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Previously known as Kolar Gold Mines, Bharat Gold Mines Limited (BGML) ran into heavy losses and was eventually closed down in March 2001. 29 Jan 2015NEW DELHI (Commodity Online): India is pushing for restarting mining explorations at Bharat Gold Mines Limited (BGML), previously known as Kolar Gold Mines.

Previously known as Kolar Gold Mines, Bharat Gold Mines Limited (BGML) was a PSU under the Ministry of Mines which ran into heavy losses and was eventually closed down in March 2001. The fate of the matter, however, has remained hanging owing to a protracted legal wrangle between stakeholders with conflicting interests. Mulling over the alternatives, Tomar advised bifurcation of issues into administrative and mining.
It's a telephony technology in which the customer uses a touch-tone telephone to interact with a database to acquire information from, or enter data into, the database. Voice Sms conveys more information than text, expressing emotion, inflection, and attitude.
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A 2006 cabinet decision, later supported by the Apex Court, prescribed the global tender route to ascertain the value of its assets. Straddling between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, BGML used to operate four mining leases before its closure.
The mining lease of KGF expired in 2013, application for whose renewal was filed in time, and is subject to fulfilment of some conditions. He urged state exploration agencies to re-evaluate the dumps as well as the mines of BGML, in order to determine the correct value of these mines. As per rough estimates, even after 120 years of mining, the value of this golden goose runs into a couple of thousand crores.

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