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Please take this opportunity to watch footage of your children having fun at Subic during CWW last month. This first film features our students engaging in the various educational activities on offer, as well as relaxing communally on the beach. MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing will take place for grade 5 starting next week. MAP results provide just one small piece of assessment data in the process of acquiring information and making judgments about student progress toward intended learning.
There is no formal preparation required for MAP testing, however it is important to remind students to get a good nights sleep, and eat a healthy meal before taking the test.
Personal Growth: provide physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges through a variety of activities. Community Building: provide a unique opportunity and setting for students and teachers to learn about one another and build a sense of community.
Curriculum Connections: provide opportunities for students to apply what they learn in class to real-life situations. Awareness of the Philippines: provide an opportunity for students to interact and develop a relationship with the environment, traditions, and culture of the Philippines. Students from Papaya Academy spend the day learning and exploring with our Grade 5 Students. One way we help support students from Papaya Academy is by sending them home with a Care Pack. Students will begin the day learning about how scientists collect data to learn more about the environment by using a transect line.
Grade 5 students and teachers leave campus where they will develop an awareness of the Philippine environment.
Students will learn about the ecological contribution of sea grass by collecting data along a transect line and observing the ocean habitat. Students will learn about the rescue efforts and the challenges of living alongside wildlife.
Students will see a ‘Show and Tell’ of various animals at WIN and how they are specially adapted for their environment. Students will design and create interactive toys for animals that have been rescued at WIN. Up to four students will share a room (separated by gender).  These lists will be arranged by Advisory Teachers. All meals will be provided and include a balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.  If your child has food allergies, this information needs to be included on the medical forms.
A permission slip will be sent home with students on Friday, January 29th with more specific details.
Please come out to support Middle School Students in their production of A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.
If you have questions related to a specific grade in a course, please email the teacher and schedule an appointment as necessary. Students who wish to participate in the parade must wear traditional Filipino attire or the Philippine Cultural Club (PCC) t-shirt. This MS event will feature MS band, strings, choir and dance students showcasing traditional Filipino music, songs and dances.
Parents of students in the Philippine Cultural Club will be providing a wide range of traditional tasty treats that will be available for purchase during lunch time.
For the final hour of the school day, students will be organized by house teams and will rotate around 5 different activities that range from Filipino games and dances to making paper parols. Classroom Without Walls was once again a huge success in the whole of Middle School last week. During the second day of activities, I was lucky enough to witness our grade 5 students working together with each other, as well as our guests from Papaya Academy, to complete the so-called Marshmallow Challenge. Working collaboratively in groups of four, each team of students was provided with 20 sticks of spaghetti, one meter of sticky tape, one meter of string and a marshmallow. Our students demonstrated great initiative, with many teams showing themselves able to build stable spaghetti towers. Congratulations to all of our students and Papaya guests for the collaborative spirit which they showed throughout the day.
Students enjoyed themselves by engaging in many different activities and learned to work with many different peers.
The grade 5 team is busy getting everything ready to make this CWW memorable and fun for the students.
One of the Amazing Race activities will be at the pool – students may choose to wear their swimsuit underneath their PE clothes. All Students should BRING their own water bottle, snack and lunch or bring money (or have money on ID) to eat in the canteen. There are four different activities that students will participate in – Tie-Dye, Raft Rally, Team building, and Cooperative Games throughout the morning and afternoon. Students can wear swimsuit underneath their clothes or bring their swimsuit to put on before water games. Students get very wet during Water games  – please make sure your child has a towel and some dry clothes and shoes (slippers) to change into after. If there is inclement weather, Grade 5 teachers have a backup plan of movies in our classrooms.
Classroom without Walls will take place on September 17-18.Please see Grade 5 CWW Parent Letter that went home for more information regarding the day. In line with our focus on Team Building and Service Learning for CWW,  60 students from Papaya Academy will be joining us on campus on Friday September 18.
Today in advisory, the students were very enthusiastic about helping others and volunteered to bring in these items. If you want to know more about Papaya Academy, please see this video that was created by students last year who were part of ISM’s Saturday Service group.
