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Partial List of VariantsFull List of Variants The name Natalie is widely used; it has 84 forms that are used in English and foreign languages. English forms of the name include Nadalia, Nadalie, Nasia, Natala, Natalea, Nataleah, Natalee, Nataleen, Natalene, Nataley, Nataliee, Natalina (also used in German and Italian), Nataline, Natalja, Natalka (also used in Russian), Natalle (also used in French), Natallia, Natasha (also used in Russian), Natelee, Nately, Nathalea, Nathalee, Nathalia, Nathaliely, Nathalija, Nati (also used in Spanish), Natica, Natilee, Natili, and Natilie. Other English forms include the shortenings Nat, Talia (also used in Spanish), and Tally, the diminutives Natie, Natty, and Tashie, and the spelling variants Nataleigh, Natali, Natallie, Nataly, Natelie, Nathalie (also used in French, and German), and Nathaly.
The shortenings Nata (Polish, Russian, and Slavic) and Talya (Russian) are other foreign forms.

The name has traditionally been popular in Russia in the form Natalya, often given to girls born during the Christmas season. The name was introduced into England at the end of the 19th century, and it is today commonly found outside Russia. In 2012, it ranked at #17 with a usage of 0.409%, and it was the most popular among all girl names in its family. Baby names that sound like Natalie include Natale, Nataleigh, Nataley, Natali, Nathalie, Nandalee, Nandalei, Nandaleigh, Nandaley, Nandali, Nandalie, Nandaly, Natalee, Natalia, Natallie, Nataly, Natalya, Natelee, Natelie, and Nathalee.

Actress Natalie Wood, born Natalia Zakharenko 20 July 1938 - 29 November 1981, San Francisco, California.

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