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This online psychic development training was created so that you can learn how to development your intuition and higher psychic centers, at your own level of comfort and time. I have created this training as a Digital Download course or Website video viewing, along with this training of 23 videos you can download the 100 page manual and study guide, that will take you step by step though the course. Many of my clients find the online version of this training so easy to work with, as it can be seen from any computer with your user name and password, to the membership area. I travel to Sedona about every other year or so and I always get readings by Nirup when I go as she is the most honest, accurate reader I know.
Learn to be neutral while you use your Clairvoyance to read someone else's energy and how to release blocks to your own psychic information!
Peer through the veil that separates the Living from the Dead just as easily and effortlessly as you can close your eyes 'imagine' a colorful rose! Reading the future can be nearly impossible but use the tools in this class to read someone's path and learn what energies they're headed for!
Ever feel like a stranger in your own house or get 'creeped out' when you walk into a room? As a psychic develops and begins to understand their unique ability, they start to feel a compulsion to help people.
As a psychic your main two options are to join network where you will receive and grow your clientele but split your earnings with the network, or go it alone and begin an entrepreneurial venture as a self-employed psychic. Unfortunately, as will any profession, there are some psychics who are excellent at business and marketing, and others who are horrible at it.
If you’ve identified yourself as someone who possess psychic abilities, the best advice I can give you is treat your service as a business. That being said, there are plenty of methods and resources available to promote your business or gain psychic employment online. Finally, recognizing the skills you have is just as important as acknowledging the ones you don’t.

About the AuthorAndrew Rotta is an author, promoter and believer the art of psychics, tarot, and related spiritual fields.
I moved to Sedona in 1999, and through my business Psychic Readings by Nirup, I offered sessions, in psychic, spiritual counseling, and emotional healing and training, before creating my second business Sedona Sacred Light Institute in 2007 for the purpose of spiritual awakening.  I have created a warm, friendly, fun learning environment, to experience personal and spiritual development through workshops, trainings, classes and sessions, in person and online. The Sedona Sacred Light Institute is located in the beautiful red rock country, known as the crown jewel of Arizona. Due to the power of the Vortex energies here in Sedona, your experience at the Sedona Sacred Light Institute is accelerated.
At the Sedona Sacred Light Institute in Sedona I offer various trainings throughout the year. You'll surprize yourself and friends with how much you can Clairvoyantly learn from a single, beautiful rose! Psychic ability is like a sixth sense that – like other senses – need to be developed, understood, experienced, and used thoroughly.
They have a special gift and talent so why would they be an accountant, lawyer, or office worker etc.
Sadly, in either case, the quality of their psychic ability is completely unrelated to their business acumen. It has been my passion and my calling since 1990 to help others on their life’s path of personal and spiritual development, and to find answers and direction in all areas of life through my psychic readings and spiritual counseling. Your experience here at the Sedona Sacred Light Institute will allow you to experience many things about yourself and to transform your life.
Experiencing Sedona’s vortex energies whether out on the land or indoors at our center can be a great catalyst for your spiritual growth, in developing your intuitive and psychic centers, learning to meditate, getting in touch with your passions, clarity and knowing your direction in life. People with true psychic abilities fall into gainful employment sometime in psychic counselor jobs, telephone psychic jobs or work at home psychic jobs, but it’s not often their original intent or purpose. Psychics who wise to use their gifts and take great joy out of helping others have more employment options now than ever in the history of the profession.

So you may have an excellent psychic who you may never end up finding because they are swept off the board by the branded, self-promoting psychics. No one wakes up and decides to be a psychic it truly is a career that evolves out of a lifetime of realisation that one posesses insight. What I mean is that a truly gifted psychic will first experience a need to utilize their ability as a reaction to stimuli. But also, know that you must promote your business and skill and find a way to differentiate yourself from the plethora of psychics that occupy the market share.
And have worked as a psychic, spiritual counselor and mentor, working with well over 100,000.00 clients.
Due to such an interest in learning to develop oneself I created Awakening The Other You, a full training on DVD, Download or View Online Training course.
For example, they may intuitively sense that a close family member or friend is in distress. Regardless of your decision to join a network or not, you must treat your life’s work as seriously as any other mainstream business. Her teachings of "Connecting to the Inner Knower" makes excellent sense and works wonderfully.!! Or they they may immediately read the aura of a stranger they just met and react accordingly. My 2 sisters, Betsy & Vicki and I had individual readings which fit all of us perfectly each individually different!!

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