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This all may take some digging on your part, research is key.  Why is the franchise being sold?  Do the current owners simply wish to retire, or are they trying to escape 60-70 hour work weeks with difficult employees and razor sharp profit margins?  Is there some change in the area that will make a currently profitable business less profitable?  For example, if you are purchasing a coffee shop, is someone about to open a new, better known coffee franchise across the street, which will certainly take a massive bite out of the current owner’s profits?  Are there problems with the lease?  Is the area being re-zoned?  There are so many questions that need to be asked, I cannot hope to cover them here. Asking the seller may get you some of this information, but likely not all of the information you need. Basically, you must be incredibly careful before you take a leap of faith with a franchise.  It may be a good idea to hire a lawyer to help with any contractual mumbo-jumbo you run into, as well as an accountant to look over the books to ensure everything is on the level.  Although franchise ownership can be an exciting, and profitable option for those willing to spend the time on it, when it comes to a resale franchise, you must be extra careful, get all the help you can get, and make sure you know as much as you possibly can!  This is only a very brief piece on “resale” franchise’s, there are many factors to consider when doing something like this, but hopefully this will give you at least a starting point on your adventure into business ownership! Also keep in mind if you are considering buying a business such as this then you may want to have a small business accountant check out the financials of the franchise for you before making the big purchase move.
Every year in May, CAFA has aA Lunch and Learn Seminar on New Development in Franchise Sales & Recruiting.
If you only sell one franchise because of attending this Lunch and Learn, it will be worth it.

Call right now if you want to speak to the Director of Franchise Development at Street Corner Convenience Store! Whether your business is a fine dining establishment or a multi-state franchise, the need for detailed, accurate, and timely financial reports is essential. Save time: We reconcile your monthly credit card and bank statements plus process your payroll and tips. Stop Scrambling Before Tax Time: We create and explain your Monthly Profit $ Loss and other financial statements.
Boost you average check sale size: By dramatically increasing the appeal of your menu descriptions. Make better staffing and purchasing decisions with insightful sales forecasting provided by POS Business intelligence reporting.

Learn the most popular way people navigate a website & how you can take advantage of it. Opportunities are in a wide variety of industries, from arts and crafts to wireless technology. Great reviews and satisfied customers are important, but the true indicator of how a restaurant is performing is the profit and loss statement.  We provide comprehensive monthly restaurant accounting, restaurant bookkeeping and payroll services to hundreds of restaurateurs nationwide. With this affordable foundation in place, our CFO restaurant consulting services can help you cost out your recipes, utilize menu engineering and use restaurant point of sale business intelligence to improve your bottom line.  Collaborating with us will enable you to devote more time to the things you love like cooking and keeping your customers happy.

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