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Two households alike in some ways, held a bitter rivalry for as long as anyone could remember. He picked up a red rose thinking of her-" one day you shall be my wife, then Castle Capulet will have a Lord that is willing to command and punish.
Choose from the many styles of Glen Yancey in the big cat drawings below and print out pages to color. Hi, my name is Glen Yancey and I'm currently 17 years old (2006) living in good ol' Saint Petersburg Florida.
Although my parents sparked my interests, I would have to say that, overall, my inspiration comes from cartoons and nature.
As far as nature is concerned, well, I've always been immersed in it, and what I really enjoy about it is the way in which it is so intricately balanced.
As of now all I can offer is my word, and my art, but eventually I hope to go even further. Big Cat Rescue is an educational sanctuary and a home for more than 100 big cats  12802 Easy St. I don't want our love to die either, but restrain yourself- besides haven't you heard -absence makes the heart grow fonder?" asked Juliet as she giggled at him.

I am not angry at you,- thy Romeo has poisoned you and your mind into doing things against the house of Capulet. As far as art is concerned, I have been drawing for my entire life, but I have only started seriously drawing and practicing different artistic "techniques" since about 7th grade. I have always been fascinated with the traditional hand drawn magic that great artists such as Disney and Don Bluth have brought into this world, and honestly I think it will always continue to amaze me. It was Disney's homage to Shakespeare's Hamlet, and I honestly consider that film to be the best animated motion picture of all time. Once I'm 18, I'll apply to volunteer at Big Cat on site, and after going through veterinary school, I hope to start working in the captive breeding program of the Species Survival Plan (SSP). The dark prince of the Capulets would stop at nothing to make Juliet his wife, and make sure the long rival between the Montagues and the Capulets would remain so.
And HE SHALL PAY!" - said Tybalt angrily and stormed off as he watched in anger as Juliet and Romeo continued to frolic together through the night. Ever since I was a kid, I have been hooked to the old Looney Toons and animated movies, and now that I'm older I've started to appreciate the rather deep stories, and serious emotions that many animated productions carry. It, along with so many other movies, carry deep, emotional stories that are played by characters which are not physically real, but still provide a great connection, if not a more powerful one, to the viewer than any human actor can portray.

As soon as Tybalt found out things would change, and Juliet's life would no longer be in her hands. With such appreciation, I have been trying to emulate these same types of feelings by drawing cartoons myself. I've studied them inside and out, and I could probably host my own show on "Animal Planet" by now.
I have always wanted to make a difference for the endangered animals of the world (and believe me when I say that there are too many of them) and Big Cat Rescue just seemed perfect for me. I wanted to help these people out in any way I could, and in turn help spread the word about the plight of big cats to anyone who would listen.

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