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Interactive reading comprehension exercises for 6th graders that mirror those found on standardized tests. Super fun spelling and typing game-application where teachers can create lists of words for students to spell or type, or, can have learners pick from pre-loaded lists of words including Dolch words or the most common words used in each grade level. These interactive exercises are perfect for reading comprehension and contextual vocabulary.
This section provides an interactive commas exhibit as well as interactive exercises reinforcing comma usage. Learners can generate online or printable word scrambles, word searches, ABC order exercises, and missing letter exercises from their spelling lists. Torture your teachers by clicking on the INCORRECT spellings of the words that appear on the chalkboard!

Throughout history the semicolons of Punctuation Island have been forced to live on the swampy side of the island by their more powerful neighbors, the period, comma, and the dreaded colon. Animated Biographies serve as vivid, animated storybooks detailing the lives of famous people in history through animation.
Fun Fonix worksheet makers have spelling worksheets, read and choose worksheets, word bank worksheets, spell and write worksheets, bingo, and more! All resources are the property of Fun Fonix and anything made with Fun Fonix clipart remains the property of Fun Fonix. Try your hardest to make them resign by frustrating them so much with your poor spelling skills! Your paragraph surgery skills will be put to the test as critically injured paragraphs enter your emergency room.
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Their injuries are significant: poor spelling, no punctuation, wrong word usage, and much more. Fun Fonix reserves the right to terminate or make changes to this agreement for any reason and without notice. Use your superior skills to fix the bad spelling words, add commas, capital letters, periods, apostrophes, and change words used incorrectly.

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