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This Saturday, I will be presenting my research at the Reading Research Symposium at Cardinal Stritch University. I will be discussing my investigation of online reading comprehension via the ORCA assessment tool created by the University of Connecticut. Below is my favorite (and most informative and interesting) flow chart created from the results of this research. And here are a few more flow charts and figures that help to visually explain the results of this research. Kristen DembroskiWelcome!I am a 7th grade Language Arts teacher and Reading Specialist with a doctorate in Language and Literacy. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Read and orally identify relationships between written text and one?s own experience by using simple sentences.

Read text and identify features, such as the title, table of contents, chapter headings, diagrams, charts, glossaries, and indexes in written texts. Read text and use detailed sentences to identify orally the main ideas and use them to make predictions and support them with details. Read literature and content area texts and orally identify examples of fact and opinion and cause and effect.
Produce independent writing that is under-stood when read but may include inconsistent use of standard grammatical forms.
Produce independent writing that is understood when read but may include inconsistent use of standard grammatical forms.
Independently create cohesive paragraphs that develop a central idea with consistent use of standard English grammatical forms.
The objective of reading groups is to improve comprehension through the process of talking.

I am very excited and grateful for this opportunity to share my research and findings with other professionals in the field.
On this site, I blog about our classroom adventures, technology tips, lesson plans, humor, and the sweet teacher lifestyle. As students talk through the story they are able to learn from their fellow students as well as pick up or express things that were confusing to them while reading.
Conducting research and writing a dissertation is one thing, but being able to collaborate, get feedback, network, and gain a new perspective really makes all this hard work feel worth while. Instead students will be observed in the following areas; participation, completion of assignments, vocabulary, and the final writing assignment.

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