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Not only will you increase your bottom line with an independent store, you don’t have to share the profits with anyone. The traditional e-book sellers such as Amazon don’t offer much in the way of tools for promoting your books.
While English Teacher X is a bit too cynical at times for my tastes, he has a good point in warning self-published authors against becoming too dependent on Amazon and other similar companies.
If you’re 100 percent dependent on these companies, you risk losing everything when they dump you. Having your own online store makes your book sales antifragile, resistant to sudden changes in the economy or attacks by social justice warriors. Some guys like Pride and Halfbreed recommend registering a separate domain for each book you plan to sell. Don’t even attempt to create an online store using standard WordPress or any other kind of free software. OptimizePress is a special software suite that installs on top of an existing WordPress site, so it’s extremely easy to use. My sales pages for Confessions of an Online Hustler and my other self-help guides have several lists’ worth of copy, explaining every single bit of content in the book, even getting a little repetitive.
Assuming you aren’t selling e-books exclusively through your website, you need to convince your readers that buying from you is a better option than buying from Amazon or whoever. Email lists are one of the best ways to retain your audience, and e-Junkie makes integrating AWeber and other email list software easy. While no article can totally prepare you for the world of self-publishing, this guide should help you get started. Matt, do you think there’s any money to be made in writing short-story fiction novels and selling them as e-books, even if only in small amounts? I’m on the cusp of finishing an ebook of my own, and your site was the first place I came to for advice. For ePub files, I typically just pull the Kobo conversion, then do some light editing in Sigil to make sure the file passes ePubcheck. The online bookstore business is booming due partly to the educational reforms being implemented recently especially with open textbook project.
Other tools such as personal bookshelf and Notes, and Semester Calendar are some of the really cool tools that students can use in order to better manage their school work.
CourseEasy’s social network interface makes more attractive for students to use the tool because they find the features familiar. All these technology are based on cloud computing and it’s a way to move forward in terms of improving the shape of our educational institutions today. Online bookstores that function as social networks at the same time must have helpful messaging features. Some students may prefer to interact with other students from outside their community or from other schools. Online bookstores serving as social networks can also facilitate trading or exchanging of textbooks among themselves. In contrast, with an independent store, you can offer as many or as few bonuses and deals as you want.
These corporations can (and will) pull your titles from publication if they find the content objectionable, or if enough whiners band together to libel you on the Internet. In contrast, with your own store, you can create your own affiliate program with a much larger payout, giving your reviewers far more motivation to push your wares.

You need an entirely separate website with its own set of internal links, unique design and branding.
If you only have one or two products, this is probably the way to go, but if you plan on releasing many more books, you should just place everything at one URL with an independent brand name. Therefore, you need to throw a lot of your existing blog-centric design ideas out the window. Instead, you should write several paragraphs’ worth of content explaining every feature your product has in list format. Since those kinds of books appeal to a different type of audience, you should stick to the paragraph model. The way you do this is by offering special features or deals that they won’t be able to get via those other platforms. I also offer ePub, MOBI and PDF versions of my books in the same package, meaning that no matter what type of e-reader my buyers own, they will have a compatible version of my book. While running your own online bookstore is a tough prospect, it can become insanely profitable if you do it right.
Also receive twice-monthly updates highlighting my best articles as well as news and special offers you won't find anywhere else. Originally I was only going to offer a PDF version, but I can see how much better it would be if i could offer MOBI and EPUB formats.
With many textbooks starting to be converted digitally the ways by which they are sold also changes. Students need to be able to connect with other students so that they can make full sense of what they are studying.
And the fact that its familiar it will easily attract users leading to a successful learning ecosystem. Now schools can improve the relevance of their college bookstore by allowing student to collaborate in a learning community and help them manage their learning tasks and intensify their learning potential and help them achieve more while studying. Most of those bookshops are trying to beat and outpace competitors so they have to come out with strategies to entice students.
By doing so, Internet-based bookstores can better serve the students, who on the other hand can use the portal as another tool that aids their learning.
It is because students can instantly and immediately respond to what other students are saying. Students can be sure other users are also students who purchase textbooks from the online bookstore. If you’re serious about making money as an author, creating your own online bookstore is a necessary step down the road.
This isn’t just to save money on domain renewal, but to help establish a unified brand.
OptimizePress includes custom graphics, various types of page templates, and a whole suite of other features for creating effective landing pages and other sales pages.
If you need ideas, take a look at how guys like Roosh and Victor Pride design their landing pages. You need to boil it down as simply as possible because few if any people have the patience to read long paragraphs anymore. Not only has using this approach massively increased my e-book sales, using the same style of copy on Amazon and other book platforms has increased sales there too. Finally, when I release a book, I offer it at a special discounted price only through my site, incentivizing people to buy direct from me instead of wasting full price over at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

The entire system is likened to a social network where students can create an account and collaborate with their fellow students as well as teachers.
Group study is an effective way to learn and better understand complicated concepts in any field. Because social networking is popular among students, why not use it to boost sales of online bookstores? In typical social networks, it may be harder to do so because there are millions of users worldwide and there can be more posers. They can make new friends or meet other students through checking out and tracking users’ textbook purchases.
Some books can be so rare and almost obsolete, it may already be impossible to find and buy them even online.
This type of activity can be facilitated by CourseEasy and it makes it even easier than ever to trade, swap, or buy textbooks online as well as track students’ performance in school. While it might seem somewhat daunting at first, having your own bookstore will increase your profits, strengthen your brand, and insulate your business against trouble. With your own online store, you keep 100 percent of the profits, and given that e-books have zero overhead, your profits will be ridiculously high. This incentivizes my customers to buy direct from me because they’ll be able to have a copy of my book in whatever format they need. By placing all your products at one store, you’ll make it more likely that your customers will buy multiple products. Additionally, you need at least 300 words’ worth of copy (and preferably a good deal more) in order for Google and other search engines to index your site properly.
By minimizing links to those platforms, I maximize sales at my online bookstore, increasing my overall profits. Students are also given the chance to manage and keep record of their GPA and have built-in calculator that allows them to check if they’re meeting their academic goals. This way, they can identify other students who also bought and used the same textbooks they use.
Additionally, I also offer e-book bundles via my site, enabling my readers to buy my books all at once at a discount compared to buying them individually. Roosh operates his own centralized book store with dedicated landing pages for each book, while Victor Pride hocks 30 Days of Discipline and Body of a Spartan from unique URLs. Again, the absolute last thing you should do is what Remy Sheppard did and link the Amazon and e-Junkie copies of your e-book side-by-side. Students can still study or read their lessons while chatting, which is in line with the discussion of the textbook.
Even subtle elements such as a particular color choice can have a big impact on your sales. Every little bit of bullshit that is ordinarily handled by Jeff Bezos’ wage-slaves is now your responsibility.

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