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I LOVE Time4Learning!It holds the attention of my kids, plus I can keep track of their learning without hovering over their shoulders.
I'm so thankful for your program!My kids have so much fun with the activities that they don't even notice that they're learning! Skilled, fluent readers are the culmination of the successful learning of a broad array of pre-reading and reading skills. Some children need reading practice, while others need more intensive remedial reading programs. Time4Learning offers fun, computer reading programs, which helps reinforce reading skills at home through educational activities and learning games.
To help students understand how to interact with the text, you can practice reading on the computer with a number of reading activities. To give your kid a window into the self-monitoring that skilled readers engage in as they read, demonstrate some of the reading activities for students listed above while you read aloud with them.
While Time4Learning's computer reading programs can offer a complimentary fit to many remedial reading programs, parents should consult with teachers and reading professionals to diagnose their child's reading problems before implementing any remedial reading programs.
The Reading Skills Pyramid visually depicts the patterns of concept acquisition that children follow in becoming successful readers up through third grade. FREE Comprehension Rating Display~ To check how the class is doing, have students hold up a whiteboard slate so only the teacher can see it. FREE Constitution Day Lesson Idea~ Looking for a way to make the Constitution accessible and interesting? FREE Paragraph Writing Chart~ This CCSS-aligned anchor chart will help students remember the order in which a sound expository essay should be written!
FREE Vocabulary Journal~ This simple format can be used in reading, science, or most any subject where students can use additional support learning new terms. FREE Bookmark Template~ Your students will use this so often you’ll want to laminate these! FREE Parts of Speech Review Lesson~ Students write only nouns, verbs, and adjectives in the first three bubble letters. FREE Homework Incentive~ When the entire class completes a homework assignment on time, hang up one flag. FREE Classroom Management BINGO~ This technique requires that you display a hundreds chart.
FREE Activity~ Concentric Circles is an engaging game you can play anytime students need a brain break. Summer Themed Bookmarks~ Colorful bookmarks build kids’ vocabulary while marking the spot in their favorite book!
FREE Math Printable~ This fun addition worksheet, Keys to the Door, requires three steps to finding the fun solution. FREE Online Anti-Bullying Printables~ These resources describe four types of bullying, differentiate between bullying and conflict, and provide scenarios for group discussion. FREE Online Resource~ Many complete-the-drawing pages to reinforce symmetry and spacial skills. FREE Reading Comprehension Skill Printable~ See this and many more free printables at Scholastic. FREE Science Activity~ Students create this easy-to-make model that shows how the sun casts shadows during different times of the day.
FREE Anti-Bullying Lesson Plans~ This four-day lesson plan can be implemented with very little preparation.
FREE Action Figure Cartoon Maker~ Use high-interest characters and action poses to create a 6-pane cartoon. FREE Venn Diagram Maker~ A great new, twist on this tried-and-true approach to compare and contrast. FREE Online Game~ Play this drag-and-drop game to learn about what roles the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches play in the U.S. FREE Flash Games~ Students learn by playing games like Jeopardy, Hangman, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