After the welcoming remarks, the remainder of the evening will be devoted to visiting classrooms and meeting your child’s teachers. The Grade 5 team is excited to show you their classrooms, allow you the opportunity to see some student work, and give you information on classroom expectations. Please be reminded that Open House is not for individual student conferences.
Prior to visiting the Grade 5 Science Team requests that you take some time to download an App called Aurasma on your phone or iPad. This blog will be the first stop at learning more about what is happening here at ISM in Grade 5.
Just a quick reminder Back to School Night is August 27th, more information will be going out from the MS Office. At the very first Assembly the Grade 5 Team had to find a creative way to introduce ourselves to the Middle School. Subscribers to Bublish’s Authorpreneur Dashboard can engage readers in social conversations about the creation process by sending out rough cut book bubbles.
A vibrant blue fox, whimsical friends, exhilarating adventures and discovery await all those who explore the stop-motion world of Tumble Leaf. Starting today, Prime members have unlimited streaming access to the first six episodes of Tumble Leaf, at no additional cost to their membership. Last year Amazon Studios launched its first two prime time series Alpha House and Betas, and will debut its first three children’s shows this summer. We have partnered with area schools to make finding your child's required or recommended summer reading quick and easy.

But first, I want you to understand this: I am NOT some money-grubbing video hack recycling out-dated generic info for outrageous prices to unsuspecting would-be filmmakers.
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In addition to that, ita€™s gotten more positive reviews and endorsements from active blog writers in and around the filmmaking community, such as Making The Movie, Irascible Ian, and The Blog Columnist. This partial list includes some of the most prestigious names in film education on either side of the globe and they have adopted this book in the classroom for one reason and one reason only- ita€™s helping their students to make better films. I want you to take the word of the many happy customers who already own The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide.
This price is much lower than other filmmaking products on the market and even 20% lower than the retail price printed on the book. This is a week dedicated to involving our community and sustaining and safeguarding our environment.
Students take three different MAP tests that measure academic growth across the school year in the areas of Reading, Language and Mathematics. At ISM, we believe sound assessment involves creating a multitude of ways to measure and communicate student learning over time – a photo album versus a single snapshot.
The CWW program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn more about themselves, each other, and our host country, the Philippines.
Through this interaction students have an opportunity to share their learning and participate in team building activities.
Please rinse out bottles, take off the labels, and turn into your child’s science teacher by February 1st. Students will attend four different activities (student choice) that develop collaboration and team building. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any specific questions in regards to our upcoming CWW trip. You will be able to access a pdf copy of the report card through the online parent portal and Power School. Students in Grade 5 have opportunities to get creative in their Art and Drama classes and show off their talents in music by being part of a choir, band or orchestra. Filipiniana is a program of events that has been carefully designed to honor and celebrate our wonderful host culture of the Philippines. Students can purchase food tickets in 100 peso increments from the PCC booth under the covered area by the MS plaza. The treats will go on tables in the hallway and everyone will get to have some delicious snacks during this afternoon celebration. With a strong focus on collaboration, all of our wonderful students were encouraged to participate in a whole range of activities which fostered a strong sense of community and teambuilding. Their task was to them build a free-standing structure from these materials in just 18 minutes, with the winners being the team whose marshmallow was at the highest point above the surface of the table top. On the tallest structure, the marshmallow was an incredible 31 centimetres above the table top, which represents a new school record. Thank you to parents who volunteered to help at the Amazing Race and for your support at bringing in delicious items for the Shared Lunch. Students reflected on their ability to work as a team and what it means to be a team player.
Students have received a reminder in their planners for what they need for Thursday and Friday – please ask them to see it.
However, not all students need to go in the pool (just one students from each team), so if you would prefer your child not to get wet Thursday, please communicate this with your child.
We are excited to interact with students outside of the traditional classroom setting and I know it will be a great experience for both faculty and students. If for some reason you were not able to make it, below is the slide show that was shared during the Advisory Open House. Your schedule will be emailed home to you, so please check your email and contact the MS Office if you need assistance.
You will be following your child’s class schedule throughout the evening, with ten minutes allotted for each period and five minutes passing time between classes. The grade 5 team very excited to be a part of your child’s learning journey as they transition into MS.
