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How to bring these calculations in our day to day life for enhancement of work and self are the blessings  and benefits of Numerology.
I have had the good fortune of topping in India in March 2010 with a 93% and a gold medal in Numerology. 1- Guidelines on health issues--through the date of birth we can reach your health issues or forewarn you about any health hazards you are likely to have along with some food, herbs and health tips. It is an old Vedic science which has been highlighted in the21st century, the mass media and computer age.
Hence in simple words Numerology is not superstitions or predictions but mere calculations, it is pure maths and not magic.

We conduct many health related talk shows especially for senior citizens or middle age health crisis and help them stabilize or achieve good health. Birth, Destiny and Name numbers, help us in deciding our right profession or upgrade our current profession By calculating the right numbers and colors on the visiting cards through email, website, Address, contact number calculations.
Numerology and Gynaecology-We also work closely with the infertility gynaecology department to enable our clients through our calculations to get auspicious and favourable months, dates, days and time to conceive.
Lucky numbers, days, dates, directions, gemstones, colours, months and years which can be utilised in day to day life. How to read people or understand others through numbers which help in business, personal and inter-personal relationships.

I conduct certified national workshops as I am a Stathpati, the Sanskrit word for a Gurujan meaning a Teacher. Right calculations of names help in prosperous beings as we cannot make any date of birth changes. Along with ideal match making we also provide guidance for business partnership, % of business shares, number of partners etc.

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