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During his schooling, Raj Thackeray used to contribute cartoons in the weekly magazine Marmik; besides, he had a special interest in music and learned Table, Guitar and the Violin.
World Famous Martial Artist, Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, USA on 27 November 1940 when Libra zodiac was rising in his Ascendant.  He was the fourth child born to Mr.
Co founder of Apple Inc,  the great visionary and American Entrepreneur Steven Paul Jobs (Steve Jobs) died of Cancer on 5th October 2011.
Raj Thackeray completed his graduation from  Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy School of Art, Mumbai- India.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope of Mahesh Bhupathi is containing some very strong Raj Yogas, which have helped him to achieve the heights in world tennis championships. Bruce Lee was a multi-talented personality and even after 38 years of his death (20 July 1973), he is still considered to be a Cultural Icon.  Bruce Lee was into acting, writing, directing and even producing the movies.
At the age of 13, Bruce Lee started learning martial arts from his teacher Master Yip Man and  within a short span of five years Lee become quite proficient and strong in martial arts. Besides martial arts, Bruce Lee also had good command over other skills like dancing and acting; and in 1958 he won the Hong Kong Cha Cha Championship.

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