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Whether you are a teacher, administrator, or specialist working with schools, Let’s Go Learn offers reading and math solutions to meet your needs.
Let’s Go Learn offers solutions to help parents and homeschoolers meet the reading and math needs of their students. DORA (Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment) is a comprehensive, valid, and reliable web-based assessment that diagnostically assesses your child's reading abilities. The eight subskills of reading assessed by DORA are: high-frequency words, word recognition, phonics, phonemic awareness, oral vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension, and fluency.
Reading is a complex process which involves decoding, processing print and understanding language.
The Whole to Part Reading Assessment Model (Koppenhaver & Erickson) can help guide decision making to target interventions to meet specific student reading needs. Reading along with good digitized speech (not highlighting word by word) helps build reading fluency. Simon Sounds it Out and WordMaker software can assist students in learning important decoding skills, such as sound letter correspondence and onset rime.
For more information about technology resources to support reading in the areas of print processing, word identification and comprehension, contact the assistive technology team at 651-744-8025. These virtual tours show teachers how to enroll their students into the three LGL Edge series courses linked to the DORA reading assessment.
This applies to students using the HTML versions of ADAM or DORA on an iPad(iOS) or Android tablet devices.
Download or view this PDF tip sheet to see step by step instructions on how to do this. Attached is an Excel file that shows the individual weights assigned to each of the 7 sub-tests of DORA by the grade level of the student. If you are using DORA, ADAM, DOMA or Edge on Firefox and a grey screen appears, please take the following steps so your students can continue their assessment or instruction.
When the grey screen appears, please click on the red box on the top left hand corner and click on Allow and Remember. The attached file shows how the DORA Comprehension sub-test scores approximately correlate to other reading scores. This 4 minute virtual tour shows how teachers using ADAM can select a Common Core standard and then sort their class into 3 groups: Ready to Learn, Foundation Skills Need Building, and Standards Demonstrated Mastery.

Given that Let's Go Learn is all about individual student diagnostic data, our development of a tool to allow teachers to make personalized assignments makes a lot of sense.
Practical use of this tool is to further validate a high or low score in the Comprehension sub-test by a student. Here are the assessment scripts that should be read aloud to students prior to administering any of the Let's Go Learn assessments. It is increasingly common in today's classrooms that teachers are sharing their data with their students. DOMA Pre-Algebra and DOMA Algebra were just aligned to the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam).
We typically see assessments freeze when there is an interruption between the students computer and our servers. Take a look at the lastest revision to the "admin tab" found in the administrator accounts in the Let's Go Learn Learning Management System (LMS). Hot off the press, our new SGO worksheet will allow districts and teachers to use Let's Go Learn assessment data in their SGO planning. If Adobe Reader (also called Adobe Acrobat Reader) is not installed on your computer, follow this link first to get it installed. Follow the links below if your browser is trying to use something other than Adobe Acrobat to open your PDF files. Q: If my student did not finish the previous LGL Pre-Algebra Edge course, what should I do? Q: If my student did little work in LGL Pre-Algebra Edge but received math instruction via other materials, and many months have passed, what should I do? On some platforms, the Chrome browser by default uses a text encoding for characters that is not compatible with DORA Spanish. You need a screening tool for RtI placement of 6th or 7th graders and don’t require more detailed data than is provided by DOMA PreAlgebra.
Your students will be going into a Pre-Algebra Edge course where lower-level mathematics will not be reviewed. By examining multiple reading measures together, DORA reveals your child's unique reading profile. I am able to target specific areas of reading that the school could not identify with their standardized testing.

Accompanying instructional suggestions help parents develop meaningful activities that will support their child's learning.
Interactive technology features a mix of audio, text, and multimedia images to engage all students. Contact the Special Education Department to find out more about the IRI training and interventions. Inspiration software can be used to activate background knowledge and utilize KWL strategies. Adverse weather can cause intermittent connection issues with your internet service provider, which may affect your student testing.
All of the assessments that Let’s Go Learn provides employ proprietary adaptive logic.
This worksheet allows teachers to automatically bring in their assessment data from Let's Go Learn (or enter in manual data from any assessment) and the Let's Go Learn system will calculate the bands of attainment and margins of error.
If we do not receive all of the students’ responses or receive partial responses, our adaptive logic will not work properly. We've taken the busy work out of this process so that teachers can focus on setting individual targets for their students and not worry about the logistics of reporting. Within thecontext of good instruction, assistive technology can provide thescaffolding to decode, process print and understand language.
Students with print disabilities can also sign up for Bookshare to access books in electronic form.
If you wish to place students into specific instruction you need to first look at the type of program into which you wish to place students and next determine which DORA measure will help you do this.
No intervention substitutes for reading connected text at an easy level to increase reading fluency skills.

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