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Site also includes the complete text of Hugh Cook's medical memoir CANCER PATIENT, an autobiographical account of having brain cancer (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of the central nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord). In addition to the CANCER PATIENT medical memoir, the site features a cancer blog, an archive of cancer blog entries dealing with, amongst other things, the author's confrontation with eyesight damage and possible blindness in the aftermath of radiation therapy. Reagarding the CHRONICLESOFANAGEOFDARKNESS, three of the books in this series are posted online. A sample chapter of each of the three books in the OCEANS OF LIGHT fantasy trilogy is include freetoread online.

Click to read horror, fantasy, science fiction, succubus story, serial killer story and more. Quality fiction novels on line by Hugh Cook, author of the CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS series; fantasynovelsonline material published on the Internet.
Venture into a world of strangeness, imaginative fiction from the realms of the speculative and th fantastic..
However, note that the website contents are copyright © 1973-2006 Hugh Cook - all rights reserved.

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