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October birthstone - opal - birth stones months, Find out more about the secrets of the opal birthstone for october.
Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. Consisting of up to thirty percent water, the translucent opal is the traditional October birthstone, and for the zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio respectively.
October Birthstone October Birthstone – October Birthstone Tourmaline is the only mineral, located on the earth, which have a long-lasting source of energy (the sun). If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. The warm, fiery colors that exude from this precious stone are off the Van Gogh painting of the sunflowers. The name, “Opal”, means “to see a change in color” and might make one drift off to daydreaming and envision a rainbow following a summer rain.
With its fantastic color variations, the opal is one of the most beautiful of all birthstones. Negative ions and low energy polarity generated from this mineral is a sensational new substance being examined by many research centers and laboratories. This stunning gemstone has flashes of rainbow-like colors when it is viewed from different angles.
The composition of October Birthstone tourmaline comprises: potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, silicon, iodine, fluorine, and other components. Pink tourmaline is the alternate birthstone for October.Opal is the most colorful of all gemstones due to the myriad of colors that are displayed.
It is a common myth that if you wear opal and it is not your birthstone, it will bring you bad luck. Another myth is that opal jewelry must be soaked in water or it will lose its firey shimmery luster. Infinitely generous, she herself often received from friends , colleagues and allies fine jewelry – and, of course, could not resist, when in 1777 the Swedish king Gustav VIII gave her a sign of friendship and respect for the delicate carved crimson red grape bunch weight 255 carats, framed by green enamel leaves. Huge, iridescent stone was like sweet treat that and wanted to taste it – it was the most unusual of Historical stones , and still stored in the Diamond Fund of the Russian Federation. In the old days it was called «ruby Caesar», but later it was found that the gem is not a ruby??, and perhaps much more interesting and unusual stone.

There is no doubt that India used tourmalines since ancient times, especially since there is this kind of minerals is considered one of the most valuable. Dutch colonists, at first did not find October Birthstone tourmaline jewelry application – rough tourmaline crystals they were getting out of their pipes of tobacco ash. Maybe it was because October Birthstone tourmaline has a wonderful ability to electrify when heated – even its name in the language of the inhabitants of the island of Sri Lanka, «turamali» means «attracting the ashes». October Birthstone Tourmaline, especially red and green varieties, immediately attracted a lot of attention, but they are often confused with rubies, emeralds and spinels. Thus, in the crown of the Czech kings , which according to legend was killing the one who wears it without having the law, was not inserted ruby, and October Birthstone tourmaline.
October Birthstone Tourmaline same weight of 500 carats and not pink spinel crown adorned Russian Empress Anna Ivanovna. In Europe, October Birthstone tourmaline becomes popular not too fast, but is another matter Russia , where these stones came from distant India , immediately gained immense popularity. At the same time, there October Birthstone tourmaline appeared much earlier – in the XVI century . And so since as October Birthstone tourmaline began to extract the Urals, they began to use many times more – necklaces, rings, brooches , snuff-boxes , sometimes as a material for carving small figurines and vessels.
Certainly, a great role in enhancing October Birthstone tourmaline popularity in Russia played a great Faberge, which is extremely fond of this stone and actively used in jewelry and small items of decor. After the Revolution, October Birthstone tourmaline for a while, seemed have been forgotten – and extract it in Russia have become noticeably smaller, but today the glory of tourmaline is back and on a much larger scale than before.
Unfortunately , the price is transparent , clean and large stones is also increased, so the best quality October Birthstone tourmalines go to the production of high-end piece of jewelry.
October Birthstone Tourmaline Mines October Birthstone Tourmaline mined in Brazil, Russia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar.
October Birthstone Tourmaline Zodiac Sign Astrologically, red, green and watermelon October Birthstone tourmaline suitable Aries, Taurus, Leos, Libra, Scorpio. October Birthstone Tourmaline Colors October Birthstone Tourmaline – most beautiful of gemstones, each of its species is interesting in its own way.
The most well known red-pink October Birthstone tourmaline, the color of ripe berries like raspberries – they are called rubellite. Verdelity-dark-green October Birthstone tourmalines, resembling bright emeralds – the second most common.

In third place, you can put a «watermelon» gem – the most amazing views of October Birthstone tourmaline, polychrome stone, various portions of which have the red, then green.
October Birthstone Tourmaline Healing Properties As a healer, October Birthstone tourmaline versatile enough due to the large variety of colors. In general, October Birthstone tourmaline improve sleep, harmonize state of the endocrine and immune systems.
Noteworthy is the ability of October Birthstone tourmaline (schorl especially) have a positive impact on cancer. Black October Birthstone tourmaline is also indicated in the treatment of neurotic disorders. Red October Birthstone tourmaline, especially rubellites, reduced metabolism, improve complexion, strengthen the potency and sexual function of the body, improve blood circulation and generally beneficial effect on the circulatory system. Watermelon October Birthstone tourmaline combines the properties and pink, and green of their fellows. October Birthstone Tourmaline Mystical Properties Energy of October Birthstone tourmaline long been associated with sexual energy , even considering something like an aphrodisiac. In India, red-pink October Birthstone tourmaline – the traditional male mascot, granting potency attractiveness to the opposite sex, mutual love. October Birthstone Tourmaline was not recommended to women, because the stone supposedly could make them too active and insatiable in his personal life. However, October Birthstone tourmaline able to absorb excess energy and cool feeling, so it should not wear those over 35 years old. It should be noted that both of these stones – mascots artists, bestowing inspiration, creative energy and recognition of talent. Multicolored tourmalines – the lucky stones, while carrying luck, creative and erotic impulses, they make life easier, bright and cheery. Blue October Birthstone tourmaline brings peace and tranquility, promotes wisdom and contemplation. Colorless October Birthstone tourmaline helps business people in the difficult moments of doing business, it must be worn in the form of beads or as Signet.

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