FREE Kid-Friendly Science Experiments~ Students have fun as they learn about static electricity, bar codes, and magnets, just to name a few. FREE 28 Page Coloring Book~ Filled with interesting facts and maps that helps bring home the importance of taking care of the environment!
Fun Math Idea~ Transform any word search puzzle into a fun, self-checking practice of coordinate graphing! FREE Cute Butterfly Pattern~ Students use pattern to create a card or report that opens in the middle. FREE Set Game Directions~ Show your students how to play and then challenge them to the daily game each morning.
FREE Online Reading Resource~ Great site with lots of visually interesting activities that teach summarizing, inferring, and asking questions, as well as many other reading skills. EASY, FAST IDEA for Teaching Parts of Speech~ Write several sentences on the board that each include the parts of speech you want students to review. FREE Play Packs for Each Season~ Winter, spring, summer, or fall this is a great resource for activities, animal fact sheets, coloring pages, and so much more! FREE Math Posters~ Jarrod Sing designed this excellent series of posters which outlines the mathematical concepts of mean, median, mode and range. FREE Educational Videos, Games, and Activities for Grades K-12~ Check out the great science collection like this video about waves. VocabularySpellingCity offers a variety of word lists for grades K-12 that may be used directly from Teaching Resources or imported into a user’s account!
FREE Coral Reef Activities~ Access to lesson plans, downloads, materials, and other useful information to help incorporate coral reefs into the classroom! FREE Folktale Books Online~ Five classic stories for students to watch, follow along, or read on their own! FREE Branches of Government PowerPoint~ Great, short presentation that provides an overview of the three branches of government: judicial, legislative, and executive.
FREE Online Math Practice~ Check out this quick overview of the web-based XtraMath math fact practice program. Irrespective of family background, learning to be a skilled reader is often not a trouble-free process. Parents can help their children with the reading process by providing high-quality educational materials, establishing a pattern of daily reading, instructing through guided reading activity, creating a rich language environment, discussing a child's progress with teachers, and following up on their recommendations. Learn more about Time4Learning's computer reading programs, we offer activities for kids, preschool to sixth grade.
Computer reading programs at Time4Learning help children starting with phonics, verbal comprehension and vocabulary, through guided reading activity that is highly motivational.
Reading comprehension skills separate the "passive" unskilled reader from the "active" readers. There are variety of computer reading lessons for students, which help young readers develop skills in approaching, reading, and interpreting text.
However, these claims can be rather misleading, because "remedial reading program" can refer to a broad range of reading activities from assisting with developing reading basics to addressing significant reading difficulties, such as dyslexia.
We recommend a high level of parent involvement in this process by providing high quality educational materials, establishing a pattern of daily reading, creating a rich language environment, and discussing your child's progress with teachers and following up on their recommendations. Or, have students write their number at the top of classwork papers so you know who needs some additional support. Why not have your students write their own Constitution like the one here from Kreative in Kinder?
The tips direct students to look at text, stanzas (poetry), graphs, and pictures for supporting clues. Equal~ Great way to help students understand the difference between everyone getting the same thing, and everyone getting what they need! Put the purchased number cards on the displayed chart, and then put tiny pieces of paper with the numbers 1-100 on them, in a jar. It’s perfect for incorporating think-pair-share with movement for those kinesthetic learners!

Select photographs of natural and man-made objects, then assemble the pieces to create a seascape or an abstract composition. Check out the wide variety of free worksheets available at JumpStart organized by grade level and subject!
This download includes: make connections, visualize, ask questions, infer, determine importance, and synthesize.
Each lesson takes about 20 minutes and centers on class discussions of various free-access, online videos with anti-bullying themes.
This site has links to introduce the program, download a charting template, and select from among several lesson plans. Teams take turns choosing a sentence and identifying the part of speech of any word in that sentence.
Teachers choose the title they want and provide feedback after using it in their classroom. The reading process has been organized into five major steps: phonemic awareness, phonics, reading comprehension, vocabulary and reading fluency.
Parents can reinforce our computer reading programs by becoming active part of their child's education process and following up with additional reading practice.
While most children follow the same sequence of acquiring literacy skills, they do so at their own pace. Seems like a great get-acquainted activity for the beginning of the school year, and the final products would make an attractive and engaging hall display. Each video link a special kid-friendly filter from SafeShare.TV, so preview at school to avoid any system glitches. When the banner is complete, give the class extra recess, a homework pass,or whatever incentive works for your classroom. When students earn an incentive, pull a number from the jar, and then remove the matching number from the chart. Circle up any time you want to review content, have students re-teach concepts to one another, move concepts from short-term memory to long-term memory, or summarize a reading assignment. Check out the entire site, Making Learning Fun, for a variety of free, downloadable resources! Create a game by adding your own questions and answers, then play it online or download it to use later!
Remedial reading programs, personalized tutoring, reading workbooks, educational games, and structured computer reading programs can help teach or reinforce these skills. Parents should read to their kids, help them sound out words, and guide their reading activity, but not do it for them. Online computer reading programs are wonderful, because the nature of the Internet makes reading an interactive activity.
All children are different: if you have questions or concerns about your child's progress in reading, contact his or her teacher. On the back of the puzzle, write an ordered pair to identify the circled letter of each highlighted word.
For the price of one, get the PPT with animations, cartoon characters, and humorous dialogue as well as the easy-to-use printables that include lessons, worksheets, and assessments! Only one title per school year, but they encourage multiple teachers within each school to sign up and share! Guided reading activity requires patience and understanding to help but not get in the way.

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