk to the controller with the PowePak. This clip on battery pack adds double the battery capacity to the Wii U GamePad in a sleek attachment that can also act as a multimedia viewing stand. Easily store and charge 2 Wii U Pro Controllers utilizing Nyko’s patented charging dongle design.
Conveniently charge the Wii U GamePad in this sleek stand using the existing GamePad AC power cord that ships with the Wii U.

There are a few other items which were revealed as well, and Nyko has issued a press release with official descriptions of each one. Nyko will showcase their entire Wii U product line-up, including two newly announced products in the Charge Station U and the Pro Commander. The Charge Station U utilizes an easy drop and charge system that allows you to conveniently charge your controllers while you store them so you always have full power each and every time you game. The Pro Commander wirelessly connects to the Wii U and works with any game compatible with the Nintendo Pro Controller. The PowerPak replaces the internal battery found in the GamePad, providing a sleek and seamless upgrade ideal for marathon gaming sessions. The dongles attach to the controller, and allow each controller to be magnetically held by the vertical charging base while artfully suspended while charging. CES attendees will also be able to go hands on with Nyko’s recently announced accessories, including the UBoost, Charge Base Pro and more. The station comes with its own AC power supply, so it I can rapidly charge all 3 controllers simultaneously.

The analog stick layout of the Pro Commander is akin to other popular controllers, putting the action face buttons right under the thumb while featuring fully depressible trigger buttons. The PowerPak easily recharges using first party docks and cables, as well as Nyko various charging solutions. The GamePad cradle portion of the dock is also equipped with adjustable viewing angles making it perfect for watching video content while you recharge your controllers. The Pro Commander will be available in both white and black for a MSRP of $34.99 in February. A mini screwdriver is included with each PowerPak, so additional tools are needed to install the battery. The Charge Station U will be available in February for a MSRP of $34.99, in both white and black.

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