Please click on the links above to learn more about what students are learning in each course. Never before have authors had the ability to actively promote their books, gather fans and generate pre-sales right from the pages of their manuscript. This builds an emotional connection between reader and writer right from the start of the book project. Amazon’s first original kids series is available today, exclusively on Amazon Prime Instant Video at no additional cost for Prime members.

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Not only that, but there is absolutely no-risk for you whatsoever, because just like the filmmaking instruction, the guarantee is no B.S. It is very hot these days and it is important to remind your children to drink enough water and stay hydrated. Students will report to their first period class and then will go to the ES courtyard to watch the lowering of the 97 flags that represent all the different nationalities of ISM. This introduction to Service Learning develops students empathy and compassion as they learn more about who they are and the importance of giving back to their community. Please note that in the interest of being environmentally conscious, we will not be sending out hard copies of the report card. Participation in the parade is optional and advisory teachers will be discussing this event with students who are interested in joining in the parade. As the FAT can only seat 800 people, and the total number of students and faculty is approximately 800, parents will unfortunately not be able to attend this event.
Having students from Papaya Academy join us on Friday was an incredible experience for our students as they learned more about themselves by helping others.
Please help support our CWW activities by volunteering to help at the Amazing Race Thursday and for donating food items for the Grade 5’s Picnic Lunch in the Courtyard. In the beginning, there is a lot to learn, but don’t worry the Grade 5 teachers are here to support you and your children to make this year a success. Readers can even provide feedback on character development, plot direction, cover design and so much more. Created for preschool-aged children, each episode of Tumble Leaf follows Fig, a delightfully curious blue fox, and his best friend Stick, a quirky caterpillar, as they embark on a fun and nature-filled adventure, learning science through their natural play.
Each episode consists of two 11-minute stories and the remaining seven episodes will become available later this summer. Alice Wilder, one of the world’s foremost experts in educational and child psychology. Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire, and Fire TV are some of the products and services pioneered by Amazon.
And they are all giving perfectly candid, concise and practical advice on everything from funding to storytelling to ethics throughout this book.
At 11:50 there will be a special assembly in the FAT for MS students that highlights the internationalism of ISM.
When a student incorrectly answers a question, the following test question is adjusted accordingly and is at an easier level. Please contact the Middle School Office if you have any questions about how to access the report cards. Students are encouraged to come in traditional Philippine costumes, House Shirts, or the Filipiniana shirts (on sale outside of the canteen for 500 php).
Parent Teacher Conferences provide a great way to connect with your child’s teachers and to learn more about their progress in classes. However, remember that learning is more than just assessments, so be sure to spend some time talking to your child about what they are doing in their classes and developing their learning habits. Once you are registered you can then connect to people who read what you post and also interact with what they publish.
The series will also be available in Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, a service built just for kids that gives them the freedom to explore all their favorite books, games, educational apps, movies and TV shows, while providing parents with the tools they need to manage their kids’ screen time. Come see the Middle School Students perform and showcase their talents. There will also be food items on sale so bring your money.
In this way, your child will take a test specifically created for his or her learning level. On this day, students will have a shortened class schedule, (see below) two snacks and lunch at the Barrio Fiesta.
Amazon Original Series are available exclusively to Prime members through Prime Instant Video. It is recommended that students bring snacks from home, as the canteen is very busy on this day with many different students sharing the space. Students will need to pay for special food tickets with money to eat from the various stalls during the Barrio Fiesta Lunch. If you are truly serious about filmmaking and looking for a better learning resource, therea€™s nothing more to say or to do except buy this book and Shut Up and Shoot! A  I learned something from every man I met or exchanged emails with, and Lou taught me a few words in Spanish.A  Ole! We can take a little walk, maybe get our feet wet, and then lie on a blanket and listen to the waves. I do the same thing myself, when the mood strikes.A  And how about this for being an "in tune with women" kinda guy?A  A few days after I had ordered myself 2 new green dresses and several in black to add to my collection from a mail order company named Newport News, he sent an email asking:A  "So, what are you wearing right now?
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