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This reading fluency lesson is meant to to be used as a way to introduce Lyrics2learn to your students. A non-fiction hip hop read along with strong rhythm and beat, sure to improve background knowledge, reading fluency, and engage young readers with informational text. An informational lesson for young readers about one of the most beautiful and popular National parks in the United States, Yellowstone National Park.
Comprehension Through Context Clues - Select reading for understanding and then choose a skill level. Drawing Conclusions - [designed for grade 4] Read the story and choose the correct word to complete the sentence. Parts of a Newspaper - In this lesson you will: find what you're looking for in a newspaper, read headlines to predict what articles will be about and where you will find them in the paper, and matchA picturesA with the right captions.

Reading Charts and Graphs - In this lesson you will: readA bar graphs, pie charts, and grid charts, review percentages in pie charts, and compareA types of information shown in different kinds of charts. Reading Comprehension Online Quizzes - (Ignore the foreign characters, this is the right page) Choose a lesson from the left frame and then take the test. Reading Comprehension stories - Interactive quizzes for 2 stories - Each text is followed by a grammar exercise and summary writing exercise. Reading Medicine Labels - In this lesson you will: practice reading medicine labels for information about active ingredients, practice reading medicine labels for information about proper usage, and study vocabulary used to describe symptoms, dosages and types of drugs. Scanning for Specifics - In this lesson you will: scan information by picking out key words, practiceA scanning, rather than reading every word, and use your scanning skills to find information from a chart. Science in the News - In this lesson you will: review vocabulary related to science, read articles and answer comprehension questions, and choose the best wordA to completeA sentences from news stories. Science Reading Practice - Each paragraph is on a different screen and some of the difficult words are defined.

Strategies for Better Reading - By reading between the lines you can discover meaning not stated by the author. Truth in Advertising - Students read advertisements and evaluate the type of persuasive writing being employed. Using Context Clues - In this lesson you will: use the context to figure out new words, practiceA using context clues, and define words in sentences.

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